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Haribosmummy Fri 09-Jan-09 17:47:49

Anyone doing it?

Either London or Edinburgh?

Anyone interested in a fitness / support thread?

I'm doing it for the 3rd time in May (missed last year, as it was the night DS was born!) and really looking forward to it, but feeling a bit more apprehensive, as I'm not as fit as I used to be!

tezza212 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:53:55

hi anyone else doing the edinburgh moon walk 2013 , am just waiting to register for the full moon ........ this will be my first time interested to hear from others that have done it , with any tips or from others that are also doing it ...havent started training yet but think i probably should have

Countingthegreyhairs Tue 02-Jun-09 14:39:09

Congrats to all of you who have completed your walks ...!!! Well done!!!

... I've bowed out of this thread as (owing to a minor accident involving a flight of stairs and some cardboard boxes) my ankle has been in plaster for the last 3 weeks...but have been lurking and following everyone's progress

Congratulations to all of you who have persevered - it's such a great cause

emkana Tue 19-May-09 20:14:30


kiwibella Tue 19-May-09 20:36:37

the enthusiasm of the crew was what got us around too!! Although some of them frustrated me by congratulating us and saying - well done you have done xx miles... only to get further up the road and actually see that sign. This made us a little despondent.

I never saw the she-loos??? We spent ages at that loo stop near St Pauls... so fertilised the parks afterwards grin.

funnypeculiar Mon 18-May-09 22:10:38

Hello everyone - & congratulations everyone! Dh bought a lovely picnic in (complete with a mini bottle of champagne!) so we didn't have to find anywhere.

We managed 6hrs 45 - and did the last 6 miles in 13 mins a mile - gah! I was gutted that there weren't proper urinals for the she-wees - I couldn't really see the point of risking wee-ing on my shoes when I wasn't going to save much time grin

The volunteers on the route were fantastic - really kept us going - so big thanks to you & the rest of the gang mrspnut!

arfur Mon 18-May-09 14:30:14

Didnt see the she-wees and wished I had we lost 45 minutes at one toilet stop and hence took 10 hours to finish (last 2 miles in pouring rain) sad I am usually the moaner but my fried really struggled on Sat night so am just glad we finished! 6.5 hours is amazing, well done everyone!

morethanyoubargainfor Mon 18-May-09 09:35:12

arh the she-wee we chickened out to!

KB you should have asked, i also had lots of feather boas and long pink tail feathers, and a very hairy bra! grin

bigTillyMint Mon 18-May-09 09:28:49

Congratulations MTYBF and KB!

Did anyone manage to use the she-wee?
I couldn't make myself go in it at all grin

kiwibella Mon 18-May-09 09:25:51

I was looking out for FS bottles too grin and I spotted several people wearing walking boots... I wondered whether to ask them all if they were MTYBF wink!!

It was such a fab event... things got really hard after mile 17 but devouring a whole chocolate bar (half each) at mile 20 got us to 25 and then the desire to finish saw us reach the end!! Thankfully, we got in just before the rain. tbh, I don't know that we could have gone faster than our 9 hours - we kept a steady pace the whole way around.

Brilliant time BTM!!!!

Hope that you found somewhere for breaky FP... we stopped at McD's at Kings X

mrspnut Mon 18-May-09 08:56:36

I didn't see any fruit shoot bottles either but I was one of the volunteers by the walk wear shop answering questions and trying to corral the queue before going to the start and being one of the many trying to organise the walkers before you all set off.

I had a brilliant night and it's really got me in the mood for Edinburgh next month where I get to be one of the walkers.

morethanyoubargainfor Mon 18-May-09 08:40:32

feet are fine thanks BTM just a few blisters betwen the toes!

Well done on your time.

bigTillyMint Mon 18-May-09 08:17:54

So how did you all do? How are your legs feeling now?! I really enjoyed it - great atmosphere and the volunteers were absolutely fantastic. I was like the walking dead yesterday, but feeling better today!

Amazingly, we kept to our training times and did it in 6 and a half hours. grin The last 3 miles were a killer, though, and my legs were VERY sore and stiff.

How are your feet after wearing your walking boots, MTYBF? I did see someone with big boots and thick socks, but I also saw some others with walking boots on, and no-one was brandishing a fruit shoot or a Greggs sausage roll grin

mrspnut Fri 15-May-09 22:46:29

OH did find somewhere near our hotel but it was later than 7am tbh, we stayed at the holiday inn at mayfair which is on the corner of piccadily and berkeley street. I think he went to either mayfair place or stratton street near Green park tube for his food. I laid on the bed unable to move for the pain.

funnypeculiar Fri 15-May-09 20:16:58

Right, I have a very important question for any seasoned moonwalkers. Is there anywhere nearby ish that will be open for breakfast? I know they have food stalls, but dh, the kids & my mum are coming in to meet me, and we were planning a lovely celebration breakie. Then we realised that not many places will be open at 7am on a sunday morning ... and by the looks of the weather forecast, a picnic ain't in order.

Thoughts anyone??

Posey Fri 15-May-09 17:42:46

Not sure where everyone is travelling from but...according to the walkthewalk forum there is a strike on east midlands trains on Sunday and then a limited service after 1pm sad
I've checked and it is true. My poor sister and friends are hopefully trying to plan an alternative route home.

So just thought I should warn you.

kiwibella Thu 14-May-09 18:32:05

give it a go FP... I think it's a hilarious idea!!!

Anyone checked the weather forecast shock. I'm already suffering a heavy cold

I love youtube... had a nosey the other night. I think it's a good idea to take lots of snaps on the way around for memories.

Can't wait really grin.

funnypeculiar Thu 14-May-09 14:19:43

Damn, ds ditched our last frootshott bottle (filled with water of course grin at school trip yesterday. Not sure I could buy frootshoots JUST on the off chance of a mn spotting me grin

morethanyoubargainfor Thu 14-May-09 09:30:28

why don't we have a greggs sausage roll as well, just to make sure! wink

bigTillyMint Thu 14-May-09 09:21:41

Hey, that's it!

Mummsnetters secret sign is a fruit shoot!(filled with water, of course wink)

funnypeculiar Wed 13-May-09 22:36:14

Black toe-nails?? Gah, I'm obviously not trying hard enough smile

I'm really looking forwards to it too - although my half decorated bra is giving me hard stares...

Will be looking out for walkers with fruit shoots in their bumbags grin

letuseatcake Wed 13-May-09 22:31:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morethanyoubargainfor Wed 13-May-09 16:10:14

BTM thats not fair! my walking boots are going to make me stand out like a sore thumb! decorated bra is just going to make you feel part of the crowd grin

morethanyoubargainfor Wed 13-May-09 16:09:10

we are having a bra decorating party tonight! I have a feeling we might get a bit carried away!

arfur Wed 13-May-09 10:08:22

Oh wow just been looking at Youtube and blubbing but feeling motivated now thanks guys! Off to decorate bra now!!

bigTillyMint Wed 13-May-09 09:47:12

Er, mtybf, a decorated bra wink

Hurries oveer to youtube!

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