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Getting to end of C25K. 10K or something else next?

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Inniu Sat 19-Oct-19 18:02:09

Did W7R2 today so due to reach the end of C25K soon.

I just run on my own.

Should I try to work on my speed next or just go straight in to the 10K programme?

Griefmonster Sat 19-Oct-19 18:14:05

Depends on your reasons for running. There is a brilliant pod cast of Dr Rangan Chatterjee's With Sanjay Rawal. Would recommend that for thinking about running in a wider way. My goal was time for me, head space and anti-anxiety so for me I wanted to consolidate the habit. Got in to a routine of 3x5k runs a week before going for a longer distance. During these you can work on speed or stamina (hill training for e.g.) or just enjoy the view! After a year I upped to 10k then 15k to almost half marathon. I also switched to trail running quite early on so not so focussed on distance or speed but on terrain. Whatever you do, have fun! And we'll done.

FusionChefGeoff Sat 19-Oct-19 18:51:50

Agree - totally up to you!! Personally, I preferred the accomplishment of distance, an hour to myself, slightly achy legs and nicely tired at the end of the day which suits longer distances so I just kept increasing 1 run a week until I was at half marathon distance smile

However, DH prefers the intense speed / muscle burn / bragging about pace over shorter distances so he focuses on speed (not that he runs much anymore but it's just an example!)

It's also about lifestyle - I work for myself so can work my day around a 2 hr run if I want to. If I was up and out of the house 7am - 7pm every night I'd probably aim to be a speed queen instead!!

BrassicaBabe Sat 19-Oct-19 21:05:06

I remember having a little slump after finishing C25K too.

I really enjoyed the structure of c25k so was a little lost when it finished. No great advice I'm afraid. But wanted to say I know how you feel.

Inniu Sat 19-Oct-19 21:11:12

I don’t know what I want so I might listen to that podcast.

I stopped working last year so have quite a bit of time when the children are at school if I want to do longer runs.

I think I am worried about losing my way a bit after the end of the C25K structure if I don’t have another program ready to go.

BestIsWest Sat 19-Oct-19 21:35:16

Has anyone done the graduates programme

(I’m only on w6 but know I will need the encouragement of someone in my ear telling me I’m halfway)

SquishySquirmy Sat 19-Oct-19 22:53:07

Park run?
I finished c25k fairly recently, and I've just enjoyed mixing it up a bit - some 10k "runs" (I still need walking breaks for longer distances, but I am gradually reducing them), some 5ks like park run where I focus on reducing my time, and some trail type runs where I'm less focused on speed and time, more focused on nice scenery etc.

I try to do at least 1 run of each type a week, if I didn't mix it up I'd get bored!

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