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Gymnastics/basic activities for toddler

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BattyOldMaid Thu 30-Oct-08 10:23:44

I give up! Google seems to work for most but for me.

I've been trying to find an activities centre for my 3 year old to join as he has bounds of energy and loves the rough and tumble.

I've taken him to TumbleTots which he hates, as they cover everything in soft materials, and hold on for dear life when he wants to swing on the bar, he is more into the rough kind of games, where if he hurts himself, he isn't that bothered.

Most centres do provide clubs for children over a certain age. He is 3 years old and needs the exercises, so please can anyone tell me where around me (Pontyclun area) or nearby that has centre where the toddler can do some constructive exercises via gymnastics, dance et al.

And please, can the activities be on morning or afternoons but not after 5pm.

Thank you


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