Peloton vs Keiser spin bike

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Reastie Wed 26-May-21 21:42:40

I’m so confused which one to go for! Both pretty much the same price give or take.

Would use peloton app on it (but peloton app is much cheaper when using it on with a peloton!).

I used to be seriously into fitness but since Ds and injuries I have to do little and often. I have spoken to physio who agrees this is a good way for me to recover from injury then use as workout basis. I’m pretty self disciplined so will use it regularly and am used to working out from home but won’t initially be able to use it for hard core spinning until I’ve eased myself back and built fitness and strength with support from the physio from injury.

I like the idea of the peloton as it’s all in one package, but the keiser looks like a better bike and less to go wrong.

Does anyone have any feedback or pointers? Desperate to buy one but v confused about what to choose!

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Reastie Wed 26-May-21 21:43:43

Typo, shouod have said peloton app cheaper not on a peloton, so I’d save an average of around £300 a year by using it as an app on my iPad attached to the Keiser rather than on a peloton

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nbee84 Wed 26-May-21 22:13:44

I use the Peloton app on my own spin bike (technogym bike bought 2nd hand on ebay)

I'm on a Peloton facebook page and most have the Peloton bike but some have a different one. Most with the bike love it and say it's worth it. There are also people posting about problems with the bike (a lot of bearings issues it seems) and from that page Peloton also seem to have shocking after sales care - though I suppose people with problems are more likely to be vocal than those without.

From my point of view - I'm a bit of an exercise addict so motivation to work out is no problem for me. Some love the leaderboards that you get with the full (£39 per month) app and find it spurs them on. With the full app and bike you get metrics from your ride - cadence, power, distance, output. You don't get this with the £12 app but you can still do all the same classes; live, prerecorded etc My bike has no metrics at all. I added a cadence sensor but only really used it a few times. The rides are generally to the beat of the music and it's easy to tell if you are cycling to the correct cadence. I have a heart rate monitor, so from that I can see how hard I've worked and compare rides etc. The app also has lots of other workouts too - strength, pilates, barre, outdoor audio for walking and running, yoga, cardio & meditation. I use quite a few of these - I particularly like the bike bootcamps which have you doing some cycling and some floor exercises. If my bike were to break down and I couldn't get it repaired I would still buy a non Peloton bike as for £12.99 a month you get the same content as the £39 one and I couldn't justify the extra £300 per year. I'm the only one in my household to use it but with the full app you can have several users, so better value for those households.

Getting a bike to ease back into fitness after injury is a great idea. It's low impact. You are in charge of the resistance you use and can gradually increase as you recover. I damaged some ligaments in my knee several months ago and after some complete rest and some physio picked up the spinning classes again (injured my knee running but have done spinning before) starting off with lower resistance and staying seated to where I'm at now and able to fully participate in all of it.

Reastie Thu 27-May-21 06:36:47

Thank you, that’s good advice. I’m c tempted to go for the keiser. It won’t give me the whole peloton experience but it means i think I’m future proofing myself more that being stuck with the peloton screen

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nbee84 Thu 27-May-21 07:37:27

Yes, with the Peloton screen you can only do the Peloton classes. With my ipad I can do Peloton as well as other spin classes (I also do Les Mills) and can also watch Net Flix, iplayer etc.

anxietyanonymous Thu 27-May-21 07:47:57

Have you heard of LMOD? Les mills on demand.

It is an alternative online fitness subscription that offers a range of different spin class options. Thats what i use with my bike as do many others. Has a huge online community and is low cost. You could always order the bike and do a free trial of each app before you commit?

Resale for keisers is also good so if in a year you still fancy a peleton you could x

Reastie Thu 27-May-21 08:40:30

That’s fantastic, thank you. Sounds like keiser is the way to go and peloton are a clever current trend. @anxietyanonymous yes, I’ve previously used LMOD spin classes and lots of their other workouts and it’s great. I like the idea of the peloton app with the variety and live element to give a go, but I’d like the flexibility ideally to do things like lmod too.

Thank you everyone

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marshallmum Thu 27-May-21 13:37:55

I recently got a Schwinn ic8 for the same reasons as you mention above - ability to use the Peloton app but freedom to use other things too (I like Zwift for instance). It’s totally changed my exercise routine, I injured my knee running earlier this year but I can still use a bike which is great. Good luck and enjoy!

Backupthebus Thu 03-Jun-21 08:30:59

Hi Reastie

Did you order the Kieser M3? I’m having the same predicament as you and currently use LMOD and Peleton Apps using an old spin bike, but want to upgrade as it’s very clunky. The Peleton bikes look great but I can see issues regarding screen damage, aftercare etc and I’m happy using the App as opposed to £39 monthly payments. I’m not into live rides.
My only concern for the Keiser is you have to build them. I have seen a how to on You Tube and it looks pretty straightforward, but I’d like to hear from anyone whose actually done it?

EmmaStone Thu 03-Jun-21 20:54:17

Think this chat has moved on, but FWIW, I use the Peloton app with a Life Fitness spin bike DH bought a few years ago. The bike shows cadence (RPM), and has 20 resistance positions, whereas Peloton has 100, so if they suggest a resistance of 50, I'd go to 10. I know that there are comparison tables to get the right resistance on a variety of bikes if you Google it.

I love the idea of the full Peloton package, but the reality just doesn't add up for me, it's also not the only exercise I do (I see a PT and go to a yoga studio weekly), so I can't justify the cost to cover my whole exercise regime. However, I think the content is fantastic, I really like the instructors, and the variety of workouts available.

Sensibly, I think the app is the way to go, but I can definitely see the appeal of the full monty - a heart over head decision I think if you go for it.

Reastie Fri 04-Jun-21 19:38:25

@EmmaStone yes, I’ve found a co version fir peloton levels, that was a good tip 👍🏻

@Backupthebus I’ll get back to you as it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully in the next week or so (think it comes from America). You can buy a tool kit on their site for assembly but it costs around £100 shock . Dh claims he has ‘all the tools’ so we didn’t need it...hope I don’t live to regret that as I’ll be so impatient to get on it once it arrives!

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Cormoran Sat 05-Jun-21 21:13:37

I second as PP the Technogym spin bike. Love it

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