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Triathlon people where are you?

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Igottastartthinkingbee Wed 14-Nov-18 09:16:09

Anyone fancy doing a triathlon training thread? Sprint or Olympic or GOTri or Ironman or whatever? Compare training, schedules, competitions and the mega kit fest that is triathlon.

There have been a couple of threads in the last year or two but they’ve dropped off the radar. Please join me! smile

Nateismine Tue 04-Dec-18 20:44:27

My previous life was eventing 😀. Haven't sat on a horse for 10 yrs since my first was born.

SkiMum99 Sat 15-Dec-18 08:33:59

How’s everyone getting on? I ran a HM on Monday which was on my “do” list before years end and the weather was perfect so I went for it. Swam last night practicing some breathing drills (nicked from my DDs swim club session) trying to do 6breaths in FC to see if it speeds up my arm pull. I was running out of air by 18-20m mark though. Also playing with my head position abit in the FC swim. Zero cycling done, as DH has monopolised the turbo and I just can’t bring myself to sit in the shed 😂. Also trying to tackle my diet as I keep gaining middle aged spread sad so just started reading Renee McGregor bookTraining Fuel to see if I can learn how to reduce carbs - which I need to - but still do sport & not feel knackered. Has anyone else been experimenting with low carb and exercising?

TametheDragon Fri 21-Dec-18 23:28:12

Oooh I’ve only just seen this thread - please may I join?!
For my sins I’m also a horsey girl, from this post it seems like there’s a correlation between horsey background and triathlon. I’m guessing that’s because we’re already gluttons for punishment on the physical side of things and are already used to chucking our money away! blushhmm
Sport wise I guess running is my background, only over the past 4/5 years but I’m now running quite significant distances fairly regularly. I enjoy cycling but not massively experienced. Swimming I have had to relearn as an adult as when I went back to it after a 15year break I had basically forgotten how to do it and developed a phobia to go with it confused Last summer I came to love open water swimming.
Triathlon wise I have done one sprint so far, and since then have entered Ironman Wales next September shock I will be using the Fink training plan, and currently am ticking over trying to keep some baseline fitness before training starts in earnest.

Nateismine Sat 22-Dec-18 11:54:31

Tame welcome! I thought I was crazy going from sprint to a half-ironman, but that's nothing compared to Ironman Wales grin. Much respect!

TametheDragon Sat 22-Dec-18 23:58:22

Cheers nate, but I’ll put that respect on hold until I’ve completed the bloody thing! And after struggling to fix a puncture today, I reckon if I pick up one of those on race day I’ll kiss goodbye to any chance of making the bike cut-off blushblush

swearbyit Fri 28-Dec-18 15:02:29

Can I join too?! Did my first Ironman (Bolton) last year, and loved it, and have booked another Iron distance this summer. Previously I'd only done one sprint about 4 years ago. I was really motivated last year for Bolton, but finding it less easy, motivationally speaking, this time round, so hoping to take some inspiration from you all!

Lifeisabeach Tue 01-Jan-19 15:44:02

Happy new year triathletes!

sweerbyit wow, major respect for completing Bolton! How did you find it? Which iron distance have you entered for this year?

Tamethedragon you are very brave taking on Ironman Wales! What kind of training are you doing at the moment?

I’ve been doing a lot of aerobic/zone 2 heart rate training and it seems to be making a difference. My aerobic pace for running has gradually improved and is almost a minute per mile faster than when I started the HR training in September. So hopefully my endurance is improving, to get me through the dreaded run at the end of the half Ironman.

Kicked off the year with NYD parkrun with my DD. Now trying to work out a training schedule for the next couple of months. My OH starts a new job tomorrow with different hours so I’m trying to shuffle everything around so we can all get our training in. He’s doing Staffs 70.3 too.

swearbyit Tue 01-Jan-19 20:04:28

Thanks, but to be honest, it was entirely doable - I did it in just under 14hrs, and enjoyed every second. Spent waaaay to long in each transition, but was chatting and enjoying the moment, so no regrets! I've signed up for the Lakesman this year. The Ironman brand is fabulous, makes you feel really special because of all the incredible support, but also is very expensive! The Bolton course is changing this year, but wherever it goes, it will always be very special, and if you have the slightest desire to do an Ironman, I would whole heartedly recommend it. You get alsorts doing it, different shapes/ages/sizes but everyone I saw was having the time of their lives. In terms of training, I was doing around 10-12hrs per week. For context, I work p/t 3 days, and have 2 kids in upper primary. Hope that is some use for anyone considering it! As for this year, have booked a 20 mile race in march and a marathon in April, and a few 10k/half marathons in-between. Plan on doing 2 100mile bike rides in spring, but otherwise tick over on turbo trainer/spinning classes. Swimming wise, 2 hour long sessions per week, moving to open water in may. My aim again is to enjoy it, and avoid injury, which will be far less competitive than some of you are aiming for! Hope everyone has a fantastic time working towards their goals - and Happy New Year!

Nateismine Tue 01-Jan-19 20:52:13

Swear - that is very impressive, I can't see it as that 'doable' at the moment. I can get my head around the swim and the bike but not then having to run a marathonconfused
But you said it- need to enjoy it and not get injured!
My 20 week plan before Stafford starts on 14th Jan- really nervous to see if I can manage training around kids and work.

swearbyit Tue 01-Jan-19 21:05:08

No, it didn't seem doable to me in January either! But, you know you want it, and you're going to work for it, and it will happen! The best motivation for me was doing it for charity (not everyone's cup of tea) but people were incredibly generous, and I raised over 5k. Makes getting off your butt on a wet Feb night much easier to commit to. It's completely true when people call it a journey.

TametheDragon Mon 07-Jan-19 12:02:20

I'm loving this thread, so good to have triathlon chatter with ladies that are goal focused but realistic about time constraints/real life.

Lifeisabeach I've kept everything ticking over up until now, not doing loads of anything or with any particular gusto, but just keeping my hand in. I'm going to follow the Don Fink 'Be Iron Fit' plan which officially should start in a month but I think I'm going to start this week to give myself some flex, and add some extra cycling into the plan as it goes along. I'm not looking to be competitive, just want to get round and enjoy my day. My husband is forces and will be deployed for the most part between Feb and September, so training will give me a focus, and his being away will let me be selfish with my time at the weekends. Every cloud and all that.

Igottastartthinkingbee Mon 07-Jan-19 20:27:41

Yeah! More people on the thread! I’d totally dropped off it and haven’t really been in proper training mode for the last month. Back to it now though.

Very impressed at all the Ironman chat! I’d love to do one but it feels unrealistic right now, not the one off event but the amount of training needed. Maybe one day when the kids are older.

I’ve got a sprint in April and an Olympic in June. And then a half marathon in July. After that I’ll hopefully do another sprint at the end of the summer. Currently not very fit and having some lower back pain (again!!!!!sad) but looking forward to upping my distances and having a good build up to the first tri of the season smile

olympic19 Tue 08-Jan-19 15:48:51

Can I join you? I turned 40 a couple of years ago and decided to do a local women-only sprint triathlon and had such a good time that I did it again last year. This year, in a wave of enthusiasm after a bottle of wine I signed up to do an Olympic Tri (gulp) in July. I am fat and 42 and really am hoping to shift a couple of stone beforehand. I signed up to Training Peaks and am
following a 28-week program.

So far the training is going well, I'm in the "prep" stage which is basically about consistency. Regular but short workouts. Swimming is my Achilles heel though - following TI techniques to improve my freestyle, but I'm terrible at it. But my goal is to swim the entire thing without switching to breaststroke, so I need to stick at it.

olympic19 Tue 08-Jan-19 15:50:42

I'm racing to raise money for Save the Children so I'm hoping that will be an extra motivator!

Igottastartthinkingbee Tue 08-Jan-19 19:31:55

Welcome olympic! You sound like me! I did my first Olympic distance last year having done a season and a half of sprints. And swimming is also my downfall, I so damn slow at crawl but trying to improve this winter. If I could knock even a couple of minutes off my swim time I’ll be happy. I was dreadful last year!!!

Lifeisabeach Wed 09-Jan-19 10:45:31

Hi olympic! I also did my first Olympic distance tri last year. Good to hear your training is going well.

TametheDragon it sounds like the training will be a good focus if your DH is away for long periods.

I'm worrying about the bike at the moment, which has always been my favourite part. It's totally different training for a sprint where the bike will be under an hour, to this where it's probably going to take me 3.5 hours. I've been doing an hour on the turbo a couple of times a week but I can't bring myself to stay on it any longer than that, even with TV to watch or music on. Hopefully once I start cycling outside again it'll feel more doable.

Tri club run training tonight. I find it so much easier when I've got a scheduled session to go to.

Hope everyone else is doing well smile

TheOrigFV45 Wed 09-Jan-19 11:03:44

I am a newbie. Runner really, but started swimming a few years ago and am now proficient at that. Just got a bike, so now apparently I have to enter a tri.

I'm really only fit enough (swim and bike wise) to do a sprint and I've only ever done one transition in my life (from a swim to a run) and that just about killed me, so this should be interesting.

I'm on the Cambridge/Essex/Suffolk border and there are few round here. Exciting!

Nateismine Wed 09-Jan-19 11:41:14

There's a good group of us nowsmile. We can do this! I have just bought the Fink 70.3 book and I really like the look of the plans in there (much less volume and intensity than the beginner plan that I had downloaded online) so I am going to follow the 'Just Finish' plan and I'm aiming for under 7 hours which is slow but will be an achievement for me. This plan is only 16 weeks so I can relax until Feb half term!
The book also says 90% of training should be low intensity zone 2 so That's great to hear too as I think I always push a bit to hard.
Beautiful sunny day here in Dorset, so I did a mini brick session- 30mins on the Wattbike and then a 15min very slow run. Felt great- long may this feeling last!
Anyone else need to lose weight? I need to lose about 7kgblush. Would love to hear how everyone else is doing?

Dogsmellssobadbob Wed 09-Jan-19 14:07:33

Ooh am placemarking for later as I’m debating a half Ironman this year
Never done a tri but I run a lot, cycle pretty regularly and can swim. Don’t fancy a shorter one and would love to do an IM one day but the cycling distance terrifies me!

Wondering if I should sign up and just go for it
Is Stafford still open? Think it’s a hilly one tho is that right?

Nateismine Wed 09-Jan-19 14:28:13

Dogs Do it! Do it! Do it! There will be quite a group of us at Stafford. There are still places left. The run is flat and the cycling not too bad -720m of climbing in total.

Igottastartthinkingbee Wed 09-Jan-19 14:48:13

Just do it dogsmell! If you have the time to train then why not!

Nate getting round in any triathlon is an achievement. Getting round a Half Ironman is definitely an achievement!

On the subject of weight loss, I’d like to lose 5kg. Which would get me down to where I was last year for my Olympic tri. Depressing how the weight just piles back on isn’t it.

TheOrigFV45 Wed 09-Jan-19 15:25:41

Brick session - that's what it's called.

Any tips on how best to train? I am completely new to it.

olympic19 Wed 09-Jan-19 19:42:16

There's a terrific book called "Triathlon for Beginners" which I used. I'm also following a Training Peaks plan (I'm an expat in the US and TP is probably the best known online training thing.)

Kudos to everyone doing iron and half-iron 🙇‍♀️ I can't imagine that kind of time investment! I have three kids under 10 though, so maybe when they get older 🤔

SkiMum99 Wed 09-Jan-19 20:05:23

“Brick session” aka jelly legs as that’s what it feels like when you get off the bike and attemp to run. If I didn’t have my watch on I’d think I was walking it feels SO slow no easy way to get used to it than doing it...I fear?
I’ve sat on the sofa for nearly 3days now with this lovely virus that I’ve nicknamed mini flu (thanks DD who had it all over Xmas now back at school & given it to me). I was suppose to be running a HM as part of my winter training this weekend hmmm don’t think that’s happening now sad or shifting any Xmas lbs just gaining more.

Igottastartthinkingbee Sat 12-Jan-19 20:08:54

Hope you’re better soon Ski. Always frustrating being ill. I always factor in a few weeks contingency into training plans to account for illness (be it me or the kids). It helps to keep you’re focus to train when you’re well cause you never know when the cess pit of school/nursery is going to strike next!

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