Targeting stomach and back?

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WokeFest Mon 07-Jun-21 07:59:09

I’ve recently dropped 11kg and have 3 KG to go to my goal weight. I’ve done a lot of exercise to get me to this point mostly including running, Body Pump and Body Combat. I’ve got down to a size 10.

My legs, bum, arms and shoulders have all toned up and are looking sculpted but my stomach is still flabby and my back is horrific. Under my arms there is a big flabby, saggy bit sitting on top of my bra strap.

Is there any way to target this area? Ideally I’d like the final 3 KG to come off these areas and tone them up!!

Any ideas?

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Spodge Mon 07-Jun-21 17:51:26

Pull ups
Kettlebell swings
Barbell/dumbbell rows
Inverted rows
Lat pull downs
Face pulls

Planks (all the variations including side planks)
Heavy deadlifts (if you know how to do them properly)
Press ups (if you can do full press ups)
Hanging leg raises

But your body will lose weight from where it wants. Exercise will help but you can't spot-reduce fat.

PurpleDaisies Mon 07-Jun-21 17:53:53

Pilates is brilliant for this.

IntoAir Mon 07-Jun-21 19:51:20

You can't spot reduce.

For stomach - what about paying attention to your alignment & "corset" muscles pretty much all the time you're walking or sitting: navel to backbone, consciously use your abs to pull in your stomach & ribs, and sit or walk tall. A lot of people have bad posture & if you pay attention to this, you might find that the sense of flabbiness can be better controlled.

I agree with @Spodge about heavy deadlifts, - also pull ups or lat pull downs.

But you know what is pretty magic? Body weight squats, or even better, weighted squats. They are amazing - not just for glutes & quads - but for your abs and back - the corset muscles again. If you do squats properly not the awful way I see people do them in Pump class you need to brace your abs, and use your breath - Graet for the front of the body as well as the glutes.

Or you could also do hollow holds. Try a hollow hold for 30 seconds - keep the whole of your spine on the ground and your heels only a couple of cm off the ground. Work up to a minute. Killer.

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