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what exercise do you cram in when you're too stupidly busy to exercise?

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woodstock3 Mon 08-Jun-09 14:39:01

haven't done any sport since i was pregnant with ds (unless you count walking the dog) and now really want to get back into it but struggling to find the time.
i work ft, already can barely fit my old workload into newly shortened hours post-ds so using lunchhours etc not an option. dh works away from home all week so struggling to get out in the evenings on a regular basis (too much faff/expense to find constant babysitters).and when he is home we are trying to make the most of time as a family so feel guilty taking time out for me to exercise.
i dont really like the gym - i used pre-dc to do an evening dance class, tennis, and rock climbing: i like things where it feels like you are learning a sport not just pounding on treadmill. but they all take too much time.
i hate running but i was thinking maybe it is the best thing (quickest way to extract max benefit, and i could maybe run part of the way to work a couple of days a week to fit into my commute and then go for a run at weekend when dh is home?). and maybe an exercise tape i could do in the evenings when ds in bed.
can anyone recommend a dance-based exercise vid? or if you have similar schedule, tell me what you do that i havent thought of?

Annner Mon 08-Jun-09 22:03:20

I'm three weeks into using a rebounder. I either run on it for 30 minutes in front of the TV or do an exercise routine DVD. I get one evening a week to go to Pilates.

I've chosen this for the same reasons as you: it gives me something to do to benefit me on the evenings when DH is away or out. I get my three lots of 30 mins exercise a week.

Once term ends (I'm a teacher) I plan to start couch25K.

Boinging on the rebounder is less tedious than the gym as I can choose the TV programme or music.

notyummy Mon 08-Jun-09 22:09:55

I work 4 days a week and DH is away a lot of the time. When he is here, I always try and go out for a run or do a hard exercise DVD will he entertains DD (Billy Blanks Boot Camp workout - very good, although v taxing. I find that she is quite entertained by me doing my pilates dvd, so I do that with her around (it is only 25/30 mins and doesn't involve kicking legs violently and potentially smacking her in the head. I also have a wii fit, which is fun, but you are not going to to get fit by only using that....but again, can be fitted in during 'family' time, as dd laughs at my attempts.

FrayedKnot Mon 08-Jun-09 22:18:48

How far away do you work from where you live? I've recently started cycling to work (5.5 miles away) - for me this is occasional as it knackers me out if I do it more than once a week but you might have more stamina grin

The other thing we do is cycling / walking at weekends as a family - works best when DC are eitehr small enough to fit on back of bike or old enough to cycle independently - last year when DS was too big for carrier and too small to cycle alone, was difficult, but now he's 5 we are doing some off-road cycling and it's great.

woodstock3 Tue 09-Jun-09 12:48:23

thanks all helpful ideas! used to cycle but now live further away so think it would be too much of a stretch.
quite fancy the rebounder but worried (as with my swiss ball, bought to do post-baby situps and now used only by ds as giant football) i might get bored and it might just end up cluttering the loft....had considered a skipping rope tho. does anyone skip? had vaguely heard its good intensive exercise (thinking boxers type skipping, more than dc in playground). and at least if i get bored of it ds can play with it.....

Chuffinnora Tue 09-Jun-09 12:56:59

I get up early and go for a run. It's not as sacrificial as it sounds. I get all the lunches and uniforms ready the night before and slip out the door at 6.15am for at least 30 mins run. Its lovely and peaceful at that time. I hate the gym too.

'Course it means I'm in bed by 10pm.

fridayschild Wed 10-Jun-09 18:19:57

I cycle to work, have started running to work or home from work once a week and run with a running club. The running club is great - motivates me to go out even in bad weather and to run further than I might on my own. Also it means Sunday mornings (run time) are dad and lads bonding time - they do sausage sandwiches followed by DIY and car washing.

If you want to Do Something with the running, you could try entering a race? Or is there a park run near you? Then you can see how you are doing against yourself.

abraid Wed 10-Jun-09 18:29:11

Rebounders are brilliant. I do a 22-minute bouncing session, broken up with four 30-second sprints, in which I run until I'm at the point of collapse to get my pulse up.

I do this about 2-3 times a week. Once a week I do a six-mile cycle. The rest of the time I rely on cleaning the house and walking the dog.

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