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Running thread number 14

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emummy Mon 25-Mar-19 07:26:24

This is a thread to talk about all things running and support each other through the highs and lows. All are welcome, from absolute beginners to experts!
We keep a running total of everyone's miles for the month, so feel free to add yours on. Current total for March is:


BusterTheBulldog Mon 21-Oct-19 11:47:49

Easy 3 on sat and then 8 a bit quicker yesterday, so nice not to be stressing about pace and just enjoying running a bit!


TriSkiRun99 Mon 21-Oct-19 20:54:52

Some great running on here over the last week. I’m starting to get back into my stride again but suddenly started getting foot problems which I’ve never had before over 3years of running. I think my new shoes from May are contributing to it, even though they are same brand & style I’ve always had NB 880 wide fit, the quality this time seems poorer?! Despite the high price tag. Anyone else recommend a wide fit, cushioned, neutral shoe? Running approx 100km a month max. I normally buy a 8.5 ladies, as found even the men’s wasn’t quite wide enough in toe box in std fit.

I’ll add 10m to the total from last 2 days runs.


emummy Tue 22-Oct-19 11:16:50

First run after marathon. Foot still a little sore but felt good.
TriSkiRun I don't wear neutral shoes but have always run in Saucony. They are well cushioned & I find them wide enough, I have quite wide feet too!


WaitingforToto Wed 23-Oct-19 07:03:38

5.4 miles for me this morning, I've signed up for York marathon 2020 so need to keep up the consistent mileage until the proper training starts 😀


AuntieStella Wed 23-Oct-19 08:40:31

I like loads of cushioning, and go for Hoka. You might need a men's if you want wide - I think the latest update come up narrow in the ladies. They've gone a bit lighter (that stretchier fabric upper that seems to be everywhere these days, and which I like rather less that its former predecessors).

Realise I've not updated properly this month. As well as 'normal' running, I've done my second Half of the autumn. This one was trail, as was some parkrun tourism I've done recently. So I've been fairly muddy!


TriSkiRun99 Wed 23-Oct-19 13:33:40

Thanks for the Hoka and Saucony recommendations any particular model? It’s a mindfeld trying to find an alternative I’d have to buy online as our local shops tend to only stock 1-2brands which I don’t want. I made the mistake of googling and worrying it could be plantar fascia niggling sad I do basic yoga at home so stretching my feet has really helped but was painful at first which was my clue that it could be PF. I’ve got highish arches and the pain was in there and big toe joint hmm guess I’ll have to have yet another enforced rest for a few days. I’ll do yoga and swimming instead.

emummy Wed 23-Oct-19 14:47:35

With Saucony I think it's the Ride ISO that is neutral. If you go on sports and search a particular brand it will say on the lists which ones are neutral.

AuntieStella Wed 23-Oct-19 17:01:16

The neutral Hokas are the Clifton (I loved the Clifton 5 but am meh about the newly released 6 as it's that lighter stretchier fabric) or the Carbon X (lighter again, road performance shoe, my current main shoe). There's a very new one called Rincon, but I haven't heard much about it yet. If you want trail, then the neutral one is the Challenger, but some people see a sole that big on a trail shoe as an ankle injury waiting to happen.

If you are a trip to a shop to try on various pairs, do not overlook the hardy perennial Mizuno Wave Rider, that's their sturdy, cushioned neutral road shoe which is in umpteenth iteration

TriSkiRun99 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:11:48

Many thanks for the information someone else mentioned the Mizuno Wave Riders to me as well. So I’ll order some different ones to try at home I think.

RunningNinja79 Wed 23-Oct-19 21:23:41

Hi can I join?

Been running since April 2012 when I finally managed to stick with it after about 3 failed attempts.

Just did my second marathon on Sunday and now feeling the effects. Think I've pulled my back or something. Had a really difficult day and did what I had to do to get round. Think my posture was possibly off and now I am paying for it. Ibuprofen is helping a lot. Just hope its not a long lasting thing. I want to get back to running.

Anyway I wont add my month up today as we're nearly the end of October, but will in November.

Also recently just completed the LIRF course and next month will be starting to take groups out with my running club. Eeeeeek.

emummy Wed 23-Oct-19 22:23:14

Welcome RunningNinja! Hope your back settles down soon, congratulations on your marathon. Good luck with the running club groups, well done for doing the course. Have fun!

WaitingforToto Thu 24-Oct-19 20:46:33

Fartlek session with the club night which I was dreading but actually quite enjoyed. I think I'm in the market for new shoes too, I always loved Asics Kayano's but then they changed them and now they make my feet numb. I've tried a few of their alternatives but so far haven't found anything I'm really happy with.


emummy Fri 25-Oct-19 11:36:50

Easy run in the beautiful sunshine but it was freezing! -2 with the wind chill so it was the first outing this year for my gilet.


PaddingtonPaddington Fri 25-Oct-19 13:46:18

Interesting trainer discussions. My DD needs new trainers and has small but wide feet so off to google some shortly.

@WaitingforToto York marathon sounds good. I’ve entered one race for next year to keep me motivated.

Been away a few days with the family and didn’t take the running kit as no room for it but came back and was itching to run so went straight out in the pouring rain and did 15miles.


TriSkiRun99 Fri 25-Oct-19 14:56:09

I’ve ordered some Mizuno Wave Riders I’ll report back on fit when they arrive smile also have a nightmare finding my youngest trainers as she has a size 2, it’s just at the cusp of into Adult & thus VAT added & price>, she too has wide feet hopefully hers are coming on same order as mine. I’m still resting from running, but done some swimming, a Pilates class and bit of strength training. Missing the running though.

Sounds brrr emummy, we are just wet & windy down south. I’m halfway through the ROAR book it’s an interesting read. Alas I was munching biscuits whilst reading it 🙈kinda defeating the object...

PaddingtonPaddington Sat 26-Oct-19 19:23:56

Another rainy run but this time with a blustery wind. Did half with DD and half on my own.

Any recommendations for festive running gear? I’ve entered a December half with Christmas jumpers encouraged. Obviously not going to wear a woolly one but though festive skin would work.


TriSkiRun99 Sun 27-Oct-19 14:43:14

Lovely 5m run on the beach today, hard sand with low tide perfect conditions, wore my old trainers and my sore foot held up well. smile


TriSkiRun99 Sun 27-Oct-19 14:45:18

You have reminded me paddingtin I need to find my Xmas elf leggings I’ve got no idea where I’ve put themhmm got them cheap off eBay last year and added my own drawstring to ensure they stayed up.

WaitingforToto Mon 28-Oct-19 07:23:41

Adding 6.3 from last night and 5.4 from this morning (note to self: a late night followed by an early morning one is not a great idea 😨)


user1471539385 Mon 28-Oct-19 08:37:26

Paddington, Lucy Locket Loves are about to upload Christmas designs... they are not on the website yet, but have been previewed on the fb group and are gorgeous!

TriSkiRun99 Mon 28-Oct-19 15:53:50

Early 5.5k this morning very slow after yesterday’s beach run plus I was listening to a podcast & I always go slower when listening to something! My new Mizuno Waverider shoes arrived. Lovely shoes and comfy but too narrow 😩my little toe overhangs the side part...this was in shoes 1size bigger. Hohum back to searching again! I’m going to try re-lacing my current ones differently to see what effect it has.


emummy Tue 29-Oct-19 11:24:52

Nice run in the woods in bright sunshine this morning. Feet feeling better. Lovely to be running with no goals or pressure for a bit.


TriSkiRun99 Tue 29-Oct-19 14:38:33

Chilled out plod this morning as got unexpected day off so thought I best go out. I was quite happy running at slow pace listening to RunPod.


Onesunnydayiniceland Tue 29-Oct-19 14:48:35

Hello can I join you? I have been running for 2.5 years and have done 5 HM. Doing my first marathon in Edinburgh in May and started a new training programme this week. Steady 5 K this morning


AuntieStella Tue 29-Oct-19 20:51:46

swerve Lucy Locket, at least until they post a size guide that actually uses cm or inches, rather than unspecified 10, 12, 14 etc (which we all know are meaningless) unless you have plenty of time/energy to deal with returns

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