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motheroftinydragons Thu 21-Mar-19 11:35:22

Hi exercise gurus!

Roughly when can I expect my body to be properly ok for exercising after pregnancy?

I'm 6m PP and have started working out with a personal trainer. She's very good and has trained in post natal women so isn't pushing me too hard too quickly. She's also recommended that aside from what I'm doing with her I find an exercise I enjoy and try to do that a couple of times a week. I love dancing (am no good at it but I enjoy it all the same) so today I did my stretches, whacked on the music while baby was sleeping and started. Five minutes later, I've got a tweaked calf muscle. Argh.

I'm getting so frustrated. We warm up, stretch properly etc but for example yesterday when we wanted to incorporate some kicks/leg raises into coming out of a lunge my groin just pulls both sides the instant I try. It's not just exercise pain that i'd work through, it's pulling pain. She's given me tweaked programs to do wherever I've had a niggle but I just want to start getting back to normal exercise. I should be able to kick my leg ffs!

She's explained it's because your ligaments etc are still loose - I just wondered when I can expect to be able to work out normally? Surely I've not still got pregnancy related hormones swishing about? Am not BF anymore either, stopped 3m ago.

To be fair I've done no exercise in over three years (two babies in that time, one v traumatic v birth three years ago and one ELCS 6m ago, v birth was high forceps and pelvic floor is still damaged - working on it) so I know it won't be instant but how long am I looking at?

I'm desperate to lose weight and it's all just so slow! I'm a stone down but still got 3 to go.

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motheroftinydragons Fri 22-Mar-19 22:53:41

Hopeful bump...

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ncqtime Fri 22-Mar-19 23:09:04

1. Everyone's different considering general fitness and weight and birth injuries etc.
2. Listen to your body - you're not an athlete so you don't need to push through actual pain (not just a complaining at being worked a little harder than usual muscle) to win anything. Better to avoid the injuries in the first place. Try yoga to help instill the 'listen to your body' idea.
3. Your body has three extra stone to kick around with probably weaker muscles than when you exercised pre babies. See point two.
4. Maybe try to find some who specialises in getting post partum women back on track eg with specific core strengthening and stuff

YeOldeTrout Sat 23-Mar-19 08:07:52

You spent half of the last 3 yrs dosed in pregnancy hormones, sounds like at least 6m dosed in breastfeeding hormones, and done no regular exercise in all that time. A C-section in the mix which might affect abdomen muscles. Plus you are 3 yrs older, now.

Need to be patient in how your body responds, sounds like.

It's said that weight loss is mostly about what goes in your mouth not the exercise you get.

motheroftinydragons Sat 23-Mar-19 13:05:18

Thanks so much for replying I really appreciate it!

I am watching what I eat too on MFP. Aiming for 1200 calories but normally coming in at around 1400 which isn't too bad as a start. I'm only 5"3 and I know the 'recommended' calorie allowance for women is 2000 but if I ate that I'd never lose anything! I've got PCOS too which can make it tricker to get weight off but it is coming off, slowly.

As my PT says 'you can't outrun a bad diet'. It's not perfect by any means but I'm getting there. BF made starving when I was doing it, and it's quite a challenge reversing the whole 'just grab a few slices of toast and a bag of crisps for a meal' thinking, or you miss a meal because you're so busy/have babies napping on you constantly then massively overeat at dinner because you're too hungry because it's quick and easy and that's what you've done for a few years just because of time constraints and tiredness. Portion control has been a big thing for me, I'd gradually managed to have the same size meals at my 6ft, sports playing 3 tines a week DH which I definitely do not need and never used to do.

I'm probably being a bit hard on myself. I'm just getting frustrated that I seem so weak and get knocks so easily these days.

ELCS does make a difference although I recovers well and quickly. It was certainly far easier than my first birth in terms of recovery! My NHS physio has signed me off now (I had split abdominal muscles as well as pelvic floor damage) but she said no stomach exercises like sit ups, crunches or planks for 12 months because these can make the separation worse not better apparently. I've got different exercises to do from her that my PT has included in our sessions for that.

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motheroftinydragons Sat 23-Mar-19 13:06:21

I am also now 35. Last time I tried to lose any significant amount of weight I was 25. It fell off then!

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ememem84 Sat 23-Mar-19 13:10:16

I feel your frustration. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have been training with my trainer. Until I’ve pulled a muscle in my thigh. Right at the top. Ffs. Hurts to walk.


motheroftinydragons Sat 23-Mar-19 13:14:04

Well done for keeping at it @ememem84 . I wish I'd have been more active. I did used to swim a bit as last summer when I was 7/8/9 months pregnant it was the only place I could get cool when it was so hot outside! But that's it and it was pretty lazy swimming.

It'll help in the long run! Hope it gets better soon.

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ememem84 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:33:05

Me too!!! Thanks!!! It’s agony if I sit down for too long!! So far today though I haven’t stopped! Peoole coming for dinner so have to clean and tidy house around tornado toddler...!! Already at 9000 steps....!!

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