Best self-defence form for the criminally unfit

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Ravenclawsome Sat 29-May-21 17:51:22

After a change in job role that has brought me into closer contact with criminals and their families its occurred to me that knowing some self-defence is probably a good idea.

I'm also VERY unfit (and overweight) and want to use this as a way of getting fit.

What type would people suggest is best for my situation?

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nbee84 Sat 29-May-21 20:37:52

I haven't done it my self but my friend loves her Krav Maga class.

FrenchieFromGrease Thu 03-Jun-21 12:46:10

Yes I second Krav Maga. It's all about how to use a person's weak points against them so it's great for people who are unfit. I would recommend it to any woman.

Cormoran Sat 05-Jun-21 21:14:17

Krav Maga all the way

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