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Crossfit chat.. 💪

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Rollerbird Fri 11-Oct-19 21:36:44

Anyone do crossfit?
Anyone done 20.1today?
Would love to find some mumsnetters to chat to about my obsession!! 😁

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Rollerbird Mon 14-Oct-19 21:12:22

Well if anyone does crossfit I got a pb 1 x10 push press at 35 kg today, and redid 20.1 and got an extra 16 reps.
119 rx.

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MajesticWhine Mon 14-Oct-19 21:18:56

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about smile- but what is it? What facilities do you need to do it?

Rollerbird Tue 15-Oct-19 23:25:37

Ha ha
It's like a coached group gym class
It has cardio, olympic lifting, and 'gymnastics' moves.
It's different each time you go, and it's got a bit of everything.
It's suitable for EVERYONE from the elderly to extremely fit people because each workout although it's the same for everyone is scaled to the persons ability.
It's like a cult though - loads of fun and addictive. Good cameraderie.
I've never been so fit or had such a good physique.

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SingingSands Tue 15-Oct-19 23:45:55

I have two friends who do CrossFit and I watch their stories on Instagram.

As a result I am terrified of CrossFit 😂

Rollerbird Thu 17-Oct-19 11:01:02

It's hard but satisfying. Because it's scaled to your own ability it doesn't get easier as you get stronger(!)
And you see results.

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MouthyHarpy Thu 17-Oct-19 12:32:54

One of these days I'd like to try it, but my (commercial) gym doesn't do it, and it's further to go to gyms that do - plus I don't really want to pay two lots of gym fees!

But it looks exciting.

rwalker Fri 18-Oct-19 00:20:54

It's very good but VERY easy to get injured most moves have a lot of impact in them and when using the bar some of the moves very jerkey like snatches and cleans .
Most people I know who do cross fit have had a few injuries

Rollerbird Fri 18-Oct-19 09:05:51

Yes, it's hard on the ego to keep the weight down while learning the correct techniques!

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Ziraphale Sat 19-Oct-19 15:39:46

I do crossfit and am totally down for a crossfit thread! I've been slammed at work this week and am having total wod withdrawal.

Nice one on the pb! :D

Rollerbird Mon 21-Oct-19 21:05:13

Good wod today
200 run,
15 hang power snatch @20kg
15 ohs
15 hspu
400 run
15 hspu
15 ohs
15 snatch
200 run
12 min cap. Had 7 snatch and the 200 run left
1st time putting hspu in the wod (10 kg plate and ab mat)
Felt really good.
Also got 1x10 30kg ohs pb.
Shoulders will feel it tomorrow!!

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Lellochip Mon 21-Oct-19 21:25:58

grin That's about 780m too much running for my tastes, but sounds like a good WOD. How long have you been doing it? I'm 'on a break' at the moment and it's breaking my heart 😅

Rollerbird Mon 21-Oct-19 21:42:51

I started last October so a year now.
I am officially addicted/dedicated now!
The above was scaled but I am 100% happy.
How come you are on a break @lellochip ?
Are you injured?

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Lellochip Tue 22-Oct-19 16:53:47

Happy CrossFit birthday grin I'm not injured as such. Bad back & some problems with fatigue/weakness. Pop in for the occasional social wod but my ego takes a battering lol

Croquembou Mon 28-Oct-19 08:54:39

Ahhh, I came looking for a CrossFit thread, seems there's not so many MN Crossfitters.

I'm taking 12 weeks out just to powerlift as all my lifts have plateaued so I want to smash through that. It's boring as fuck compared though. So much sitting about.

Did anyone do 20.3? While I do miss it day-to-day, I'm not sad on missing the Open. Watched a guy at the gym burn through the first 21 deadlifts and then stare at/fail to kick up the wall for 8 minutes - poor thing.

Rollerbird Mon 28-Oct-19 09:57:51

I did 20.3 Friday and got 21 deadlift and 3 hspu.
It was my first time without plates and ab mat.
Redid this morning and got faster DL and 7 hspu!!
Really really happy, especially as I did 11 unbroken DL at 70 when my 1 rep is 82.5!!

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MagentaRocks Mon 28-Oct-19 10:10:00

I love CrossFit after years of being a couch potato. I started at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t run, lift heavy weights and couldn’t even do a lunge without holding onto something. I can now run for an hour, deadlift 85kg, lunge holding weights etc. I never thought I would love it so much.

I enjoy the wods and although I still scale I don’t scale as much as I used to.

For me the sense of belonging and everyone being friendly and welcoming is what sets is apart from other types of gym.

I had a heavy week with the training last week so I am resting today. Missing it though. Although there were burpees in today’s wod so not missing it that much!

Croquembou Tue 29-Oct-19 08:09:48

Oh wow, Rollerbird, well done. Especially for redoing, I'm an absolute one and doner!

What made you start Magenta? It's quite a big leap into the exercise world.

Rollerbird Tue 29-Oct-19 09:45:09

Haha @MagentaRocks we had burpees today but only at a time!
Your deadlift is very impressive for that short time👌
I am loving the open this year although like you I still have to scale mostly in the wods. My lifting is my major weakness

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Glitterbaby17 Tue 29-Oct-19 10:10:47

I started last week and am still trying to get to grips with it. Our beginners class did a scaled version of 20.3 in pairs tagging in and out which was fun. Loving it so far though!

Croquembou Tue 29-Oct-19 10:56:54

Well done - half the battle is learning all the acronyms. SDHP still gets me every time.

Lifting was my weakness too, but I've had huge gains from only lifting for 5 weeks. Bit worried about having no cardio left at the end of it.

We talk a lot about how there's just not enough time to get good at everything!!

Rollerbird Tue 29-Oct-19 11:56:57

I am learning that patience is the key.
Been doing this for a year, but my brain is slow learning the movement patterns for lifting. It is very technical!

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MagentaRocks Wed 30-Oct-19 04:43:42

Thanks @rollerbird

Today’s early morning wod has burpees again! It seems to be all the time at the moment! Not feeling it today but I am up and I will go.

Rollerbird Wed 30-Oct-19 06:19:23

I'm just about to leave the house
We've got snatch (which is 😱)
And pull ups (😱)

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Rollerbird Wed 30-Oct-19 15:36:46

Daves Clue:

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