Waist trainer belt during exercise

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TiberiusNero Fri 04-Jun-21 17:46:42

I’ve just started doing some PT sessions for strength and weight training and my trainer has recommended a waist training belt.

For background, I’m a fat, middle-aged menopausal woman and my stomach is pretty large. I decided to go for weights-based exercise after seeing a lot of recommendations for it instead of concentrating on cardio.

I’m a bit unsure about the benefits of a waist trainer and it just seems it would be even more uncomfortable to wear during exercise. If anyone has some informed ideas that would be most helpful. 😀

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Spodge Fri 04-Jun-21 18:55:13

Are you doing heavy squats and deadlifts? If so, are you sure the PT does not mean a weightlifting belt? They are used to help protect your back when going heavy. My PT has recently recommended I use one but you need to get your form right first and I have been training with him for about 18 months. If you have only just started I find it hard to believe you are already at the stage where a belt would be appropriate, given the other info you have provided.

Also the belt needs to be TIGHT so if you are likely to lose some size then you really don't want to be buying a weight belt far in advance of when you might actually use it.

If a PT has actually suggested one of those corset type waist trainer belts then I would be very wary of that PT in general and would certainly be grilling them for more details of their reasoning.

TiberiusNero Fri 04-Jun-21 19:40:41

It’s definitely a corset type waist trainer and I’m not doing squats or deadlifts yet.

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TiberiusNero Fri 04-Jun-21 19:50:31

To elaborate a bit, I went with this particular trainer as he’s a body builder type and I specifically wanted weights and strength but I’ve had two sessions with him and he’s just had me on resistance machines doing lots of reps.

I was a gym regular though not concentrating on weights/strength hence why I’m a bit unsure about what should be happening. The belt thing just made me question it a bit.

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IntoAir Fri 04-Jun-21 21:05:51

my trainer has recommended a waist training belt


I would not trust a PT who suggested this. My PT even scoffs at a weightlifting belt and will never let me use what he calls a "Princess pad" on the bar when doing front squats (which leave bruises on my collarbone sometimes!

If you're not actually activating your abs, by bracing them, standing up tall, and getting your alignment right, then a "waist training belt" is a crutch.

NegativelyPositive Fri 04-Jun-21 21:09:16

im with IntoAir on this. I wouldnt be using a PT who recommended this

IntoAir Fri 04-Jun-21 21:13:19

he’s just had me on resistance machines doing lots of reps

nah, find a new PT - it's too expensive not to get proper training. Anyone can use resistance machines.

You need to be in front of a barbell, doing deadlifts and squats. And then other training around that.


TiberiusNero Fri 04-Jun-21 21:23:43

Thank you, I had a feeling it wasn’t right for me but wasn’t sure. I’ll cancel the rest of the PT sessions (there’s no penalty) and try to find someone different.

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