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Reccomendations of an app for 5 to 10k?

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Coldandfrosty Sun 10-Mar-19 15:12:02

Just finished couch 2 5k. I loved Laura telling me what to do. I feel like she believed in me!!

I can do 5k in 36-40 min depending on how many hills there are!

I need an app or something or I give up. I'm not good at running with just music. I need music and a person in my ear. Any suggestions? There seem to be loads of possibilities but I have no idea what to try? Thanks.

SmarmyMrMime Sun 10-Mar-19 17:39:11

There are three C25k+ podcasts with Laura guiding through again, and I use these years later. They're not the whole answer, but they are good for a focused run. I recently used one twice to run 10k in slightly over an hour which I would find difficult independently. There's a real gap in the market for more podcasts to guide through like this.

Coldandfrosty Sun 10-Mar-19 22:37:32

Do you have to have their hideous music on with it? I had a quick listen and the music pit me off and I couldn't see a way to make it just her voice over the music.

Yes I find them so useful...One I've downloaded now is just a robotic voice saying RUN NOW. It's a bit like the instructions in a CT scanner

TheWomanin12B Fri 15-Mar-19 19:38:04

ZenLabs do one, but I believe some people don't get on with it because you are back to walking in between. Or is that the CT scanner one? grin

FATEdestiny Sat 16-Mar-19 08:36:14

I know the music on the C25K+ podcasts isn't fantastic - but it serves a very, very specific purpose.

The music has specific tempos throughout. This is very important for the "Plus" podcasts because this is the first time Laura introduces you to the idea of running to a specific pace (steps per minute). The music matches perfectly that steps per minute in the beats per minute.

So the music is pivotal and very important. It just wouldn't work with your own music. Unless you have someone in your ear constantly counting ("one to three four, one to three four, one two three four...") CONSTANTLY throughout your run (which would get very monotonous and would also mean you couldn't have alternate music) then this is not a skill you could learn easily.

I definitely recommend the C25K Plus podcasts as your next step.

shitpark Sat 16-Mar-19 10:23:02

There some run mixes on Spotify with different beats per minute that I quite like. But there is no voice in your ear with the music.

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