Getting back to running after a month off ...

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zafferana Thu 10-Oct-19 16:29:29

I've been dealing with some injuries and trying to strengthen some muscles this past month with a physio, in order to run better in future. Before I took this (enforced and very frustrating!) break I was up to 8k and loving my running. I've definitely lost fitness and condition with this break, so I was thinking a gentle 5k as soon as I'm given the green light. Would you aim for that, or more of a run/walk? I'm champing at the bit, but I know once I get out it's going to feel really hard work and I don't want to overdo it.

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AuntieStella Thu 10-Oct-19 17:20:28

I think a 5k sounds like a good starting point.

This is terribly unscientific, but the way I see it is:
- when building condition, the received wisdom is not to increase by more that 10% a week
- allow a similar diminution per week off (bit less if you've been able to cross train with other cardio activities)
- allowing roughly 10% off per week off, and a start point of 8k, you'd be down to 4.8k, which may as well be 5k

So try it. Go out gently, and be ready to walk if anything hurts. If it doesn't stick with 5k for a couple of weeks as you rebuild speed/strength/confidence, then start increasing on the 10% a week rule of thumb

If you have another physio appt in the offing, or yours will do a phone call for a current client, ask if that approach sounds suitable

zafferana Thu 10-Oct-19 17:33:09

Thanks AuntieStella, that sounds like a good plan. I'm seeing physio tomorrow and am going to ask him if I can start running again so I'll suggest a 5k at a gentle pace and see what he says.

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Runningonempty84 Thu 10-Oct-19 21:22:30

How long have you been running for? As that makes all the difference.
When you say you were "up to 8k", had you been running that distance every day for years? In which case just go out and run 4 miles.
But if you're new to running, try a steady 2/3 miles first, slow pace, and see how you go. After each of my long periods off running (injury/childbirth/etc) it didn't take me more than a few weeks to be back to where I was, distance-wise, though the speed takes longer to return.

ShinyGiratina Fri 11-Oct-19 19:05:22

I use C25k podcasts to guide me through the first couple after a break/ illness/ injury. I know that they are easily attainable for me and they control my pace to stop me going gung-ho and burning out.

zafferana Sat 12-Oct-19 08:48:30

I've only been running since May @Runningonempty84. I did the C25k programme and was building up to a 10k (race is tomorrow, but I won't be doing it now). Over the summer I went from 5k up to 8k, so no, not very long at all. Physio is still insisting I don't run and do the exercises he's set me, which is driving me crazy as a) I love running and b) I hate going to the gym!! Thanks for your comments though - it's pretty much what he said - and he's going to set me times rather than distances, so 20-min run, not focusing on pace, but on stance, gait and running well, as opposed to fast.

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