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good book for couch potato dp?

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mummypig Mon 01-Jun-09 00:20:53

I'm looking for a good book to get dp to do more exercise. He used to be healthier, pre-kids (didn't we all) and even after ds1 and ds2 was playing footie each week, but has had recurring ankle injuries so hasn't been doing that for about a year now. He has patches of going on our exercise bike 3 or 4 times per week, usually to lose weight, but never manages to sustain it for more than a few weeks.

I'm trying to get back into shape post-ds3, and hoping to do a triathlon next year. But dp doesn't seem to set those kind of goals and really needs something to get him inspired again.

I recently borrowed Run for Life (Sam Murphy) from the library and it's brilliant. It tells you why running is good for you, how your body changes when you run, typical runners injuries to look out for, how to schedule your runs, how to vary your workouts to keep challenging yourself, plus warm-up, warm-down and injury prevention exercises. Dp had a quick look through it and said, 'is there a book like this for men?'. So is there? It might be a good Father's Day present if so!

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