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Level of fitness zero and joining a gym. How bad is it going to be?

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Itstartedinbarcelona Wed 03-Apr-19 21:07:35

Just that really. I currently get out of breath walking up one flight of stairs and have very little muscle tone. I really need to do something though and can’t motivate myself from home. I need to lose about six stone.

Samind Wed 03-Apr-19 21:09:18

I didn't go very much years ago when I should have. Tbh just go at your own pace and take time to get used to the equipment then just do a little bit more each visit. There are staff in the gym that can help you do a programme when you're feeling confident enough. Good luck!

Itstartedinbarcelona Wed 03-Apr-19 21:12:34

Thank you! I’m nervous about being beetroot red and out of breath at the slightest exertion blush

Samind Wed 03-Apr-19 21:13:32

I was the same and my face burnt with sweat. Red and the likes. I wasn't the only one so I didn't feel bad. Neither should you!

EvaHarknessRose Wed 03-Apr-19 21:16:05

Just remember, if gym people are not sweaty and red they are not working hard enough.

PaddingtonMare Wed 03-Apr-19 21:20:16

I go red as a beetroot. Don’t take any notice of anyone. Get one of the trainers to write a programme for you and up the resistance every few weeks - you’ll feel better in no time!

I would recommend headphones and take a towel to mop your brow and water.

Well done on taking the first step! smile

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 03-Apr-19 21:28:35

I've only ever been a couple of times as I found it too boring but no one took any notice of me wheezing, bright red and soaking wet. The posers are there to look at themselves and take selfies 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ (wtf is that about?!) in the floor to ceiling mirrors.

PinkBuffalo Wed 03-Apr-19 21:30:07

Go for it OP! I'm sure you'll be fine!
I had zero fitness but as of January this year joined a fitness centre, and am now doing 7-8 classes a week (I built it up and started with 3)
I feel much better and I'm getting stronger every week.
I hope you enjoy smile

Itstartedinbarcelona Wed 03-Apr-19 21:59:04

Thanks all, it’s helpful to hear positive stories as in my head everyone who uses a gym looks like the (young) slim models they have in the pictures on the website!

ChocOrCheese Thu 04-Apr-19 17:10:54

Good for you. I turn red as a homing beacon and scare new clients coming in to look round, but nobody in the gym takes the slightest bit of notice. However, once you get into the swing of it please make sure you work hard enough. I spent 12 years doing what I thought was exercise (namely a power walk on the treadmill for 30 mins max, perhaps breaking a slight sweat) and was totally wasting my time.

nbee84 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:09:16

Does your gym do classes? If so, have a go at pilates.

Itstartedinbarcelona Thu 04-Apr-19 20:47:32

I’m joining on Saturday, I’ve done Pilates before and really enjoyed it. They do bodybalance which is similar I think so I’m going to try that.

Itstartedinbarcelona Thu 04-Apr-19 20:52:11

Yes I am worried about that ChocorCheese as I find it difficult to push myself but to be honest any exercise is an improvement on what I do now!

MummyBearBoo Fri 05-Apr-19 14:30:38

I started going in November after doing hardly any exercise and having gained 2 stone since having my DD 3 years ago I was in the overweight section of the BMI calculator -started slow and hated it but after a bit I could build it up and it became my me time and a way for me to de-stress it also releases endorphins so I felt much better after - I also started reducing my portion sizes still eating what I ate before just less of it though I swapped somethings like I'll have a small wrap instead of a sandwich with 2 slices of bread for lunch as it's less calories I've now lost 1st 7lbs got 8lbs still to go til I get to my end goal but I'm back in normal range!
Just start slow and build up you'll be fine!

DailyMailSucksWails Sat 06-Apr-19 21:30:03

How did it go today, Barcelona?

Itstartedinbarcelona Sun 07-Apr-19 13:45:22

That’s really good Mummyboobear. I’ve identified some small changes to my diet that should help and will be easier to stick to then drastically cutting back.

Itstartedinbarcelona Sun 07-Apr-19 13:48:33

It was ok thanks DailyMail. I’ve just looked round and joined yesterday, but I have my gym induction on Thursday and I’m planning to swimming early next week. The gym didn’t look too intimidating. I think once I’m a bit fitter I will add some classes as they look good.

BoffinMum Sun 07-Apr-19 13:54:49

A good first step is to get some fitness clothes that look just about OK and then get yourself onto the exercise bike. That's the easiest to build up time on gently. It's also helpful to walk on the treadmill, increasing the slope as much as you can. If you manage 20-30 minutes three times a week doing that, then moving onto things like the stepper and a few weights will be a reasonable next step. You'll be amazed how fitness will get better just by starting like that.

MummyBearBoo Mon 08-Apr-19 19:36:25

I do 30 mins on a fat burn program on the bike, then 10 mins on cross trainer, 15 mins on the rower then 10 mins walking at 4.5mph ( anything faster than that for me is jog as I only have little legs!) on full incline then tricep and bicep exercises with dumbbells - you should always try and do some kind of strength work after cardio coz that helps you burn fat while you are resting! Hope it goes ok for you!

sanmiguel Sun 21-Apr-19 21:04:35

Another one telling you no one will notice and most will also be red and sweaty!
I moved gym in January and have on average visited there 2-3 times a week (I also run 2-3 times a week so a total 4-5 run or gym) and I wouldn't be able to point out one gym member in a line up.
Given I'm at the gym sometimes 3 times a week (on the same days) you'd think I'd be there at the same time as at least 1 or 2 others, but I honestly don't look at anyone else. Anyone who's looking at you isn't working hard enough!! Plus, they don't know if you've run to the gym, cycled there from work or done a marathon in your lunch!
Most folk go in, do their thing and go! In a red and sweaty mess.
Best of luck OP!

funmummy48 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:20:51

That was me 2 years ago. The best advice I had from one of the instructors was, build up gently. Too many people go mad on joining and give up after a short time. Two years on, I do 4 or 5 classes a week and am fit and toned. I've never been the sporty or fit type so it hasn't come naturally to me but I stay motivated by how much better I feel.

BeansandRice Mon 22-Apr-19 09:13:06

What everyone else says, OP. I’m pretty fit - gym goer 3or 4 times a week, plus all sorts of dance classes. I still get out of breath and bright pink if I’m working hard! In my personal trainer sessions, my trainer says if I have enough breath to swear at him, I’m not working hard enough.

Starting out is great - congratulations! A yoga teacher once said to me that the main effort was getting to the mat. Once you’re there, you’ve really done the main thing. Keep a record of what you do and you’ll see the progress you’re making. That can be very motivating.

My BIG advice is - start very very easily. Don’t do too much all at once. Just walk on the treadmill at your usual pace, for example. And maybe each session, add a bit of an inclune. Working up to walking at, say 6km an hour, but at a relatively steep incline (like 7 or 8%) will give you as good a heart and body work out as running in the early stages of getting fit.

I find it helps by Having a regular routine of when I go to the gym and what I do there, so it becomes automatic.

Also, get the gym staff to show you how to stretch after a work out (don’t stretch beforehand). That will help with muscle recovery and the dreaded DOMS.

The other tip I’d give is to go to your gyms fitness classes at least once a week. It’s motivating as a good instructor will teach you stuff about how your body works, and it’s more enjoyable to suffer in company! Maybe do gentle stuff like Pilates, rather aerobics though. It also makes financial sense as you sort pay for your gym membership that way.

Take it slooooowly. Better to take longer and stick with it than go he’ll for leather, get sore or injured and give up. —looking sternly at my younger self—

JenniferJareau Mon 22-Apr-19 09:16:02

I agree with take it slowly. It is so tempting to go all out as you are enthusiastic and really want to make a difference but it's best to take it slow and build up your stamina.

In my gym no one looks at anyone else, everyone minds their own business and just gets on with it.

Hubby1980 Wed 01-May-19 22:23:27

Hope your new gym membership is going well.

My (very cheap) gym has some pretty tacky posters but in particular always strikes home with me: "no matter how slow you go here, you are still lapping the people at home on the sofa"

Once you are there you have already won!

Good luck and well done! :-)

Itstartedinbarcelona Fri 03-May-19 14:55:59

I’m really enjoying thanks Hubby1980. I’ve already started to push myself a bit. I’ve not braved any classes yet and they seem really booked up, but I’ll check some out when I’m a bit fitter.

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