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Beachbody thread 7 (LIIFT, T25, 21 day fix etc) plus a lovely Beachbody new arrival!

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Theromanempire Wed 12-Jun-19 19:43:14

New thread all smile

plink I love the circuit workouts but they always fool me into thinking they are going to be easy but they hurt!! Shoulder intervals are definitely the easiest of them all and there for my favourites grin

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PlinkPlink Wed 12-Jun-19 20:43:52

Congratulations and well done Reastie !!! 👏👏 how exciting!! I second Roman 's advice there on rest, rest, rest and enjoy it. Even through that post baby haze.

I'm sorry your birth went a bit awry (to say the least) but your beautiful baby boy is here now 😍😍 I bet he's gorgeous 🤩

Haha I know the one Roman if only they did it for leg day 😖

Well I managed to do Week 2 Back and Bis today. I really didn't want to do it but got on with it anyway. Food has been going well today too.

Slight problem with my back after I put DS into the pram for a little stroll around the neighbourhood. I bent down to put him in it and put my foot on the strap at the front to stabilise the pram. Which meant I was less stable and now my back is fucked not working. I'm going to pine at OH for a back rub tonight 😂😂

Reastie Thu 13-Jun-19 06:27:56

Marking place on new thread, nice title grin . Let’s hope this is the thread I get back to workouts. Literally no sleep last night in hospital, I want to go home! I didn’t say yesterday but I also had a trainee do the actual op (overseen by another consultant) as well as trainee anaesthetist (although trainee anaesthetist I overheard was on her first day in the hospital so I really was her guinea pig) so I hope the doctor doing the op did a good job on stitches for quick healing for getting back to normal. As if one trainee was enough!

Purpleraindeer Thu 13-Jun-19 21:33:55

Congratulations reastie!! flowerscake
Post natal wards are horrible. I hope you get home soon. My top tip is to sit around like a princess and be waited on hand and foot for 2wks before you start to do normal things. It makes a massive difference to recovery from the section. And you’ve also got a newborn so you need the rest!

I always liked shoulder intervals as it is the quickest. blush

Did upper fix today. Autumn is terrible at cueing. I spent most of my time faffing trying to get the right weights. She also was wearing wet look porno leggings and kept saying twee motivational phrases. angryI miss Joel a bit. It was the 10min core work out right after. The moves were absolutely impossible! One of them I couldn’t do at all - she must have a core of steel.

Purpleraindeer Thu 13-Jun-19 21:35:50

I’ve just remembered - I had a trainees anesthetist for my section. She couldn’t get the cannula in and blood kept dripping on the floor. The consultant got really cross with her. I felt alternately a bit sorry for her and a bit concerned about the blood making a big puddle by my feet!

yumyumpoppycat Thu 13-Jun-19 23:28:40

Wow Reastie you have been through so much but your baby boy is here!! I literally have a huge smile on my face. Congratulations flowers flowers wine

Love the thread title roman grin

Oh no Plink,, I hope the backrub helps.

Purple your advice for 2 weeks in bed sounds very sensible, Reastie please do that even though it must be weird to no longer have sickness? You are very kind to feel even a bit sorry for the trainee during your c-section purple shock

work pretty tense at mo so no workouts but I think I will be best off getting up and exercising before breakfast so stuff cant get in the way!

Reastie Fri 14-Jun-19 07:09:30

Purple shock how stressful with the pool of blood!l we are now home thank goodness. Better night last night, thank goodness I have dh to help though as struggling to get up and down and walk about etc. Will definitl t take the advice to do nothing to heal quickly whilst I can but feel bad for dh doing everything. But then I guess I just made a person and had major surgery! Touch wood no sickness! It’s so weird and so lovely I can’t tell you. I’ve ordered a shopping order today with bananas, plain yoghurt, and berries, all of which I desperately wanted to eat when pg but couldn’t stomach them. Can’t wait to eat it! Weird thing though, I weighed myself yesterday when I came back from hospital pre birth and my weight is the same despite having had a baby. How does that even work?! Humph. Will weigh again this morning. After nearly 2 days of eating barely anything due to op am now insatiably hungry tonthe point of feeling ill. Please let this settle down! I can’t do more weight gain!

Reastie Fri 14-Jun-19 07:10:41

Yumy is work is tense now is the very time to try to squeeze a workout in if you can to help de stress. Understand if too busy etc though, life sometimes gets innthe way.

Purpleraindeer Fri 14-Jun-19 11:48:26

I’m glad you’re home reastie and even better that you’re not feeling sick. Amazing! Hope baby reastie is doing ok. Don’t worry about your dh - he will want to look after you! I love that your first food is berries and yoghurt. I ate chocolate, cake and more chocolate after ds.

Sorry that work is stressful Poppy. I hope you can squeeze in some sort of workout for some distraction and endorphins

Just back from the most awful run. Felt knackered, walked loads and really struggled. Am glad I got out there but it was a bit of a mission. What a shame. I felt so good last week so no idea what the difference is.

Purpleraindeer Fri 14-Jun-19 11:49:28

Ps reastie - your weight will drop. You will lose all the water - I remember I weed constantly and lost 5lb just from that

yumyumpoppycat Fri 14-Jun-19 19:07:18

Thanks both I did manage to get the workout done today - shoulders and quite enjoyed it. Joel is so lovely and smiley isn't he smile I only went up to 5.5 kg but that was enough! Just need to fit in legs over the weekend.

Reastie strange but lovely that exactly describes those days with a brand new baby. Weigh yourself in 10 days time once everything has settled down a bit and you will probably have lost a fair amount I reckon.

Very strange about the run purple - could it be to do with what/when you ate pre run, how much sleeo you had last night maybe confused it's weird how the same workouts can be easy or hard on different days.

PlinkPlink Fri 14-Jun-19 20:31:07

Oh yay Reastie you're at home and settled now! Phew! Breathe a sigh of relief now.
I remember desperately wanting to get home ASAP with DS and then when we got there, thinking "Well... what do we do now?" Haha quite an adjustment. Does it feel different with baby no.2?

Don't worry about your weight. I know you've been concerned about it all pg but try not to - enjoy this time as much as possible with as little worry as possible.

I remember around this time being preoccupied with what felt like a mattress between my legs feeling ridiculously uncomfortable and how squishy my tummy suddenly was. Bloody weird that post birth tummy jelly situation 😂

PlinkPlink Fri 14-Jun-19 20:40:11

Oh Purple shame about your run 😔 nothing worse than an unsatisfactory workout. I'm with you on that today. Tomorrow is a better day though. shock at the pool of blood! Jesus.

Yum sorry to hear work is stressful. Do you cope ok with early morning workouts? Take it easy, don't try and put your body through too much. Joel is a peach grin always cheers me up. I never swear at him... used to swear at Shaun T lkke there was no tomorrow but I just can't bring myself to do it to Joel grin

How have things been for you this week Roman ?

Did shoulders today which I was super excited about but I was interrupted by DS halfway through who was miserable when he woke up because he wanted to go back to sleep. So I had like a 15 minute gap in between (frustrating) and then we finally went back downstairs.
He finds the weights fascinating as they're a new toy so I give him my 1.1kgs to play with but he still ventures over to mine. Whilst I'm trying to do squats, he's crawling through my legs. Then when I'm doing the core part, he's trying to sit on my stomach and give me kisses or touch my nose. Stressful!! But cute at the same time. So not the best so unsatisfying but at least I got it done!

Theromanempire Sat 15-Jun-19 09:08:24

Will catch up properly later but I just needed to share this with people who would appreciate it. At some point today (US times so I think it will be around 4ish UK time), Joel and Autumn are doing a live workout on Instagram. Autumn is making Joel do Cardio Flow from 80DO which is one of the hardest ones so I am fascinated to see how Joel does smile

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yumyumpoppycat Sat 15-Jun-19 16:47:22

Did you watch it roman? I don't really use twitter but just tried and cant find it! Have followed beachbody. Sounds fun though!

Theromanempire Sat 15-Jun-19 18:53:44

I think it is 5 hours behind so it is 7.30 our time. It should be in Instagram (I'm not a regular user so it's a bit of a mystery but hoping I can find it!)

Just done week 4 Legs...omg, my quads!!

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PlinkPlink Sat 15-Jun-19 20:37:05

I'll have a look on my IG and see if you can still go along with it if you're late. Sometimes they put it up on their IGtv bit...

PlinkPlink Sat 15-Jun-19 20:42:33

Yeah so if you follow @joelfreemanfitness on IG, it'll come up on your video feed and you watch them both work out (and do it with them if you're feeling brave).

I did legs today and it was all HIIT so I'm gonna pass on this one!😂

Purpleraindeer Sat 15-Jun-19 20:47:52

No way am I doing another workout today. 21dfx legs this am. Felt ok at the time but 2hrs later my legs were sore and now I feel bone tired. I wonder if they’ll put the workout on bbod?

Plink - your ds is like mine. He used to lie under me for press ups or worse climb on my back. shock I doubt I could handle that now he is older! I do like the idea that my kids have only ever known me exercising. I hope it motivates them to be active too.

PlinkPlink Sat 15-Jun-19 21:18:11

Haha he's a bit mad purple

I'm hoping so too. We let him nab stuff off our plates as well so I'm hoping that he'll learn to like salad and other veg.

He's going through a bit of a resistant phase at the moment but I'll keep going.

PlinkPlink Sat 15-Jun-19 21:21:13

Oh forgot to say well done for the legs workout! least favourite body part to exercise by far

Reastie Sun 16-Jun-19 11:19:32

Purple I totally get runs where it’s physically impossible and days where it’s fantastic. Often I find it tough and then come down with something a couple of days later and that’s the reason why I struggled but I didn’t realise it at the time. Hope that’s not the case with you obv.

Plink yes to the hugely wobbly tummy! It’s reqlly quite some jelly I’m cultivating! Fwiw I hate it when anyone dares to interrupt me when exercising. Dreading being constantly interrupted by a baby as I rewlly get the rage usually if I’m in my stride and get distracted!

Reastie Sun 16-Jun-19 11:21:18

Oh, and I’ve now lost 4/5 lbs. not much but better than zero weight loss after having a baby! Legs are looking a bit puffy but I’m not holding out hope in weeing out 40lbs of water 😂

Purpleraindeer Mon 17-Jun-19 07:42:37

21dfx cardio yesterday. No weights in it to ‘ease us in’ so was easier than the original 21dfx cardio which was horrendous. I was relieved as my bum was killing after leg day! Did the 10min core workout too which seemed marginally less impossible (or I may have used a smaller weight.....!)
Am glad of the rest day today.
I’m idly wondering whether to do an ultra marathon in sept. It’s not probably enough time to train, but I’m intrigued.

Hope you’re starting to recover reastie and you’re getting some sleep

Purpleraindeer Mon 17-Jun-19 07:44:30

Plink - is your ds about 18mths old? My dd spent that age in one long ‘resistant phase’ so I feel your pain. It can be hard going

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