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Spin class - I think I am going to die!!

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TinselAndKnickers Thu 21-Mar-19 17:02:05

Yesterday was my first time at a spin class. The instructor knew this and also knew I struggle, yet still swore at me and picked on me in front of the class. I left after 15 minutes and I'm going to try again next week with a different instructor who I know is nice.

The thing is - my GOD the seat hurt shockI only did 15 minutes and my downstairs area and inner arse is killing!! I have ordered a gel seat that should hopefully ease the pain a bit. I enjoyed the actual exercise but I can't sit on the seat long enough to do it! I know it's supposed to get better with time but it's agony!!
Any tips for getting used to it quicker? grin

ShirleyPhallus Thu 21-Mar-19 17:05:13

Oh fuck me there is no agony like the first few times you do spin. I call it “bikegina”.

The issue is your sit bones, the tendons on your inner thighs and then bouncing around too much in the saddle.

Make sure you are turning the resistance up enough that you’re not wobbling around plus also when you sit down try and sit back in the seat a bit and put some weight through your legs rather than all through your seat.

Padded shorts are meant to be good. But you will get used to it.

PinkBuffalo Thu 21-Mar-19 17:05:17

That's outrageous of your instructor! I love spin, but have only started this year so am in no way great at it, but I work hard. My instructor is amazing and tells you how well you're doing as you feel like collapsing lol.
My bum and between my legs KILLED for a few days after my first spin. BUT, the more I've done it, it's still uncomfortable whilst I'm doing spin, but in no way that awful pain I had. I think your body gets used to it!
Definitely change your instructor though! Thats awful!

Loopytiles Thu 21-Mar-19 17:07:26

Instructor sounds like a knob!

PinkBuffalo Thu 21-Mar-19 17:09:55

Btw, when I say I "love spin" it's more of a love/hate relationship grin

Jojoanna Thu 21-Mar-19 17:12:35

I love/hate spin

Brightermornings Thu 21-Mar-19 17:19:11

I bought a padded gel seat from eBay. I started spinning at the end of jan I love it now. Oh and your instructor was out of order .

TinselAndKnickers Thu 21-Mar-19 17:50:31

Thanks everyone - I agree, he was a knobhead. A lady with a knee injury also left in tears as he was so harsh! Reported him on her behalf sad

My gel seat is also from eBay, only a cheapie for now so I can see if I like it grin oh god so the only option is to keep going.. I might invest in some numbing cream 🤣

Brightermornings Thu 21-Mar-19 18:00:26

I don't need the gel seat now. You will get used to it I promise smile

LoubyLou1234 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:08:30

Oh that pain it lasted days I bought padded cycling shorts to wear underneath clothes, can go without the padding but it's better with!

I started with virtual classes before I braved a class with instructors but I never was told off or spoken to like that by anyone that's just rude, everyone has a pace or a reason where they are at. Yu should be encouraged not spoken down to. I hope you complained. Don't let it put you off it can be amazing when done right. You come away feeling great.

evilharpy Thu 21-Mar-19 22:21:48

I’ve been doing spin for years and have been to classes with many many different instructors. That is not normal or acceptable at all.

TinselAndKnickers Thu 21-Mar-19 23:15:29

Thanks everyone - I'm not scared off totally as I'm going to try again with an instructor I know is nice. I'm trying my best to lose weight and become more fit and I know spin will help me do both so as soon as my gel cover comes I'm back on the saddle grin

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