Asana Rebel....any good??

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despondentatwork Sat 05-Jun-21 08:43:27

Hi, looking to overhaul my physical health; my mental/emotional health could do with a kick start too TBH!! (Couldn't everyone's!). I'm in my mid forties, have pelvic floor issues so HIIT & running are unfortunately no longer options. Have 4 kids I'm often alone with for weeks & can't leave to join a class, eg. Interested in ad has popped up for Asana Rebel on my phone, 50% off. Anyone use this??

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EuroTrashed Mon 14-Jun-21 11:42:39

Hi! I just came searching for the same (got the same offer). The only reviews I can find are tech / app reviews rather than real users; there was one blogger who really didn’t rate it. Have you given it a whirl? I’m thinking of sticking with Boho Beautiful on YouTube and picking / choosing the workouts to build my own

GoWalkabout Mon 14-Jun-21 11:52:40

I don't mind it. I prefer down dog. But now I do Les Mills which is excellent, but Body Balance (their yoga class) is quite fast flow, so depends what you like. Or Yoga with Adrien which there is loads of on you tube to try.

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