Sizing for SB Stamina bra?

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ClarrieGrundy Sat 05-Jun-21 22:56:39

Hello there - looking for a medium support bra for walking / hiking.
I like the look of the stamina from Sweaty Betty but can’t find the size guide.
I’m normally a medium but size about 36d.

Can anyone tell me if a medium sounds about right? Many thanks

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EmmaStone Sun 06-Jun-21 08:21:22

I'm pretty flat chested (32B), and wear a S or M - the small can be a bit tricky getting on and off! Because of the compression fit, you could probably afford to go up a size and it would still fit, but I'd always suggest ordering different sizes to try (or try in store).

ClarrieGrundy Mon 07-Jun-21 07:20:59

Thank you! I’ve ordered a medium and large

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