Had my first PT session today!

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NoNameNoGame Wed 09-Oct-19 12:43:10

I had my first PT session today. It was a taster session and I felt so dizzy! I hope this passes and I can get stuck into really pushing myself and sweating. I'm 5ft 4" and weighed in at 11stone, my fitness levels are 0. I have 2 stone to lose. Anybody else feel this and how long till I start enjoying it? I guess I just need some words of encouragement. I will be doing 2x 1 hour sessions a week plus 1/2 (mini) workouts at home.

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ChocOrCheese Thu 10-Oct-19 18:04:27

Feeling dizzy would concern me unless there was an obvious reason and you were expecting it, e.g. I get vertigo sometimes. Were you adequately hydrated? Did you mention it to the PT?

I've been doing PT since 2016. I can't really remember much about my first session but I don't think I enjoyed it much as I was so terrified. My fitness levels were also zero at that point.

I initially signed up for a three session taster course, and by session three I was hooked.

Good for you for doing it.

littlevoicer Thu 10-Oct-19 20:43:51

If you're dizzy during exercise for no apparent reason then a trip to your GP is in order.

I sometimes get a bit discombobulated when bending down during a body pump class to change weights, or when stepping off the treadmill, but this is just disorientation rather than actual dizziness or feeling faint (I've fainted plenty of times before so I know exactly what that feels like).

As chocorcheese said, are you properly hydrated?

MouthyHarpy Thu 17-Oct-19 12:39:05

I've worked with a PT for almost 2 years. Lost 13kg and can lift heavy. I love it. I wish I could afford twice a week. As it is, I sacrifice a house cleaner for PT each week. I heart my PT.

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