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Parkrun failure

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MyGastIsFlabbered Mon 08-Apr-19 12:49:39

I stupidly signed up to Parkrun and did my first on Saturday. I just wanted to die of shame, I walked the whole way round, was so far behind everyone else (bar a couple) and just feel defeated about the whole thing. I came 454th out of 457 and it took me 54 minutes. My boyfriend is a very keen runner which just made it so much worse. I want to hide my head and never go back. To make things worse I can only go every other week so I'm never going to get any better. And I can't go at all for the next 3 weeks.

I don't really know why I'm posting, I just feel so embarrassed about how unfit and fat I am.

EmpressLesbianInChair Mon 08-Apr-19 12:55:20

That's better than I did on my first Parkrun in 2017 - I gave up & went home about 10 minutes in! I was so upset & embarrassed. Good on you for having the determination to finish.

Then that afternoon I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone and went back to the park to do the first session. I looked & felt like a roasted tomato by the end but I did it, & carried on doing it.I joined one of the C25K groups on here & that really helped.

Last year I ran my first half marathon.

Don't give up on yourself so quickly. This is just the start.

tommyspud Mon 08-Apr-19 12:56:52

You absolutely should keep going! You will start to notice you’ll get quicker and fitter each time. I know you said you can’t do park run for the next 3 weeks but could you try small runs/walks near you in the meantime? You can download free apps such as Strava or Nike to help you track your progress.
On my first run I felt like I was going to be sick and my legs felt awful but I gradually built it up.

C25kTrier Mon 08-Apr-19 12:58:40

Well you were out there and still went further and tried harder than those who were still in bed on Saturday morning, Gast. Good on you for having the balls to try, even if it didn’t work out how you’d have liked it to in an ideal world.

Was this the first time you’d run/jogged for a while? We’ve got a little couch to 5k beginners thread over in ‘exercise’ if you fancy joining us for a bit of chat and support? Spring 2019 c25k thread smile

Angeladelight Mon 08-Apr-19 12:59:45

Don’t be disheartened, it was your first one and if you’re not a runner then at least you committed to the whole thing! If you do genuinely want to improve and are keen to take up running, I found c25k was amazing. This time last year I couldn’t run for more than 90 seconds; now I can do a 5k in just over half an hour. It is absolutely possible, so try not to let this get you down.

MrsBlondie Mon 08-Apr-19 13:00:10

Dont give up. Can you dowmliad the couch to 5k app? You still beat all those in bed. Parkrun has walkers at my local one. Last place was 59 mins

CMOTDibbler Mon 08-Apr-19 13:00:56

You went. And so you have beaten all the people who didn't. But you won't get better at running unless you run - so why not start C25K and then next time you go you'll be able to run for a minute at a time through it. And after that you'll be able to run for half of it and so on. Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone at parkrun understands that

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Mon 08-Apr-19 13:02:40

Keep going back.
Again and again and again.

I was you in 2015. Didn’t go back for 3 years and now I love Parkrun; even more so now I can’t bloody do it (cheers SPD).

My times can vary between 36 and 43 mins which puts me at the bottom of my age % for the field.

But I don’t give a hoot. Nobody is looking at me, I get to wear fabulous Lycra and my nickname amongst friends now is Sporty Spice.

Keep on keeping on. X

Pipsqueak11 Mon 08-Apr-19 13:02:53

Another vote for C25k from me. I started this when I weighed close to 18 stone . 2 years on I have lost about 4 stone and can do 5 km fairly easily 3 times a week and the odd 10 km from time to time - slow but running non stop and I'm 56 . You can do it! Don't give up and good luck!

shitpark Mon 08-Apr-19 13:03:26

You did better than all the people just sitting around and not doing it. You got all the way round, it's just over three miles. That is fantastic! Start going for walk/runs and it will get better. Or if you don't like running, walking is good. I see a lot of people walking for exercise when I'm running around my local park, and some of them are faster than me while I'm running. Don't be so hard on yourself x

MyGastIsFlabbered Mon 08-Apr-19 13:04:11

Thank you for the encouragement. I definitely need to get fitter and I want to lose some weight but I do feel like my boyfriend (who's been running for about 10 years) has forgotten what it's like to start again. I haven't run since my school days-I'm 44 now.

I've looked at C25K but in the past it's been impossible as I'm a single mum with 2 small children. BUT my mum has just arrived to look after said small children so it's possible at least in the short term. But I'm a bit overwhelmed at the number of apps there are.

EmpressLesbianInChair Mon 08-Apr-19 13:05:58

I think most people use either the NHS or Zen Labs one. I was 43 when I started & I hadn't run since school either!

flitwit99 Mon 08-Apr-19 13:06:17

I hope people were kind to you at Parkrun. That's the most important thing, no matter your speed. I hope you had a cheery tail walker to keep you going.

C25kTrier Mon 08-Apr-19 13:06:26

The NHS c25k one is free and loads of people get on brilliantly with it.

DreamingofSunshine Mon 08-Apr-19 13:06:39

The way I see it, someone needs to come first and someone needs to be last, it's the nature of a timed activity--for example being first in or last out the library on a given day. All that matters is you and your progress, not what anyone else is doing.

Completing your first park run is a great achievement, well done!

flitwit99 Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:01

I used the NHS app. Most people I know used that one.

CMOTDibbler Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:06

If they are old enough to scoot, you can take them to the park with you and get them to scoot with you as you run. If smaller, stick them in the buggy and push them- you only run for short periods at first so as long as the path is paved you can use any pushchair

JellyBellies Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:21

For the app, get the one by Public Health England. Its free and you can play your own music in the background.

shitpark Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:29

How old are your children? I'm also a single parent and have taken my children with me before. One runs along with me and the other goes on a scooter.

purplelass Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:39

Well done on doing your first parkrun! So what if you walked it? Next time if you jog for 1 minute and walk for 2 you'll smash your PB!

You're only competing against yourself, that's the beauty of parkrun.

You CAN do this!!

milienhaus Mon 08-Apr-19 13:07:58

I was beaten by a couple in their 70s on my first one and came about 5th from last. I’m thinking about trying again this week. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger!

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Mon 08-Apr-19 13:09:19

Oh god yes @milienhaus

I am regularly beaten by “pace marker man” at my local one, he’s a fecking nonagenarian.

C25kTrier Mon 08-Apr-19 13:09:38

I think participating in a Parkrun as a total novice is very brave. Going from nothing to running/jogging 3.2 miles/5km is a big ask and the fact that you got around the course and didn’t give up is a credit to you.

MyGastIsFlabbered Mon 08-Apr-19 13:11:04

My boys are 9 and 6...they don't have scooters and they would whinge and moan if I asked them to run with me. I've probably spent so long making excuses that it's a hard habit to break.

Imfinehowareyou Mon 08-Apr-19 13:11:31

Another one recommending the NHS c25k. app. I have Spotify on at the same time. I am now 2 weeks on from completion and have willingly gone out 3 times a week to run for 30 mins. I never thought that was possible in week 1.

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