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After Couch5k - let’s keep running...

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timetomoveon Mon 11-Mar-19 09:59:21

There’s a group of us just finished the couch25k (New Years resolutions and all that...) so I thought I’d start a thread for us to keep up with our running progress as I know it was so helpful having the devious thread.

So I did my first post-couch25k run this morning. I was going to do 4.8 but I felt pretty good so decided to do the whole 5k. Managed it in 35 minutes which I was really pleased about. I’m still utterly amazed that I can run longer than 2 minutes without stopping.
So now I think I’m going to keep with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern and keep doing 5k.

Coldandfrosty Mon 11-Mar-19 17:41:47

Thanks for this. Will catchup soon. Place marking now.

BlindTipsy Fri 15-Mar-19 06:48:01

Can I join you even though I wasn't on the original C25k group? I finished c25k just before Christmas with a local group, then went on and did a 5 week improvers course but am still very slow and still working on consolidating running 5k really. I have joined a couple of facebook running groups for motivation but don't really feel like I am on the same level as 'proper' runners yet.

I am also working on losing weight. I started running to help lose weight but now feel like that has flipped a bit as I want to lose weight so I can run faster!

My goals are to get a bit faster (currently at about 36min for 5k) and lose about another 2 stone.

I love running though now, which I never thought I would ever say. It has been amazing for my mental health and got me through a really crap time.

Coldandfrosty Fri 15-Mar-19 17:45:48

Hello! Well done on completing.

36 is fab. I did 36 on sun but it was all flat! I'm usually more 38/9. I want to get faster cos then it's same distance but less time in the cold! Meant to be at park run tomorrow but due to snow...we shall see!

BlindTipsy Sat 16-Mar-19 05:05:40

@Coldandfrosty I live in the fens so all my runs are pretty flat grin. And I haven't had to cope with snow yet - do they have to cancel park run when it's snowy?

Coldandfrosty Sat 16-Mar-19 11:26:16

Depends how snowy/slippy/unsafe it is. Mine was cancelled.

timetomoveon Mon 18-Mar-19 10:30:00

Hello runners smile
I’ve been away for a work conference and so I did my Wednesday 5k before I went. Managed to do 4K on Friday when away - got a bit lost and had to go up a hill right near the start (it’s totally flat where I normally run at home) which I didn’t like!
Missed my Monday run for the first time since I started as I only got back at midnight last night and couldn’t face getting up at 4.30 to run.
Will run Wednesday but then I’m flying to England this weekend so not sure how or when I’ll run but I intend to try.

Coldandfrosty Tue 19-Mar-19 22:05:31

Oh hills are evil aren't they?

timetomoveon Tue 19-Mar-19 23:22:30

Yes! I had no idea!

Only managed 4K this morning. My legs felt like jelly most of the way and I nearly gave up after 2k but I carried on. So sort of disappointed in myself but also pleased that I didn’t give up.

Coldandfrosty Wed 20-Mar-19 22:14:16

Dont be disappointed. Think of how far you've come from this time last year! 4k is fab. Have you tried a parkrun yet? I'm marshal at my local on sat. You said you're flying to England, where abouts are you? No worries if you dont want to say!

I did 50min of running this eve. (With a few short stops at traffic lights cos bloody cars dont seem to deem me not wanting to stop as an acceptable reason for me to run in front of them...mad isn't it ;) ) I didn't plan on doing that long. I put Laura c25k week 9 on and had planned to run through whole thing including warm up and cool down so 40 min. But was still a bit away from home and so made myself keep going. Was a hill near my house and I said out loud DONT YOU DARE BLOODY STOP GET UP THAT HILL. I'm so glad no one seemed to be around. Legs ache now!

Missing running club tomo to go out on a date so that made up for it!

Coldandfrosty Wed 20-Mar-19 22:16:13

I fond it too hard to run without Laura unless at park run/running club. I need some sort of support and no other app works as well...they all sound like robots. Laura believes in me. I think we should campaign for her to make a 5 to 10k one. I'd pay for it too.

timetomoveon Thu 21-Mar-19 12:42:19

Wow frosty - running for 50 mins is amazing! I’m so impressed. I live in the warm and sunny tropics - think beaches, islands, sunny weather and delicious spicy food.
There aren’t any park runs here - I did look but we don’t have them in this country. Maybe I need to keep listening to Michael to get me though as well. Since finished I’ve just used the Runtastic app to tell me when I’ve finished a km.

Hope the date goes well smile I think that is worth missing running club for!

RenardeRenarde Thu 21-Mar-19 22:10:19

Jumping onboard because I need motivation! I’m still struggling to do 30 mins tbh (I can physically it’s more mentally i struggle). I’m away in the US for work and did 40 minutes last night which was a record, weirdly once I smashed the 30 minute mark it felt “easy” again.

For everyone struggling without Laura may I recommend Nike run club? They have lots of guided runs of varying lengths with different trainers and the app is free smile I like that you get little “achievements” for various runs too, I need all the motivation I can find!

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes Fri 22-Mar-19 12:33:03

Hi there!
Completed week 9 last night at 46 minutes
Hoping to do more runs however am due an operation Monday so will have to see how recovery is

Coldandfrosty Sun 24-Mar-19 07:35:01

@RenardeRenarde Oh that's for that suggestion will have a look. I definitely need some kind of reward/recognition for my running!

with hope your OP goes ok good luck. flowers

I was marshal at parkrun yest so much fun I loved it!

Coldandfrosty Sun 24-Mar-19 07:37:57

@timetomoveon pops pressed post too soon in last message. Wow...maybe you could be founder of a parkrun where you live grin star I tried to go out on Friday for a run and it was awful. Couldn't even do 20 min my legs were aching and heavy. Think too soon after 50min run. How do you find running in hot temps?

Coldandfrosty Sun 24-Mar-19 07:39:01

@WithAllIntenseAndPurposes oh and meant to say CONGRATULATIONS on graduating c25k

FATEdestiny Sun 24-Mar-19 10:03:17

I fond it too hard to run without Laura

Laura does the free C25K Plus podcasts here:

Each 5K+ podcast provides a structured run with running music and coaching to develop your running technique, speed and stamina. There are 3 podcasts, voiced by Laura in exactly the same way as the C25K program.

_Stepping stone_: A 30-minute continuous run designed for recent Couch to 5K graduates.

Stamina: A 35-minute run with music to keep you running at a faster pace for longer.

Speed: A 16-minute run alternating fast and slow sections designed to improve your speed.

myidentitymycrisis Sun 24-Mar-19 10:11:37

I have been at week 7 for ages. What I do is complete the run, keep running for the warm down 5 minutes and yesterday I added a bit more so I could reach the shop I needed. I map it on mapmyrun and it’s about 4.8. I go every other day.
Any tips on continuing? Should I do weeks 8 and 9 ?

Coldandfrosty Sun 24-Mar-19 14:20:13

@FATEdestiny thanks for those. I had a go with them but for me I prefer Laura's voice over the top of my own music as I used the app. Wish those podcasts were on the app. Hope they are helpful to others though

Coldandfrosty Sun 24-Mar-19 14:21:35

@myidentitymycrisis absolutely. That's basically what you are doing anyway. It's just increasing lengths of time doingbstraught runs. If you are already adding the 5 extra mins you're sorted.

timetomoveon Thu 28-Mar-19 11:28:31

Hi all smile
Back home and did a 5km on Wednesday morning. I talked to a friend at work who gave me another 5km route so I’m going to try that tmrw morning. The route I have always done so far is two loops of 2.5km but I find the middle part hard as I’m always thinking about giving up and going home in the middle blush so I’m going to try a 5km loop tmrw morning instead.
@Coldandfrosty - I thought I’d finding running in England easier because of the weather but it was soooooo cold. I think I much prefer being here in the hot and humid weather. Do I remember you saying something about a date?? How was it?

And the last two runs I’ve put the last c25k podcast on and I like the extra information every 5 mins and the mini-pep talks. I think it’s probably helped. Am going to keep just listening to the last run from the podcast.

BlindTipsy Fri 29-Mar-19 06:45:56

I found exactly the same with 2 x2.5km loops @timetomoveon. I literally spend the whole time having to talk myself out of taking the shortest route home! Now I run 2.5km in one direction and then turn and come back and mentally that's much easier for me.

timetomoveon Fri 29-Mar-19 13:47:10

You’re right @BlindTipsy - I wouldn’t say t was easy this morning but it definitely felt better. I only(!) ran 4.5km as I had a sore stomach so turned around before I got to the halfway point but I certainly preferred the middle section more - in fact normally my 3rd km is my slowest of the run but today it was my fastest so I’m already sure that it’s better than the 2.5km loop repeated.
Have a good weekend, runners smile

timetomoveon Sat 06-Apr-19 00:56:26

Well after never missing a run since January even when away on holiday or with work, I’ve had a whole week off sad
We moved house last weekend and I bruised my ankle quite badly and so decided not to run Monday and Wednesday and then yesterday I just couldn’t face getting up at 4.30 so I turned my alarm off sad

I need to get back to it. Think I might do a short 2-3 km either today or tmrw and then start again properly on Monday.

How everyone else doing? Better than me I hope!

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