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any mountain bikers here?

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littlemisschatalot Sun 17-May-09 20:37:53

been out on the trails today and yet again i seem to br the only girl. where are you all??
surely i cant be the only mumsnetter to get dirty??

Cosmosis Wed 20-May-09 10:48:19

Hello! I am one, and a roadie as well (sorry).

jenthehen Wed 20-May-09 11:13:17

I've just started back now the children are at school. However, my start has been slowed as DH is spending the week in hospital waiting to have his ankle pinned after a fall from his Mountain bike on Cannock Chase at the weekend. That's put pay to his hope of competing in Mountain Mayhem and I'm not getting the chance to do any cycling either. Take care out there ladies!

Cosmosis Wed 20-May-09 14:09:29

Sorry to hear that Jen, hope he heals quick.

I have a mayhem entry but am waiting on the weather to decide whether to actually go or not!

thatsnotmymonster Wed 20-May-09 14:19:07

I am but hardly get out atm.

If you go to Glentress there are tons of girl bikers.

DH is going off this weekend for a couple nights to do two or three of the 7 stanes routes. Am very envy but my time will come grin

Used to live in Chester so did the Marin trail a lot, also llandegla forest and coed-y-brenin.

Rubyrubyruby Wed 20-May-09 14:23:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cosmosis Wed 20-May-09 14:35:07

Realise that makes me sound wimpy but I've done it the last 4 years and last year's mud was just the final straw.

littlemisschatalot Thu 21-May-09 07:13:43

hello girls! i am in the n. west dh also going to 7 staines this summer for a boys weekend. grrrrrr.
theres nothing nicer than being out on your bike is there? what do you all ride? i have a specialized rockhopper circa 2000. i would love another but.££££££££££.

Rubyrubyruby Thu 21-May-09 08:47:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlemisschatalot Thu 21-May-09 09:06:09

ooh whats it like? i sat on onre in the shop the other day anf=d thought .....oooooooooooh
what i raelly want is a merlin malt4 tititanium frame. drool. what bike did you have before and did you notice a difference?

Rubyrubyruby Thu 21-May-09 09:33:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SummerLightning Thu 28-May-09 23:53:08

Hello, me me me too.
DS only 5 months though so not getting out as much as I want sad
Though am doing the Bristol bike fest in a week and a bit (how I will survive I don't know) and "apparently" I am doing mountain Mayhem too. I did say "I'm not staying up all night the novelty's worn off with that shenanigans, so I'll only do you a couple of laps" and dammit they said fine!
I have a specialized hardtail and full sus. Though I really want an Ibis Mojo, meh, can't afford it, or justify it.

juneybean Sat 30-May-09 12:09:05

I'm thinking about getting a bike, the trails around here are mostly national trust and are great!

Cosmosis Thu 11-Jun-09 16:38:41

SummerLightning how was Bristol? I heard the weather wasn't quite as bad as it could have been in the end.

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