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Iliotibial band syndrome- help me get my running form back!

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Pendulum Tue 20-Jan-09 20:19:57

My running training has been brought to an abrupt end by a sharp pain in my knee that research indicates is "ITB". Prognosis is not good- must stop running until healed, then there's a high likelihood of it recurring regularly. I'm so fed up with the prospect of a week or more without runs. Can anyone offer any happy stories of quick and successful recovery, or tips for how to treat or prevent it?

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:21:38

my dh had this and rested for a few weeks, then got a proper gait analysis and some proper trainers to compensate

he also did some strange exercises with a (attractive male) friend who is a physio involving massage oil adn rubber bands, which was fun for me to imagine

have you had a gait analysis?

Pendulum Tue 20-Jan-09 20:33:17

thanks mp. is he still running and did it recur?

am having analysis on monday (but i guess it will show me limping with a gammy knee)

i will cheer up if prescribed massage with an attractive male friend!

morningpaper Tue 20-Jan-09 20:35:54

YEs it really DID work, a mix of a few weeks off and the exercises and the proper trainers - he's not had that problem for the last year or so

now he tends to vomit at the end of long runs instead

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