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Cheap fitness trackers

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Frogbull Wed 10-Apr-19 10:37:28


Thinking of getting one of those fitness trackers to help me on my (delayed) new year resolution to be a bit more active.
I'd like one that monitors activity and sleep. Not bothered about monitoring food and calories. I don't want to spend a fortune though, so looking at the cheaper ones. Anyone tried a cheap one that's ok? I have an Android phone, so one that works with that is needed.

Any recommendations?

YeOldeTrout Wed 10-Apr-19 19:05:27

I tried to buy a cheap one on Ebay (£8). Out of stock (they said 3 days after I ordered, quick refund).

Same one was delivered but cost £13 on Ebay. Supposed to be waterproof. Lasted about 18 days before completely died.

Cannnot endorse them that cheap. And the app was a pain, not easy to use.

Friend has loaned me an old Fitbit & I'm enjoying it. I'm only interested in sleep & heart rate. DH has one that also does blood pressure.

All of them are fairly inaccurate at counting real steps, we find, 5-30% over-estimated for test counts of 100 steps each.

carrie74 Thu 11-Apr-19 10:36:22

Take a look at Fitbits I'd say, I suspect you could pick a used one up on eBay pretty cheaply. I had an Alta (I've since replaced with an Apple Watch, as my health insurance does a good deal), which did what you wanted, the app is very good, but beware, it all becomes very addictive!

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