Can't run for 6 weeks

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Orangesandlemons82 Mon 22-Apr-19 18:50:59

I run 3 times a week with a friend. It has been a big part of my mental health improving and weight loss. I have now injured my knee and cant run for around 6 weeks. At the moment I can hardly walk and feel so down about not being able to run. Any ideas what I could do for the next 6 weeks with one leg out of action?!

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YeOldeTrout Mon 22-Apr-19 22:47:45

One legged spinning, some types of rowing, seated kettle bells, some types of swimming. How immobilised do you need to keep your knee?

w33ta8ix Tue 23-Apr-19 04:22:43

I had a HORRIBLE six months off running due to a stress fracture.

- weight exercises- I set some goals to improve my upper body strength.

- spinning

- long cycle rides

- walking (I was allowed to do long walks) especially coastal

- swimming - I got some lessons and learnt how to do front crawl properly.

Nothing quite as good as running....

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