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graduates of couch to 5k

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mileniwmffalcon Mon 13-Apr-09 21:03:49

i'm curious about what happens to people when they've finished the c25k - what's the next step?

i'm thinking of people who've recently finished the plan - kittywise, odette - are you still around? still running? and people who did it ages ago and are still running regularly. and those who haven't kept it up - why not?

does everyone set their sights on the 10k (can you bear any more podcasts?!) or start entering races left, right and centre? or do you just enjoy being able to run?

so many questions! grin

vaRIAtyisthespiceoflife Tue 14-Apr-09 11:31:52

blush I didn't keep it up.
Lots of excuses, mainly couldn't stick to training as DH never here when I needed to go out (I never took off with the treadmill and had to move it). I was thinking about it last night actially when I went for a walk round the village, that's it's now too light for me to train at that time of night!
But I haven't given up completely, just postponed it for now. One day I will run.

Well done to everyone who did finish/is still going thoughsmile

mileniwmffalcon Wed 15-Apr-09 09:47:18

hello ria wondered what happened to you. i do think it's impossible to complete the plan if you can't schedule in a regular time slot - life just gets in the way otherwise and you lose momentum. still, never to late to start again - there's loads of newbies on the thread still...

vaRIAtyisthespiceoflife Wed 15-Apr-09 10:02:25

life always gets in the way here. Everything stops for DHs work, it always has and always willsad

He is maybe having 2 weeks where he won't be working as such soon, so I could maybe get going again, and then when he goes back he should be in charge of rotas and stuff, so it might be workablehmm

instantfamily Wed 15-Jun-11 20:59:50

bumping to see what people did after they finished c25k

melodyangel Thu 16-Jun-11 10:55:30

We took a break as we were super busy but back to it now. Having to build back up to the full 5k at the moment but hopefully in a couple of runs time we should be back there . The plan then will be to be able to both run 5k in 30 mins then I think we're going to increase the distance slowly up to 10k over the next few months. We didn't use the pod casts just used C25K as an outline so will probably do the same to get to 10k.

GypsyMoth Thu 16-Jun-11 11:13:08

i carried on for a bit.....but needed the 'competetiveness' so downkoaded an app to measure speed/distance etc. but got a uti,then a bad eye infection. so it stopped

have now downloaded a c2 10 k app and starting that soon

light nights and teenagers social lives are my biggest barrier just now

GypsyMoth Thu 16-Jun-11 11:14:03

i find it amazing how quickly you can build up your fitness,and how quickly it goes again blush

instantfamily Sat 18-Jun-11 14:58:21

I have read elsewhere to try to stick to the 5k/30min for up to 6 months before progressing. Am going to change scenery as going on holiday and then moving country, so hoping that that will keep me on track. Will try to increase speed so I am sure to be making 5k in the allotted time.

JelliBelli Sun 19-Jun-11 12:44:31

I've just finished the C25k this morning (hurrah!) and plan to follow the bupa 10k programme. But that is interesting what you say instantfamily about 5k/30min for 6 months. I'll see if i can find out more.

GypsyMoth Mon 20-Jun-11 11:06:36

let us know jellibelli......the 10k is not too different from the 5k,and starts slower. the app i have does anyway,its not the BUPA one

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