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Glittergirl30 Tue 05-Mar-19 08:41:45

Just wondering the distance people are managing to run on week 4?
Not sure if I’m running too slow?

SmarmyMrMime Fri 08-Mar-19 07:24:19

Slow is good! Most people struggle when they go too fast.

As brilliant as C25k is, it is rare for a woman to get to 5k by the end of the plan, but you will be running for 30 mins, even if that can be out paced by brisk walkers.

Speed comes later. Complete C25k. Get comfortable with it. Gradually increase one run a week to build stamina. Then the varying pace with intervals to build speed comes in. It takes patience, but the priority is gently completing C25k regardless of speed.

averythinline Fri 08-Mar-19 07:29:30

I'm running on a treadmill so not quite the same but about 2.5k (its hard as it averages out the walk as well) I am just trying to run for the time and hope speed comes am just redoing wk 5 as I cant quite do the last run.....
the bloody app keeps glitching though so doing my head in!

Monkey500 Sat 09-Mar-19 12:24:40

Anybody got an app that measures the distance without buying in app purchases? Used to use Runkeeper but I like the walk/run prompts on the C25K.

Coldandfrosty Sun 10-Mar-19 15:07:38

I use my s health app on my phone. It auto records runs/walks. I find the distance comes out wrong though when I go on a set 5k route it over estimates it.

I've just finished c25k today and I did a charity 5k run and did it in 36 min. That's the fastest I've done...was all flat so that's prob why, I'm used to hills

Glittergirl30 Sun 10-Mar-19 16:22:06

Thanks for your replies, I’m on week 4 and doing 3.5k in 26 mins, feel like I will never get to 5 k though!!

Coldandfrosty Sun 10-Mar-19 22:43:10

There's a whole thread on this board for c25k. So much support. I never ever ever thought I would finish. If I can anyone can.

Glittergirl30 Mon 11-Mar-19 07:49:45

Thank you! I will check that post out and keep on trying

Crocky Mon 11-Mar-19 08:04:32

The plan is badly named. But C2running30minutesnonstop isn’t quite so catchy. The idea is you get to the 30 minutes running and when you have achieved that you continue on to get to the 5k.
Enjoy it. Don’t try and make it impossible for yourself.

Glittergirl30 Mon 11-Mar-19 19:49:29

I like that! Sounds much more possible! Thank you

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