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Getting fit again

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PaulineK32 Sun 17-Mar-19 21:04:00

Now my DD is nearly 3 years old, I seriously need to get back into shape as I still haven't shifted my baby tum (wine and chocolate haven't helped much either but they certainly help the stresses of being a parent lol). I used to go running all the time and am going to start again with my dog as he's got bit chubby too over the last year. I've been looking at running leads and am looking at getting someting like one of these hands free dogs leads. Has anyone had any experience with them? As their seems to be lots of different types on the market. Not sure which one to get.

FATEdestiny Fri 22-Mar-19 17:46:54

I run with my dog on a hands free waist lead.

I've owned that one before and the issue is the metal D-rings that the lead joins to. The D-rings have a join and a pulling dog soon pulls open that split, resulting in a ruined waist belt.

However the lead is still good and a two-ended lead like that (with clips at both ends) is a useful thing. I tended to use a standard running bum bag and clip the dog onto the bum bag using a carabiner clip (see attached, cost £1 or so).

The benefit of using a bum bag is having somewhere to keep other "stuff" on your run. I keep my phone, headphones and tissues in mine.

In addition though, I've recently bought the Aldi all-in-one lead. For £8 it is a great quality waist belt and lead in one.

PaulineK32 Fri 22-Mar-19 18:06:06

I never thought of running with a bum bag. Great tip! I see what your saying about pulling. Even though my boy westie is small my god he can tug! Will try the bum bag method. Thanks smile

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