Plus size gym leggings?

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WaitroseAldi Sat 05-Jun-21 21:58:08

I currently have a pair of under armour leggings that I like but they are getting too big/keep falling down.

Can anyone recommend some good squat proof ones please?

Thank you!

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paniniswapx3 Sat 05-Jun-21 22:02:04

Following with interest as I could do with new ones too!

HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 05-Jun-21 22:03:13

Peachy lean meant to be excellent.

dementedpixie Sat 05-Jun-21 22:03:25

What size?
Curvissa has larger sizes. I bought some Kangaroos ones that seem ok

princesspenny Sat 05-Jun-21 22:09:27

Rainbows and Sprinkles go up to size 24 and they stay up properly, I never have to hoik them up 😂

Girlonthego Sat 05-Jun-21 22:16:40

I like the Sweaty Betty ones.

Liverbird77 Fri 23-Jul-21 14:27:27

USA Pro have always been my absolute favourite, whatever size I happen to be (I'm a bit of a yo yo, sadly!)
They are so comfy, stretchy and don't move. They seem to cope with sweat really well too, unlike some others which make me feel gross!


Feilin Fri 23-Jul-21 14:31:16

Pink soda are good im an 18-20 and they dont roll etc

Twinkie01 Fri 23-Jul-21 14:34:54

Sweaty Betty do larger sizes. Their powers are totally squat proof too. My size 16 friends wear large but they go up to xxl I think

NeonStones Fri 23-Jul-21 14:36:35

Sturdy by Design are excellent. Definitely squat proof and I love the patterns. The pay do capris and shorts as well.

CrouchEndTiger12 Fri 23-Jul-21 14:41:04

Sweaty Betty. The power leggings stay put and are squat proof

They still have 60% off some styles at the moment

Spodge Fri 23-Jul-21 17:35:45

I like the leggings from Nike.

ShinyMe Mon 26-Jul-21 21:33:13

I'm new to the gym and didn't want to get fancy ones (aka expensive) and got several on Shein, which are surprisingly good and fit well. I also have a couple from Sainsburys, but find that they're too baggy on the legs if they fit my belly. As I've got more confident I've recently bought some from Tikiboo, because they were SO pretty, and they were worth the extra cost, they are the best fit of all my leggings. I'm short and have a big belly but quite toned legs, and vary between an 18 and 20 in high street sizes, I'm a 2xl in Tikiboo.

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