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Haribosmummy Fri 09-Jan-09 17:47:49

Anyone doing it?

Either London or Edinburgh?

Anyone interested in a fitness / support thread?

I'm doing it for the 3rd time in May (missed last year, as it was the night DS was born!) and really looking forward to it, but feeling a bit more apprehensive, as I'm not as fit as I used to be!

marg1066 Sun 15-Feb-09 16:53:58

Hi Tillymint, I'm doing the Ed moonwalk and I'm frightened to death! I haven't started to train yet blush it's not to late is it? Haven't had my starter pack through yet, so using that as an excuse wink, can you or anybody else offer me advice pretty please grin

kiwibella Mon 16-Feb-09 22:48:18

hiya Counting... well done for doing what works for you!!

Marg - I would follow up on your pack. There are twelve weeks until the London event now... and their training schedule suggests over thirteen. The biggest tip I got from the pack was stretching daily to build up strength and flexibility (and I think someone mentioned similarly and provided a link the other day??). Get walking and working on your endurance

I need to practice what I preach cos I'm so good at making excuses... altho, being half term my dd's are helping me to avoid exercise.

Countingthegreyhairs Tue 17-Feb-09 15:00:48

Thank you Kiwibella - managed to get out twice since then (not quite so late although weather was foul) so starting to feel as though I am getting back on track ...

Hope your training goes well this week despite the school holidays!

Marg - you can do it!!

marg1066 Tue 17-Feb-09 20:20:27

Thanks Kiwibella, not received my pack yet but managed to get out yesterday done around 2 miles, uphill one way, I know its ot much but its a start xx

kiwibella Tue 17-Feb-09 22:31:18

I found a mile is so deceptive - I thought the trip down to town and back would be three miles so hit it hard (well, as hard as I could with toddler and a pushchair grin). But, when I measured it in the car it is only a mile each way.

I need a flash measuring thing-a-me-bob wink.

kiwibella Tue 17-Feb-09 22:31:49

ooops... and good job both of you for getting out and beating the feet grin.

funnypeculiar Thu 19-Feb-09 22:13:18

hello - how's everyone getting on? Dh has noticed how much faster I'm walking - which is very satisfying (he's WAY fitter than me!)
We're doing a 14 mile walk this weekend (as well as our 2 shorter walks in the week) - suddenly feels like this is taking over my life a bit!

bigTillyMint Fri 20-Feb-09 07:30:59

Marg, don't panic - I'm sure if you get going now you'll be fine. I think our pack says do 3 or 4 x 3 or so miles the first couple of weeks, so that's not too hard to get started on. It seems like you have to do a longer (increasingly so!) one once a week.

Kiwi, I must take another good long look at the stretching exercises.... I have bought myself a flash pedometer, but I forgot to take it on our last long walk! It measures steps, km, calorieswink and probably other things, but I haven't quite worked it all out yet!

Well done fp - you will be at the finish line as we are all startinggrin

marg1066 Fri 20-Feb-09 15:32:57

thanks everyone, I'll get into the swing of it, I hope! I've been unwell so not been out again, hoping for the the weekend and a longer walk this time.
Still not had my pack through, is there anybody else not got theres?

funnypeculiar Fri 20-Feb-09 18:05:17

I only got my pack through this week, marg, so they may well still be sending them out in batches smile

Kiwi - I have been lamentably bad about stretching - was interested to read in the pack that it suggested stretching every day (not just on 'walk' days) - am going to try and remember to do that...

And sorry, didn't say welcome to countingthegreyhairs - good to have you on board smile

wiffey Fri 20-Feb-09 22:05:03

Found you all at last

I'm doing London with a few others but have only really started training in last few weeks.

Going to do 8 miles in the morning but really scared that I'm not going to get enough training in, any words of wisdom from previouse walkers would be very very welcome.

bigTillyMint Sat 21-Feb-09 12:15:39

Hi Wiffey - where were you training this morning - I was too (by the Thames!)

I think you'll be fine - still 12 weeks to go and the pack recommends a 12 / 13 week plan. And they don't get to 8 miles in the first week!

We did just over 11 miles today but it felt like moregrin and my back's aching now - I am so old!

Countingthegreyhairs Sat 21-Feb-09 19:28:11

Thank you for the warm welcome Funny Peculiar.

Well done Tilly, 11 miles is great going.

You can do it Wiffey!

Inspired by all of you, I have found my own charity walk!! It's a midnight walk taking place on Saturday 23 May in East Anglia - it's only 8 miles - and is in aid of the hospice where my father died five years ago. It's will be an achievable and meaningful objective for me (2-3 hrs long apparently) and I will be registering next week with one of my sisters. Can't wait!! So thanks for the inspiration everyone!

funnypeculiar Sat 21-Feb-09 19:36:46

Sounds like a really great cause countingthegreyhairs - my granny died recently - we were lucky to have wonderful support from macmillan/local district nurses, but it is amazing how much difference it makes to have good support in the last weeks/days/months (for patient & family)

I'm going out tomorrow for a 14 mile-r (along the Thames too smile) - cross your fingers for me, esp as I've agreed to be out & walking by 7.45 grin

Wifey, a mate of mine did the moonwalk last year - I asked her what training she did - she said she did quite a few short (3 mile) walks, and one 10 mile walk, and that was it! She must have a much better level of general fitness than me, but it did make me feel a bit more like if the worst came to the worst, I could probably get around on less training.
She did say she was in AGONY for days afterwards grin

marg1066 Sat 21-Feb-09 22:13:30

Countingthegreyhairs thats a great cause, I wish Icould've done something like that for my parents, so good on you. grin

bigTillyMint Sun 22-Feb-09 07:00:20

FP shock at your mate's training - I am panicking right now after the 11 miler yesterday - felt knackered after it grin

Well done Counting for finding your own Moonwalk - great cause for you as well!

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 22-Feb-09 12:27:45

Thanks everyone but I won't be worthy of congratulation until I've actually done the thing and raised (hopefully) lots of money!! And I take off my hat to you Moonwalkers because eight miles isn't very long in comparison to your respective marathons!!

Sorry to hear about your granny Funny Peculiar - I agree that the quality of support you receive in those circs makes all the difference - crikey 14 miles starting at 7.45 today - that really shows commitment - well done you and hope it goes well ...

Marg - hope you are feeling better now ...

Don't panic Tilly - you will prevail!!

marg1066 Sun 22-Feb-09 14:05:26

Ah thanks Countingthegrehairs, I have clinical depression, so it floors me at times, I wish more was done for depression because it should be talked about more, well that's my rant for the day!wink
I'm also looking for a link to do stretches, someone mentioned it ealier just until I get my pack.
Found a song on my ipod that is great to walk to,it's Sway by Pussydoll girls - gets your hips swinging!Just don't be pole dancing at every lampost you pass!blush

Countingthegreyhairs Sun 22-Feb-09 15:38:16

Oh that's tough Marg .. and it must make it even harder to get out and exercise ... agree it should be talked about more

Good luck with everything - exercising can only help I suppose - but easier said than done I know x

marg1066 Sun 22-Feb-09 15:53:47

Thanks Coutingreyhairs, that should have said song was by Pussycat Dolls!
I suppose it could be by anyone.
Gonna try and get out today, I'm off for break from Thursday to Las Vegas so not sure if any training is going to worth it?

wiffey Sun 22-Feb-09 15:59:30

Thanks everyone, not actually manged to get out this weekend as hoped & now feel really lazy that didn't Have also suffered with depression on & off for years and was doing really well but hit a bit of a low again at the moment, need to get my motivation going again, try again next week !!!

marg1066 Sun 22-Feb-09 16:38:12

Keep your chin up wiffey, you'll get through this patch, I know it doesn't feel like now but you will, take care wink

funnypeculiar Sun 22-Feb-09 19:01:14

Sorry to hear you've both been finding it tough, wifey & marg. My dad suffers from depression, and I hugely agree that it's not talked about enough. Whilst I feel it is getting more out in the public eye (along with other mental illness) I think it's still so misunderstood. Am I right in thinking (when you the motivation is managable ) that it's a really positive circle - ie that exercise tends to really help with endorphin levels/mood lifting? I seem to remember reading something like that.... Getting on that circle is the tricky bit i guess - & you've both managed that smile

Oh, & very envy of your Las Vegas trip, marg - how long are you going for?

My 14 miles went really well this morning - we walked along the river and it was lovely to be out in the spring sunshine (I do hope we don't get rain on moonwalk night...) . Even better, I remembered to try and clench my bum and I didn't get aches in my lower back - which nearly floored me on my 12 miler!

Onwards and upwards and into the next week...

marg1066 Sun 22-Feb-09 19:23:52

I'm going for 5 days with 7 girlfriends, can't wait. To answer your question exercise is good for depression at times when your brain will let you get up and do some, sounds strange but its true, that is why wifey should not feel lazy about not getting out, a day at a time or even an hour at a time wink

marg1066 Sun 22-Feb-09 20:40:03

Funnypeculiar I didn't congratulate you on your 14 miles, great achievement, hope you have no aches tmrw. I didn't know if you clenched your bum your back doesn't ache, great tip, but size of my bum might look a bit funny [big grin]

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