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Sprained Achilles from running - what can I do instead?

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RedPandaFluff Mon 25-Mar-19 10:50:47

Hi everyone - I've sprained my Achilles and am awaiting my second physio session. The first physio appointment was rubbish, total waste of time, so I'm seeing someone else for the next one. In the interim, I'm not sure if I should be completely resting it or whether it's okay to walk, cycle etc.

My commute involves around 50 minutes of walking per day - is this okay?

I don't want to become completely unfit while it heals, so what would be the best alternative exercise to do? I have a static bike, can I use that . . . ? Thanks!

RedPandaFluff Mon 25-Mar-19 21:34:27


(A swollen-ankle-shaped bump 😁)

Hollywhiskey Tue 26-Mar-19 02:43:44

My husband does this all the time. Yes to swimming, cycling and complete break from running until fully recovered. Walking - see how you go - if it hurts during or after stop until fully recovered. Check your shoes - his gets much worse if he wears flip flops or walks to work in work shoes, proper trainers are much better.
It's a bitch of an injury so it's really important to do the rest and the physio exercise even if it feels like it takes forever.

RedPandaFluff Tue 26-Mar-19 10:59:25

Thanks @Hollywhiskey - it is exactly that, a bitch of an injury! I have another physio appointment lined up for Friday, with a different physio, so hopefully that will set me on the right path.

Think I'll do some cycling to try to keep some fitness.

Funnily enough, heels are much less painful than flats at the minute 😄

Jamsangwich Thu 04-Apr-19 15:38:48

I developed tendonitis in both achilles from running and it took years to clear up. I still get flares when I walk too fast without warming up.

My physio really helped. I was told that the reason heels are less painful than flats is probably because your calf muscles have solidified in order to protect the achilles (mine did) so heels mean the calf muscle is artificially shortened, thus relieving the tension and easing the pain. Alas, it's also the worst thing I could have done and made it a lot harder to recover from. I was terrified of my calf tearing but actually, I made it worse by not stretching it in flats and almost permanently shortening my calf muscles in the process. I walked on my tiptoes for months, barefoot. I couldn't flatten my feet for love nor money. It was a long road to recovery for me, mainly as I wasn't taken seriously by my doctor for three years and eventually was reduced to shuffling along at a snail's pace before I was finally referred. My 84 year old mother was walking faster than me at that point. I'm glad you're getting seen!

I did my physio exercises and stopped all cardio apart from cycling and gentle slow walks. I will never run again but hopefully you will get back to it. Do you do any weights? Kettlebells have transformed my life, seriously. I use workout plans from HASfit on Youtube and do the session at home.

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