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drspouse Tue 08-Jun-21 09:34:36

I like Johanna Soh, and I find that anything other people say is "low impact" actually isn't. My physio has me doing jumping/jogging for a minute or two at a time while holding on to a surface (table/countertop) to make it less impact.

hopeishere Tue 08-Jun-21 09:29:16

Short sounds good!!

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sunniest Tue 08-Jun-21 08:59:00

I like Lucy Wyndham Read on YouTube. She has loads of workouts, many are low impact and they are all quite short!

hopeishere Tue 08-Jun-21 08:56:49

I'd like to tone up but I have bad knees and a bad hip so I need something low impact that I can do at home. I'm also extremely unfit.

Any recommendations?

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