Exercising while BF and looking after PF

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littlegiant Sat 05-Jun-21 12:46:29

I have asked a few personal trainers about this and nobody seems to know much about it, so here I am, looking to the wise masses of MN.

I have a baby of a few months old and looking to get back into exercising. However, I am breastfeeding and want to be carful due to the relaxin hormone and also be kind to my pelvic floor. I have a few DC and while I don't have any symptoms at the moment i do need to be careful not to exacerbate or undo any of the work i have done to strengthen it.

I have done a couple of couch to 5k sessions and YouTube postnatal yoga videos but that's it.
I would love to get really fit, strong and toned but I just don't know what's safe to do.

Does anyone have any experience they can share or any apps/dvds/classes they might reccomend?

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Morbidly Sat 05-Jun-21 13:00:14

Have a look at getmomstrong on instagram! I really like her workouts, she has lots that work to support your core and PF.

littlegiant Sat 05-Jun-21 16:50:32

Oh thank you I will definitely have a look at this smile

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littlegiant Sun 06-Jun-21 13:34:14

Anyone else able to share some wisdom?

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ThorFull Sun 06-Jun-21 14:21:27

Look up DeliciouslyFitAndHealthy on Instagram. She’s got 4 young kids and a lot of her workouts have adaptations for postpartum women, diastasis recti and focus on inner core. She’s awesome.

littlegiant Sun 06-Jun-21 19:41:16

Thank you! I will definitely look this up

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