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London Marathon 2019 training thread!

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TheMouseInMyPocket Thu 11-Oct-18 06:59:57

There's a few of us that got in through ballot or a charity place. Shall we keep each other company in the next few months?

I'm gonna kick off my training with a week off due to sore ankle 😂 Well, I'll still do a parkrun this week, but THEN I'm taking a week off!

The furthest I've ran so far is 10k, so I'm quite excited for the challenge, I also have a 15 mile trail race in January, which I'm hoping will be a good prep for the big event.

What's everyone else doing? What's your training strategy? Is this your first marathon? I want to know it all!

TheMouseInMyPocket Thu 11-Oct-18 17:57:46

Hopefull bump...

BWatchWatcher Fri 12-Oct-18 00:30:00

I have downloaded the plan from the VLM website and looked at it. Today I ran 7k and looked at half marathons in the new year.
I too have not run further than 10k (and not very fast).
This is my first marathon.

TheMouseInMyPocket Fri 12-Oct-18 06:52:51

Ooh, a reply, how exciting! Hi, BWatchWatcher grin

I have looked at so many training plans over the last few days, it makes my head spin. I think I have now settled on one of Hal Higdon's plans, seems achievable and there's a little encouraging write-up for each session where he tells you how well you're doing, I need that!

As for half marathon in new year... when I first signed up for the 15 mile trail race in January, it was advertised as a half marathon, rated 1 out of 5 for difficulty. They have changed that to 5 out of 5 a couple of weeks agoshock and to top it off, they changed it to 15 miles rather than half! But I've paid for it so I'm gonna do it if it kills me! (Though I hope it doesn't.)

Don't know whereabouts in the country you are, but Brass Monkey half in York is meant to be a good one?

TheMouseInMyPocket Sat 13-Oct-18 21:19:06

Today I did a parkrun and got a PB, which I am pretty pleased about! I want to start increasing my weekly mileage, but my ankle is still giving me some pain (not while I run though, but afterwards...), so really, I probably need to take a week or so off sad

katiescarlett1939 Sun 14-Oct-18 08:18:09

Hello [waves]. I would love some other people to talk to!

Glad to join you. Congratulations!

I have a ballot place too, on the third attempt. I've done two half marathons and a couple of 10ks, but typically I've just recovered from a hip injury and am at my weakest. However - I'm just about able to do 3 miles slowly and started running again two weeks ago.

My plan is to train for the marathon, but if the injury resurfaces I will defer till next year. We have till the night before to defer, I believe?

(By the way - I've namechanged for this so I can chat honestly without the risk of people in real life finding my other threads! I've been on MN for years grin).

Look forward to chatting!

TheMouseInMyPocket Mon 15-Oct-18 18:08:48

Hi katie, nice to have you here 😁.

Yep, you can defer up until the day before. The good thing about deferring this year is that you'll then be taking part in 40th London Marathon if you do, and it is bound to be spectacular! Saying that, I hope your form continues to improve and you don't need to defer 😁

I went for a little 4k run yesterday. My ankle feels good, so I'm hoping that I am over my mini injury! I am going to be sensible though and take a week off. After that I am hitting it hard!

katiescarlett1939 Mon 15-Oct-18 22:19:24

Thanks @TheMouseInMyPocket

Well done on the 4k. We do need to take it very gradually! Well - I do, anyway!

Have you formulated a training plan? I'm going to go with the Bupa marathon plan. I have used their half marathon plan successfully. However - it's only 16 weeks, so I will build up gradually as we have 26 weeks.

I've also researched some body strengthening exercises for runners, so plan to do those - alongside my exercises the physio gave me for my specific injury. I need a stronger body and core, I think! That is what will let me down!

TheMouseInMyPocket Tue 16-Oct-18 10:29:15

I'm going to use the Under Armour 25k trail running plan until January ( and then switch to Hal Higdon's novice marathon plan. I also want to generally strenghten up, so I've downloaded apps for push-ups, sit-ups and squats, and got myself some dumbbells and a foam roller! Haven't actually used the yet though! I am hoping that getting this ballot place will be a start of the new, fitter, me grin.

26 weeks! Is that all we've got? shock That doesn't sound like a lot!

What sort of strengthening exercises will you be doing? I kind of need some inspiration.

RufflingFeathers Fri 19-Oct-18 22:01:48

Would love to join this thread - done a few halves, but this will be my first marathonsmile)) Really excited....

katiescarlett1939 Sat 20-Oct-18 09:45:18

@RufflingFeathers welcome!!

@TheMouseInMyPocket I just googled "strengthening exercises for runners" and cut and pasted some (can't remember the website!) and mixed them in with the ones my physio gave me for my hip problem. There's so much on the web!

Yes, there's about 27 weeks to go, I think!

I am up to 4 miles now. I'm going to take building back up my long distances very slowly, as I'm afraid of injury! Might be physically able to run further but I don't want to push it just yet!

katiescarlett1939 Sat 20-Oct-18 09:47:20

Oh - has anyone booked accommodation?

TheMouseInMyPocket Sat 20-Oct-18 11:19:32

Yes I booked it as soon as I got the magazine 😂 I'm about half an hour away on the tube from the start.

RufflingFeathers Sat 20-Oct-18 13:06:48

Sounds like we've all had the same idea - strengthening etc until xmas then training plan. I've joined the local gym so am hoping that'll mix up my training rather than just running outside - plus it's really nice to think there is the option of a treadmill run when the weather is awful !!

Our local half is the 31st March, so think I'll do that, but perhaps good to look at something for earlier as well, just to try a few gels etc - I've not really done that sort of thing before, but I'm guessing we'll need to take food/liquid a bit more seriously for this distance.

I've been running a fair bit over the last few years, but haven't done a half distance for a year, most I'd do is a 10K.

I think the thing I'm most interested in is when people say that a marathon 'is more about the mind than the muscles' or something like that - I run fairly regularly with other people and have noticed that I seem to find it harder than them just to keep going past a certain point - but it definitely seems like a mindset thing rather than a fitness thing - it's almost like I have this thought 'I'd rather be walking' and then find it really difficult to push past that !!!

So as well as hoping to actually make it round in one piece, through the training I'd love to learn a bit of perseverance - and confidence in that, I think I imagine myself as being mentally 'weak' which is probably the first thing that needs to change !!

RufflingFeathers Sat 20-Oct-18 13:19:30

Haven't booked anything yet - trying to see if some friends have space for us - my family and my parents have all decided to come down for it (we're in Scotland) and at the moment I can't face having to find somewhere for 7 of us and a dog to sleep -- eeek !!

katiescarlett1939 Sun 21-Oct-18 10:41:42

Oh blimey @RufflingFeathers I'm in the same boat! Three children, a husband and a dog! Do I go alone? Do I take them all? Do we find a dog sitter? Bit of a mare  but first world problems!

TheMouseInMyPocket Mon 22-Oct-18 11:55:37

Nice to see a few more people joining in! Welcome all!

I have quite an easy situation as far as booking accommodation goes, as it's just me and my husband going. We do have a dog, he won't be coming with us, but we have a couple of reliable dog sitting options so that's not an issue.

I have had a week off running to rest my ankle. Today I have kicked off my training with a 4-mile run, some squats and sit ups, followed by a foam rolling session. This is the first time I've used the foam roller, it was especially sore on my calves!

TheMouseInMyPocket Wed 24-Oct-18 11:45:04

Another 4 mile run today. Was really tempted to stop and walk several times, but thankfully met other runners and a few dog walkers around those times, and obviously I can't stop and walk when there's people around, that would be too embarrassing 😂

Apparently I am meant to be doing an 8 mile run next, I've never ran as far as that before!

KatieScarlett1939 Wed 24-Oct-18 13:30:56

@TheMouseInMyPocket well done! I don't like stopping in front of people either, ha ha!

I am up to 4 miles and have just done 3 today. New trainers are sooooo bouncy 

Be careful going from 4 to 8 miles!! You can get shin splints if you add more than a mile a week...

BWatchWatcher Thu 25-Oct-18 17:15:24

I am trying to find a decent half marathon in the spring (near Belfast).
Is it worth getting gait analysis and proper shoes?

katiescarlett1939 Thu 25-Oct-18 18:52:25

I'd like to know too @BWatchWatcher

I've never had gait analysis (for half marathons) because I've read that it's not accurate. And I know I would walk away with £150 trainers after being talked into it .

Does anyone know if it's legit?

TheMouseInMyPocket Sat 27-Oct-18 17:17:10

Never had gait analysis either. I'm kind of curious, so might get it done, but I don't want them to tell me my lovely trainers are not suitable for me 😂

Got my 8 mile run done, I am pretty proud of myself! I did have a one minute walking break about halfway through but other than that I ran. I should do another 4-mile run this week according to my plan, but I'm gonna go for a swim tomorrow instead, I think that's enough running for one week.

TheMouseInMyPocket Sat 27-Oct-18 17:19:13

katiescarlett what trainers do you have? I love a bit of trainer porn (not in a weird way!😂)

RufflingFeathers Sat 27-Oct-18 17:40:43

Oooh what plan are you doing Mouse that has you doing 8 miles already ?!!

I got some new trainers in the States in the summer (Asics) at about half the price they are here - really regret not buying two pairs. Do you think we could do all the training and run the race with only one?

I've not done any long runs this week, did 5 miles on Monday, some intervals at the gym and then a set of hill repeats this morning (was awful, but only had 20 mins so just ran up and down this hill as fast as I could). Helps that we've got beautiful weather up here this week !

I've got a 1-1 session at the gym on Monday where they're going to advise as to what strengthening stuff to do between now and xmas - quite excited.....

katiescarlett1939 Sat 27-Oct-18 18:21:12

Well done Mouse!! I am sticking to my New Balance bargains as it ain't broke, so I'm not gonna fix it! Think these ones are 680v5s.

@RufflingFeathers I was thinking of getting another new pair about 6 weeks before the race maybe?

I've run twice this week, plus several hilly dog walks. Must run tomorrow morning, as I'm going away for a few days where I won't be able to run.

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