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Running with buggy - anyone tried it?

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I really need to get some more exercise - but don't have much time without DS except late evenings, so was wondering about running with him in the pushchair. But am a bit unsure about the practicalities, like:

How do I know whether my pushchair is good enough (chunky 3-wheeler with pneumatic tyres, but not specifically designed for running...)?
How do I make sure DS isn't bumped around too much, and hopefully that he enjoys it? (He is nearly 16mo)
Do I need to be picky about the sort of surfaces we run on (again thinking of bumping etc)?
Will I look like a bit of a plonker?

I haven't run for ages, so having to run at "buggy speed" shouldn't be a problem, at least... I wouldn't be able to go very fast anyway!

Has anyone else done this and can tell me about your experiences? Thank you!

choppychopster Mon 30-Mar-09 16:45:49

TBH I found running with a buggy (a chunky 3 wheeler like yours)quite difficult as kept kicking the wheels.

However, I did go to buggyfit classes where you do lots of power walking, stretching exercises, etc. which I (and DD!) really enjoyed. You could go to a few classes, see what they do and adapt the content to suit you.

Think that there are a few other operators doing similar classes, including Pushy Mothers.

fridayschild Tue 31-Mar-09 08:52:23

It is quite difficult to run with a big buggy like that, especially as DS will be getting heavy now - you will need to hold the buggy with both hands to keep it on track, and that's a fairly unnatural way to run. You would need a smooth surface for that reason. In London I would suggest Battersea Park, or Hyde Park, where there are very wide tarmac pavements but no cars - oh, and lots of other plonkers doing the same thing!

Will he sleep in the buggy? As DS1 got to that age he became increasingly reluctant to sit for a long time in his buggy.

I tried running with a buggy once when DS1 was 6 months old - borrowed someone's running buggy for the purpose. DS1 hated the wrong buggy and I didn't feel comfortable running and holding on, even with one hand. In the end I just did lots of long walks at tremendous speed. When I got back to the gym the chap was amazed that someone who claimed she'd done no exercise due to baby was actually fitter than his average customer [smug] It's not the same as running though....

RubyrubyrubyRaven Tue 31-Mar-09 08:53:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TBH I am thinking it will be too difficult (not the running part I mean but the whole thing!). We don't have any good surfaces very near, and he IS getting heavy now... Maybe I will stick to fast walking with him, or trying to sneak out for a run some evenings when DH is in now that it's getting lighter. Also doing Pilates tonight (and will walk to the class) which is a start even if not very fat-burning!

I know they do have Pushy Mothers near us but I seem to remember it's on days I can't do because of work, else might try it.

Thanks for your thoughts!

maygirl Sat 04-Apr-09 22:47:18

I do! But it is hard going, and I try not to make eye-contact with anyone!! blush. Not in London, so no other plonkers doing it! DS loves it, started at a few months old, he's now 2.7. Smooth surfaces in parks best, but I do go on grass, bumpy trails & local streets. I normally run to a park a couple of miles away, then DS has a play, then we head back, so I fit in my exercise with an activity I'd be doing with him anyway. He is getting really heavy now though!

MissAnthrope Sat 04-Apr-09 23:12:38

I've started running recently, and have no choice but to take out dd(2.5) with me in the buggy.

I'm training for a 5k, so we tend to run on (uneven) streets. I'm sure running without the pushchair/child combo would be much easier, and I sometimes suffer from shoulder ache if I don't have the handlebar well positioned, but all in all it's not too bad.

I like to think of it as extra resistance training grin

Tommy Sat 04-Apr-09 23:27:23

I've tried a couple of times - DS3 loved it - bouncing along - but I found it quite tricky as I couldn't move my arms! Fast walking had to do it for me smile

ab79 Thu 16-Apr-09 10:16:16

A bit late on joining this chat but have just started running with my two. DS 7m and DD 21m. I have a second hand m/c urban detour 3 wheeler and it's great. The kids love it and DD always shouts for me to go faster!! Never going to be an athlete but happy to plod along.

Fentum Wed 29-Jul-09 22:30:59

Hi very late coming in on this chAt but I'm new to this site wonder if anyone can help I'm trying to sell my running buggy as just had second baby and no time now only used twice anyone got any suggestions on where to sell?

MoshiMoshi Fri 31-Jul-09 08:26:27

I have run with each of mine: DC1 in a Baby Jogger from 6 months until he was 2, then DC2 appeared and I used the Phil'n'Teds when she was 6 months (sitting in it and strong enough again to be bounced around), when DC3 appeared I used the PnT a lot running, first of all with DC2 and DC3 in the PnT and DC1 sitting on the front while we ran to a school (1.5 miles with three of them was quite heavy but great for arm strengthening as I was carrying around 7.5 stone at one point), then I'd continue for a longer run with DC2 and DC3 after taking DC1 to school. I now have 3 month old DC4 and am doing short (max 3-4 mile) gentle runs just with her when I can but with a school holidays and not getting out as much as would like. DC2 starts school in September so plan to get DC1 and DC2 to scoot to school while I run with the littlest two. It is much more enjoyable than driving everywhere and the kids see much more! I try to end my run at a nice new fun place like a park or playground so the kids maintain their interest in the run itself. I also bring snacks and drinks for everyone.

Surfaces include pavements and tow paths and I just go more gently on the rougher ones although once they turn one they seem to get much sturdier all of a sudden!

Well done to those who do it and I cannot recommend keeping it up enough!

MoshiMoshi Fri 31-Jul-09 08:31:04

sorry for errors! I blame the iPhone.

mpuddleduck Sun 02-Aug-09 10:18:56

fentum, Iam looking to buy a running buggy, can you give me more details about

Platesmasher Sun 02-Aug-09 22:36:15

we have a BOB Single Jogger which was only about £50 from ebay.
we have a double jogger from the states too although i find it too difficult to jog with two children, so i leave that for DH.

Definitely get a wrist strap.

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