Would anyone recommend My Peak Challenge?

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LucyCarlyle27 Wed 02-Jun-21 11:27:25

I have a close friend who is really keen for us to join My Peak Challenge together, but I know nothing about it - it's quite expensive for me so thought I'd ask for any recommendations first!

We've been friends for years and are currently both on a weight loss and fitness journey, both have about 2st to lose and want to get back to a good level of fitness. She's a runner, I do more workouts at home and long walks; I have small DC and she doesn't, so I wonder if she'd get more out of it than me if it requires time to dedicate to it (she's looking for a new hobby at the moment as well).

The website looks great, I completely agree with the ethos behind it etc but I can't find any UK-based groups to join and didn't know if it was US only? We're both in England, happy to join virtual groups/ challenges for now with the aim of attending some bigger meet ups in the next couple of years, when (hopefully!) Covid restrictions will be eased and my DC will be older and easier to take on holidays...

Any opinions/ information gratefully received!

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LucyCarlyle27 Sun 06-Jun-21 22:22:35

Hopeful bump that people will see this now half term's almost finished... my friend's keen for us to join ASAP but it's such a lot of money for me to spend, any advice would be welcomed!

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