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ermm does anyone know anything about golf/golf clubs???

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FAQ Tue 28-Oct-08 20:11:25

exH has told me I can flog his golf bag and clubs (not a full set I'm assureD) on ebay as he no longer wants them.

So I've brought them downstairs tonight and I've realised I have got a CLUE what I'm looking at - apart from 3 golf balls, a large handful of plastic tees, a golf bag with stand and 11 golf clubs...

So if I tell you (or try and describe) what they look like would you be able to help me so I can list what they are (and tell me what information that I've found on them is totally irrelevant grin

I have

1. What I think is a putter(?) it's sort of rectangle shape (the club itself) and has 35' (I presume that's the length??) and "Vantage" American Classic II down the side of it

2. A sort round round/oval bottomed club (which has what resembles a sock grin) over the club part. On the bottom is says 16o "Boom Boom 3 Parralax Lynx Usa". Along the side of the stick bit is says "Lynx PT" high modules, Graphite, high compression, (R)Flex

3. I have 9 clubs which are all the same shape. They all have "Trilogy" "T3 regular" by "True Temper". On the base of the clubs I have the number 3-9 and the letters S & P

So can anyone help me before I throw the bloody things in the skip.......they've been sat in the corner of my bedroom for 3yrs - and he used them twice angry

Tyke1 Tue 28-Oct-08 20:27:09

right 3-9 are all irons the round oval one sounds like a driver the ones with s&p on are sand and pitching wedge and the other does sound like a putter hope that helps

FAQ Tue 28-Oct-08 20:31:40

thanks Tyke grin

DrNortherner Tue 28-Oct-08 20:34:09

My dh is an avid golfer so I aksed him and this is his report:

1. This is a putter by the sounds of it, dh does not recognsie the brand so he thinks it is a budget brand.

2. This is a 3 wood (1 club below a driver) 16 degree loft with a graphite shaft - you need to look on the shaft for a R (regular) or S (stiff) the shaft type is very importnat to buyers. Again dh says this is a budget club.

3. - These are irons, you have a 3 iron to a 9 iron plus a S= sand wedge and p = pitching wedge, They are made by Trilogy and have a True Temper shaft. Dh says these are mid range price wise.

FAQ Tue 28-Oct-08 20:46:00

thank you everyone smile

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