Anyone any idea when Parkrun will be back?

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Somethingmavelous Sun 10-Jan-21 13:13:28

It's my lockdown fitness goal to get back to park run, but I haven't been for years and no idea if they were running last summer after the lockdown?
Does anyone know when they might be back? Eg were they one of the things that were allowed after lockdown was eased last year?
I find it really motivating to have a bit of a target!

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Crocky Sun 10-Jan-21 13:19:49

Parkrun hasn’t been on since before the first lockdown.

Solidaritea Sun 10-Jan-21 13:20:13

Sadly, no parkruns since March sad

Sensible I suppose. While outside, it does involve a lot of people gathering together, for something they could do alone. Like you though, the parkruns itself is massively motivating so it's a real shame.

Crocky Sun 10-Jan-21 13:20:29

They do a thing called not parkrun where you can upload the results of a 5k in the week.

Crocky Sun 10-Jan-21 13:22:19

Do you use strava and have friends on it that run? Seeing what they are achieving can push you to get on with it. I am complete failing to be motivated by anything at the moment though 😕

BogRollBOGOF Tue 12-Jan-21 21:07:44

The last plan mooted was to start with junior parkrun for 4-10 yos this month. Low risk age group and much lower numbers.

Previously the aim had been October, but case rates rose and the tiers came in. Realistically races can and have happened at tier 2, so it's likely to be at the point in the spring when tier 2 becomes more widespread. They have reestablished in other countries.

They post regular updates on their fb feed.

I'm looking forwards to it getting back... I wasn't planning on keeping the RD box for 10 months and counting...
At least I didn't leave the bibs in a musty store...

emmathedilemma Wed 13-Jan-21 12:12:32

Based on other parts of the world i think we're a long way off. Parts of Australia resumed parkrun in September but their new cases were next to non-existent at the time. I was thinking maybe this spring or summer but I'm starting to think even that might be optimistic. The simple answer is that no one knows and even if HQ give the go-ahead it will still be dependent on core teams being comfortable hosting an event and landowners giving permission for it.


AuntieStella Sat 06-Feb-21 14:40:49

I had one of their survey emails, which they were sending during the active planning/hoping times last year. So they are perhaps turning their attention again to how they can reopen safely.

Some running events did take place during tiers, but AFAIK only paid events with controlled number of entrants, staggered starts and other precautions - none of which would work for a 'turn up and run' which is focussed as much on the community as on the actual activity. So until outdoors gatherings of 1000-+ people are permitted, I don't see how parkrun can happen (juniors could start more readily - tend to be smaller, group outdoors sports for DC likely to be permitted much earlier than large adult groups)

Though I hope that they restart for the British dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, which are British but not Britain) which are under completely different covid rules and not accessible to tourists

ImInStealthMode Sat 06-Feb-21 14:44:39

@AuntieStella Guernsey Parkrun operated through all of last summer until their current spike and lockdown. It was actually the last one I did before the first lockdown!

Here in Jersey we keep our fingers crossed!! I miss it so much and have really struggled for motivation without it.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Sat 06-Feb-21 19:53:37

Guernsey and the Isle of Man have been going for a while now. They got very close to returning in England in October and have government approved covid secure guidelines so could have returned with those if they had been written and approved earlier in the year but once they were ready to go the numbers started rising again and the landowners were not happy so it was abandoned.

My prediction is that they will be back with the covid safe rules before the pubs open (as long a the landowners are agreeable). There is talk about outdoor exercise being prioritised. So maybe April or May?

Gwenhwyfar Sun 07-Feb-21 15:45:09

" the landowners were not happy "

Isn't it normally in public parks?

AuntieStella Sun 07-Feb-21 16:08:41

Local parks are still owned by someone - so if the council (likeliest owner) says 'no' then there can be no event

Bushy is a Royal Park, and rherebare a few others in other Royal Parks, lots on NT land, and in the grounds of other stately homes or in racecourses

Gwenhwyfar Sun 07-Feb-21 17:16:29

"Local parks are still owned by someone - so if the council (likeliest owner) says 'no' then there can be no event"

OK. For me a public park is not 'owned' by anyone except the public and is just managed by the council, but I see what you mean.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Sun 07-Feb-21 21:32:05

Also parkrun are keen that it will be all the events back at the same time so people spread out. If the National Trust for example say no then it is difficult for nearby events to go ahead without being overcrowded.

lljkk Wed 10-Feb-21 18:07:57

2022 is my guess OP, sorry. Maybe late 2021.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Tue 23-Feb-21 22:42:38

Looks like it will be legal from 29th March so Easter Saturday at the earliest. Announcement coming on Friday.

AuntieStella Wed 24-Feb-21 09:43:22

I'll post here if I get any more emails about it (I mean the ones from volunteers mailing lists, not the general list)

I'll also chat up event/run directors I know, and someone with the grand title of 'ambassador' to see if they know anything.

You don't get more 'grassroots' than parkrun - it really is the ultimate local, volunteer-led, inclusive event. So I hope it will be permitted.

The two pitfalls I see are a) the size of the larger events, and b) the crowding you can get at the start, funnel and barcode queues

NoMoreMuchin Wed 24-Feb-21 09:52:21

I really miss parkrun and I hope it can restart in the summer months. I have 3 different regular courses depending on if I am at home/parents/ inlaws and all 3 are very squished at the starting funnel, no way social distancing is in any way possible so I do think that will be an issue.

Also, this is only anecdotal, but huge numbers of people have done couch to 5 in lockdown and become I believe they will be much busier than before covid, I'm delighted about all the new runners but do think it needs taking into account.

MiddlesexGirl Wed 24-Feb-21 09:54:47

If they operate a pre-registration system then they can limit numbers.

OrangeBananaFish Wed 24-Feb-21 10:04:24

I really miss parkrun so have taken a keen interest in to as and when they might come back. When they were thinking about it last year I listened to their podcast (free, weekly, timed) and it was explained how they would bring it back and how it was safer than it previously was. They were saying things like having the speech at the start lasting no longer than 2 mins, no high fives and having more barcode scanners at each event. It was very well explained. Their biggest argument was the mental health benefits outweighed any possible risks.

I too, have done a couple of surveys from them about their return. One was for normal parkrun the other for junior parkrun (both of which I volunteer at regularly)

I don't think you can compare the UK with Australia as they have a completely different approach to Covid than we do.

I shall look forward to Friday's announcement. I really can't see how it will be as late as next year though. Personally I think May is optimistically possible, but I think by the end of June is more likely. Obviously assuming if case numbers, vaccines, hospitalisations etc continue in their current trend.

emmathedilemma Wed 24-Feb-21 12:30:25

@AuntieStella Event & Run Directors haven't given any news ahead of what's made public so far. The announcement that they were planning to resume last October came as a big shock to a lot of people.

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Wed 24-Feb-21 21:07:36

Here is England athletics response to the road map.

It’s not the same as parkrun as they can limit numbers and stagger starts but it does sound very positive.

AuntieStella Thu 25-Feb-21 09:31:33

I've been chatting online to other runners.

It would be a huge change in ethos for parkrun to change to a limited numbers event, or to swop away from gun time (you'd need start tokens!)l. So even though some were hoping for step 1 timing (not before 29 March, with grassroots sport), most people albeit with some reluctance, thought step 4 (not before 21 June, with summer lifting of wider SD limits)

EA letting number-controlled, covid-secure events from April?

OrangeBananaFish Thu 25-Feb-21 21:13:24

most people albeit with some reluctance, thought step 4 (not before 21 June, with summer lifting of wider SD limits)

That sounds like me. With some reluctance. I know that is the most likely, but I just wish it could be sooner.

Oh well will (hopefully) find out a little more detail tomorrow

BogRollBOGOF Thu 25-Feb-21 22:01:26

My practical concern as a Juniors RD is the volunteer base. It's less well established and a much smaller pool of people than the 5k on the same site, and more prone to families moving on after so long. Our RD core has reduced as some of the longest serving took the natural opportunity to move on. Fortunately our small core has children still with a few appropriate years to go. Our DoE volunteers will have moved on too. The previous winter was tough so it's been over 18m since we were on substantial numbers (summer core 80+, winter core 50, 35 in dire weather)

Gosh I miss it and not just because the bix is gathering dust in a corner. Fortunately my children still miss it too.

I hope it's not so long to go, especially when we've come relatively close to getting going again a couple of times in the autumn/ winter.

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