Upper body fitness when you have been injured???

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Baycitystroller Tue 08-Jun-21 13:04:26

Help! I broke my wrist in April. I am recovering but have been told no lifting weights for 6 months, or putting weight through it.

So how do I tone upper body? Previously on a good weight training programme using a barbell and a dumbbell. Also did cardio and hit stuff, burpees etc are now all out.

I can walk, run, cycle and even tone my abs but how do I stop my arms and shoulders getting soft? I have no idea.

Annoyingly my gym does not seem to have one of those chest press machines either.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Purpletoes Tue 08-Jun-21 13:33:17

Are you able to swim? That should help if allowed to do that and strengthen the wrist again

minipie Tue 08-Jun-21 13:36:10

Could you get some of those velcro ankle weights and put them round your arm above the break - so you’re not using the wrist.

At the end of the day though you won’t lose that much muscle tone in 6 months if you are still using the arm normally day to day, if you had good muscle development before hand it will come back quickly.

Baycitystroller Tue 08-Jun-21 13:56:49

Thanks! The weights are a good idea. As is swimming…..though I don’t love it tbh!

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Spodge Tue 08-Jun-21 17:44:10

Zercher squats will involve some arm activation.

You could probably do some row type exercises using a resistance band looped around your forearm. In fact you could probably get quite creative with resistance bands.

nbee84 Tue 08-Jun-21 19:03:19

Doesn't replace weights very well, but Les Mills body combat makes my shoulders and lats ache (in a good way) the next day so must be activating the muscles.

Baycitystroller Tue 08-Jun-21 20:51:19

Thanks for the ideas. I have found some resize bands and will start getting creative!

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Baycitystroller Tue 08-Jun-21 20:53:37

* resistance

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