Swimming (on a running rest day)

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Spudlet Fri 11-Jun-21 16:41:41

I haven’t been swimming for years, but was thinking I might start going once a week as cross-training for my running. Finding the whole concept of booking a lane a bit intimidating though! I have questions for any swimmers bobbing around in here 🏊‍♀️

1. What is it like swimming in an indoor pool at the moment - does it feel safe, is social distancing possible? I’ve only had one jab, I’m not especially vulnerable, but I do dread the idea of two weeks of isolation blush

2. Lanes - I’m clearly not a fast lane person, dear god no, so would you start with the slow lane and see how it goes? And given that I haven’t swim in ages, is it acceptable etiquette to have a test at the end every so often?

3. My most comfortable stroke was always breaststroke (actually it was backstroke which I was quite quick at, but I’m not about to do that in a public swimming session 😂). My plan was just to get in and see how many lengths I can do in the time available, and try to increase that over time - is that likely to be a good enough session? I’m seeing this as more an active recovery session for after my long run - will it work for that purpose?

As you see, I’m bit unsure about this... I’m marathon training and I have a niggly foot injury, so low-impact cross training would be super helpful. Not sure if swimming fits that bill?

Thanks smile

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profpoopsnagle Fri 11-Jun-21 20:18:25

Lot's of good advice and companionship on this thread

1. I can only speak for myself and my pool here. I would say that the social distancing is different, certainly out of the pool we can stick to 2m apart but there are 6 of us in a lane, so not really whilst we're swimming. It has never bothered me as I have worked throughout the pandemic anyway, but if you are not used to being around people you may find it harder.

2. Again, depends on your pool. We have 5 lanes, 2 slow, 3 between medium and fast depending on the session but you can't book a particular lane. However this does give the chance to swop over if there's space mid session. I would start on slow and move up if that's right. OK to stop at the end but try to keep to one side to allow others to pass. If you are the slowest swimmer in a lane, please let faster ones pass at the end. And don't set off just before a swimmer reaches the end. There are many discussions about lane etiquette in the linked thread!

3. Breaststroke is fine, and I often do backstroke if there's only me and 1 other in the lane. There's lots of things to work on

- building total number of lengths
- building as many lengths without stopping
- bettering stroke

CMOTDibbler Fri 11-Jun-21 20:27:21

1. Yes, but I am in and out of the changing rooms as soon as possible. Some sessions are busier than others and I avoid those
2. Start in slow and work up. Sometimes you might need to move up or down in a session depending on others - and sometimes you'll find yourself the slowest of medium but would be too fast to share with those already in slow. In that case you shouldn't move down, but just be aware of what others are doing and move over at the end to let someone on your toes go ahead.
3. Thats a great plan. Count lengths and try and increase them a little bit. Don't push yourself to do the whole hour at first, focus on good form so you don't injure yourself

Spudlet Sat 12-Jun-21 08:04:35

Thanks both!

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lljkk Mon 14-Jun-21 00:27:45

3) most people do breast-stroke. If you're quite fit you'll probably end up in the medium lane pretty quickly
2) most people stop for rests often. Just don't make it awkward for others to get around you if they want to continue, not rest
1) feck if I know what others think feels safe. I don't know what you want to hear. I've gone swimming 2x/week whenever pools were open and not caught anything, or been contacted to say I was exposed to The Plague. I take feck all precautions beyond physical distancing when possible. I've attended 3 different indoor pools in last year. Was lot more dodgy for me when I swam in open sea or in the river full of cows while pools were closed.

Spudlet Mon 14-Jun-21 08:06:29

Ok, sorry I asked! confused Enjoy your swimming.

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lljkk Mon 14-Jun-21 08:55:32

didn't mean to offend, not clear what I did to offend.

MN is full of people who think anything less than a biohazard suit is granny killing. I'm not afraid of 'Rona but All the controls and new social norms make me feel very unsafe.

As usual, I can't relate to what anyone else wants.


Palavah Mon 14-Jun-21 08:58:35

Swimming is excellent full-body exercise and you'll work harder than you think.

If you're doing breaststroke be careful of your knees and back - may be worth watching some videos to refresh your technique and/or trying back stroke/front crawl to mix it up.

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