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Going from 18% to 15% bodyfat

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RichardYeager Mon 20-May-19 08:06:59

You need to check again if you have 18% body fat.

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 29-Apr-19 21:40:24

You are not at 18% body fat. I am two stones lighter than you (8.5) and slightly shorter, I am quite ripped , I put serious hours at the gym, my calories intake is quite low and my body fat was 19% last time I measured it. My abs are extremely visible. There is no fat on my stomach. You can't pinch any skin. At 18% you would definitely see your abs.
Not sure about the Athleanx photos because I would be in the 15-17 category but my upper body is always a lot more muscular and shredded than lower body

The only accurate way to measure body fat is to perform a skin fold caliper. Bathroom scales would not guess accurately.

Kennehora Mon 29-Apr-19 13:41:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

furrytoebean Mon 29-Apr-19 09:10:31

My pt won’t let me get on the body fat machine at the gym she says they are worse than useless.

furrytoebean Mon 29-Apr-19 09:08:21

15% body fat? confused

That’s not healthy long term for a woman at all.

Those scales really aren’t very accurate, if you were 18% body fat you’d be totally ripped.

MsMartini Mon 29-Apr-19 09:02:59

Yep, I have wondered of those machines helpful from that POV (even if they are accurate which they certainly weren't for me). I was just trying out of curiosity and also to get accurate weight as my bedroom scales vary depending where I put them on the floor!

RiversDisguise Sun 28-Apr-19 23:50:35

Health is a better goal

Reducing body fat so low.. below 18 percent in a woman.... is pointless and carries real risks

Loss of period, permanent damage to fertility, increased risk of early menopause, hair loss, bone loss... you want me to go on?

MsMartini Sun 28-Apr-19 22:29:27

Nope, before workout each time, and at same time of day roughly. No-one else at my gym I have spoken to got such weird results though. It also said one of my legs had 2kg more muscle than the other and a few other things that made it sounds like it thought I was made of other people's leftovers

Thatsnotmyotter Sun 28-Apr-19 19:11:39

Did you measure post-workout @MsMartini? Totally throws it off. It should be about 99% accurate otherwise.

MsMartini Sun 28-Apr-19 18:03:14

I am not sure about accuracy of boditrax. I have had boditrax readings of 13-18% body fat and there is no way I am that. I am 52, 5ft3, 70kg, size 10-12, exercise a lot and lift weights. Using these pics, I am probably 24-29% (tho legs more muscly than the rest of me). Not going to bother with it any more.

Thatsnotmyotter Sun 28-Apr-19 06:42:14

Lowest I’ve ever been (on Boditrax so reasonably high accuracy) was 19% and I was on a very strict diet, weight training 6 x per week and running on top of that. To get down to 15% I would literally have to eat chicken and broccoli for every meal, in depressingly small quantities.

nbee84 Sat 20-Apr-19 15:03:51

Have you checked your settings on your scale? Mine have an 'athletic' setting and a normal one. I'm 5'4 and 10st - on 'athletic' setting I'm 14% bodyfat and normal about 23%. We have boditrax scales at the gym and they put me around 23% too. I don't know what the difference is between the settings and why they give different readings confused

Herefortheduration Sat 20-Apr-19 12:09:52

I used to range from 12% to 15% depending on whether I was in training season or competition season, I was a professional athlete and would have my body fat measured by weight, inches and water displacement tests. I'd be miserable maintaining that now.

I think 18% is still very low. If you'd like to work on your stomach though then that's ok, but don't get upset at a probably inaccurate reading from your scales.

cocomelon23 Sat 20-Apr-19 11:57:12

Even 18% is very very low. I'm a competing power lifter and nowhere near that low. I'd get it tested professionally tbh.

AwdBovril Sat 20-Apr-19 11:54:56

At 18& you're already into athlete or professional model level of body fat. 15% is extremely low for a woman, unhealthily so, you will risk loss of fertility until you increase it, & long term risk is increased likelihood of osteoporosis.

Splodgetastic Sat 20-Apr-19 11:47:22

Are you an elite athlete?! Those are the only women I know who have such a low body fat percentage. 15% is a good fitness level for men, but for women it can make your periods stop and cause osteoporosis in the long term. 18% is already on the low side and would indicate a very dedicated amateur athlete. Unless you are competing in something I would seriously question whether you should do this and perhaps work on your self-esteem instead. If you are competing in something other than body building then are there other things you can do to improve your performance? I appreciate that it’s a good way to improve power per KG up to a point (say, for cycling) but there is such a thing as taking it too far.

User10fuckingmillion Sat 20-Apr-19 11:46:42

Why though
Sounds like to much effort to me

ZazieTheBruce Sat 20-Apr-19 11:44:19

Cross post Back

ZazieTheBruce Sat 20-Apr-19 11:43:49

Put on about 5lbs of muscle via weight training and keep the exact same amount if fat you have now.

You’ll need a proper bulk and cut programme from a body building trainer to put on that much muscle. And probably be chugging lots of protein shakes.

That’s the only vaguely healthy way to do it I can think of. And I’m not sure it is even vaguely healthy tbh. 15% body fat on a woman is pro-athlete level. Like long distance runner type physique.

Those body fat monitor scales are pretty unreliable.

BackOnceAgainWithABurnerEmail Sat 20-Apr-19 11:40:39

Try bodybuilding forums. It’s probably gonna mean eating nothing but chicken and protein powder

QwertySmalls Sat 20-Apr-19 11:38:29

I used a fat percentage thing on bathroom scales.

lljkk Sat 20-Apr-19 10:45:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Daisy03 Sat 20-Apr-19 10:10:57

To get down to 15% you’d pretty much be looking at starving to get rid of all but very essential body fat

Daisy03 Sat 20-Apr-19 10:08:58

Are you sure you’re 18% body fat? I’m same weight and height and apparently around 23% and I do a lot of weight training.
Getting to 15% is extremely high maintenance for a woman (assuming you are).
Looking at charts athletes should have 14-20% and fitness 21-24% so at 15% you’d be extremely low

QwertySmalls Sat 20-Apr-19 09:54:29

Hi could someone help me? I am 10st 7lb 5f8 and I'm quite toned except for my stomach. How do I achieve 15% body fat and maintain it? Thanks in advance.

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