Should I be lifting weights or just stick to cardio for weight loss?

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Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 20:40:29

I currently walk 10-15k steps a day, mainly at work (teacher) and do one zumba class (350 cals), one treadmill run (400 cals) one swim (300 cals) and one body pump. I'm still on light weights as I haven't been doing it long so I only burn about 200 cals. 45 min class at my gym. Is it worth persisting with or not?

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justbeginit Tue 06-Jul-21 20:48:55

weights all day long. there is so much information but i feel that weights keep working on body shape even after the work out.
Cardio is good to mix in but weights is the way to go. 6 weeks and you will notice the difference is your back being stronger, thus better posture and looking better

TheLadyGrayson Tue 06-Jul-21 21:00:29

Weights for sure!! I try to alternate a resistance band workout with my cardio and it’s made such a difference, all over my body but most notably my arms - I’m not at my target weight yet but they look better than they ever have, even when I’ve weighed less. I couldn’t recommend it enough and my workout only takes 20-25mins.

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 21:00:36

Also meant to say I'm low caring diet wise

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JaquelineBean Tue 06-Jul-21 21:02:05

More weights, deffo!

Insertfunnyname Tue 06-Jul-21 21:03:36

What sort of weights workout? Any advice on how to start?

Lizzie523 Tue 06-Jul-21 21:05:16

Weights are working for me. I use HasFit which is a husband and wife duo - I generally follow along with the wife. I have lost weight and now see definition in my arms.


nbee84 Tue 06-Jul-21 21:06:53

The 1st thing is diet. If you are consuming more calories than you burn you won't lose weight.

I'm no professional but through advice I've received and reading I've done is that building muscle is helpful - both for your bone health and for burning calories post exercise. It's also advisable to do some cardio exercise each week for heart health.

MilkWasABadChoice Tue 06-Jul-21 21:08:32

I have 4kg and 1.5kg weights and do Heather Robertson YouTube sessions every day. Totally recommend. I’m not doing it to lose weight but it makes a big difference to my muscle tone and fitness and wellbeing!

BeeyatchPlease Tue 06-Jul-21 21:13:52

Stick with Body Pump!! It is an absolute fucker for the first month but it gets easier and you can put on more weights. You won't bulk up, just tone but bloody hell, it doesn't half change your body shape.
I lost 4st for my wedding doing diet and cardio but could not shift another pound. Started Body Pump 3 times a week and the last 1.5st melted off me and for once in my life, I had a rocking figure......and then I had a baby and it went to fucking pot.

Sssloou Tue 06-Jul-21 21:19:08

Doing weights changes body composition - building more muscle burns more fat even at rest ..... so your body outline shrinks - but not always seen on the scales .... so plot your progress through a piece of clothing.

Summerleaves Tue 06-Jul-21 21:23:14

I lost 3 stone doing free weights mixed with cardio and yoga five days a week and 1500 calories a day mainly wholefoods plant based high protein lowish fat low sugar.

Took about 4 months.

I'd say it was adding in the weights that made all the difference.

Florabelle Tue 06-Jul-21 21:33:03

I’m currently not in my best shape after Covid and no gym *disclaimer!! But, I’m 47 and just pre-Covid I started proper heavy weights. Got a few sessions with a PT to know what I was doing. Built up to heavy (for me) deadlifts and squats etc Proper weightlifting and ended up in best shape of my life. Weight dropped off as I built my big muscle groups so was burning fat even in normal life. Was teeny tiny with a genuine six pack and I hate sweaty cardio 😂

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 21:36:28

Low carBing

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Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 21:42:22

Ooh this is what I wanted to hear!

I do body pump classes at my David Lloyd gym. 45 mins. You have a bar and add weight plates to each side. I don't know the names of all the moves but we did lunges, squats, bar over the head, dead row?! If that's what it's called, tricep dips, loads of other stuff tonight. If I squeeze my bum (sorry) it feels firmer 4 weeks after starting. I follow the instructor carefully to avoid injury. I use 1kg each side on the bar for warm up then 2kg for the rest of the session. I feel sweaty and my muscles ache afterwards but it's a different feeling to cardio. I'd like to be physically strong as well as fit.

I'll stick with it!

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BobbinThreadbare123 Tue 06-Jul-21 21:46:15

Yes to weights! I managed to get to some pretty big weights in a reasonable time. I won't say I looked ripped but I did look powerful and toned. Then I got ill and went to pot but I am determined to do it again!

dementedpixie Tue 06-Jul-21 21:53:20

You are using pretty light weights right now so try to increase gradually especially for the bigger muscle groups like legs and back. I use 3.5kg per side for warm up and increase from that for legs, back, chest, etc. I currently use 7.5kg per side for legs (dodgy knees) and 6kg for chest and back.

AmIPeriOrAreYouJustAnnoying Tue 06-Jul-21 21:56:51

@TheLadyGrayson have you got a link to your resistance band workout please?

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 21:58:20

OK, I'll increase the weights now I know the class a bit better. I was a complete novice so was cautious to avoid injury.

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dementedpixie Tue 06-Jul-21 22:00:26

Even adding the odd 1kg per side will make a difference. I remember not being able to finish a whole track without a rest when I first started but you do get better and get stronger

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 06-Jul-21 22:02:11

Thanks @dementedpixie there are some amazing looking women in my class who lift heavy weights so that's my answer right there. I'll go heavier next time.

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championthewonderhorse70 Tue 06-Jul-21 22:35:33

You can definitely increase your weights.
I use the 4 smaller weights for the warm. You could be warning up with 2 middle weighs.
Add the smaller ones onto the those then for squats as your legs will easily support these.
You'll definitely get a better shape with weights

jerometheturnipking Fri 09-Jul-21 20:12:10

Definitely increase your weights - you'd be surprised at what you can squat in BodyPump. Try adding an extra kg each side for the squat track and then take it off again for your upper body work to see how you get on.

Resistance/weight training is particularly important for women and our bone health as we get older and increase risk of osteoporosis so it's definitely worth persevering with it even from that standpoint.

GoWalkabout Fri 09-Jul-21 20:28:59

Just be aware that at different stages muscles seem to take on more water and size so weight can go up and clothing feel tighter or up a size in places, but shape and toning makes up for it and leaner in the long term.

justbeginit Tue 13-Jul-21 13:49:58

stronglifts 5*5 app on play or ios was great for the beginner. app to tap your reps and videos for form.

im thinking about starting on again, add a 4th session. once the ids go back to school

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