Exercise suggestions with sprained ankle

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crappytimes Tue 08-Jun-21 10:29:59

Hello and thanks for reading. I've sprained my ankle pretty badly about 4 weeks ago so it's not OK to run on for a while yet. This is a recurrent ankle sprain so really want to get it better before running on it again. I'm just putting on more and more weight (bmi around 28) and feeling fed up. I'd only just started to run late last year and had completed C25K by xmas and then after a cold start to the year and no running I'd just started to go out again. I didn't sprain my ankle running btw. Can anyone suggest some gentle exercises without using ankle for general stretching and toning and hopefully weight loss? I'm thinking yoga/pilates or is there something in particular someone can suggest for me? TIA

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Lalliebelle Tue 08-Jun-21 10:30:35

Swimming might be good as no weight bearing.

AngusThermopyle Tue 08-Jun-21 10:42:22

Stuff on your back could be ok if you can lift your legs?
Sit and reach,
Russian twists.
Or maybe, stuff on knees,
Bent leg kick backs,
Fire hydrants.
And general arm work with cans or weights maybe.

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