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Fitbit or smart watch recommendations please

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MrsJonesAndMe Sun 06-Oct-19 16:17:50

As above. Not apple please, but anyone have anything they'd recommend?


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Madcats Sun 06-Oct-19 16:27:13

What would you like/need it to do?

i've worked my way through cheap fitbit, chinese, garmin and am currently using Withings.

pigeononthegate Sun 06-Oct-19 16:28:31

I'm using a Fitbit Charge 3 and absolutely love it - what do you want to use it for?

MrsJonesAndMe Sun 06-Oct-19 16:43:57

Oh I have no idea really. Trying to sort diet and exercise. Feel like I'm getting there after 2 months, but could do with a bit more motivation. I do a lot of walking, so possibly something that will tell me what distance I've covered/speed.

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pigeononthegate Sun 06-Oct-19 17:53:43

That's exactly what I wanted mine for grin I have a lot of weight to lose and needed a total overhaul. The fitbit is brilliant - it tracks every step and tells me how many calories I've burned through exercise, so I know exactly how many calories I can "afford" to take in. I input everything I eat and drink, it sounds like a PITA but I'm so used to it now and I've learned a huge amount about what is really in my food and how what i eat relates to the activity I do. I am swimming and cycling now as well (started out with just walking, but have lost 3 stone now and starting to be able to do more) and it can track those as well so it gives me accurate info on how much energy I burn and how much distance I can do etc. I wouldn't be without it now, in fact when I have to charge it I feel faintly anxious when it's off my wrist blush

MrsJonesAndMe Sun 06-Oct-19 20:21:57

Thanks fr the detailed feedback. I'm at a healthy BMI but can do with getting fitter.

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MrsJonesAndMe Sun 06-Oct-19 20:24:27


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Gileadisreal Sun 06-Oct-19 20:55:05

Oooh interesting thread, I was researching these the last couple of weeks but get a bit confused by all the different types/reviews etc. I have ordered a fitbit charge 3 on the strength of your recommendation @pigeononthegateigeon, picking it up tomorrow smile

MrsJonesAndMe Sun 06-Oct-19 21:28:42

Let me know what you think @gileadisreal I'd be putting it on my Christmas list.

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inwood Sun 06-Oct-19 21:31:26

I've got the charge 3 and really like it, I don't like the look of it though, I have a really nice watch I like to wear to so it conflicts me!

Gileadisreal Sun 06-Oct-19 21:34:20

I definitely will @MrsJonesAndMe! I had some JL vouches from my birthday so I thought I'd treat myself!

That was seriously putting me off also @inwood, I currently don't wear a watch and I have tiny wrists so things look bulky on me. But I'm going to give it a go and hopefully I'll get used to it

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