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2018 Running number 2

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Penisbeakerismyfavethread Sat 22-Sep-18 22:47:40

Hi lovelies! I was just about to join the running thread and saw it was almost full and couldn’t find another
I’ve copied below from the last thread and I hope you don’t mind me joining you all!

This is the 12th thread since it started with a few of us who wanted to chat about our running, running clothes, support each other and get some training tips.

We talk about our runs and support and encourage where needed.

Please feel free to come and join us and add your miles to our running total for the month for the whole thread in bold at the bottom of each post.
Currently on 10.2 for September

Best wishes

Penisbeakerismyfavethread Sat 22-Sep-18 22:55:18

Current total for September I think is 292.2?
Would like help for my learned and helpful mumsnet friends

realises this is the last time I should try and help because I’m very confused and have no idea what I’m doing and just wanted running advice

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 22-Sep-18 23:27:03

Marking my place

emummy Sun 23-Sep-18 07:07:45

Thanks for the new thread, you beat me to it! Eating breakfast me, will post again when I get back from my run

Daisydoesnt Sun 23-Sep-18 08:26:33

Marking my place too. I did my longest ever run on Friday (don’t laugh - an epic 6.5km!!) but I am slowly, slowly heading in the right direction. Am glad I’m not running today weather biblically awful.

Happytot Sun 23-Sep-18 08:55:48

Hi can I join?? Looking for some running support. I love running but I'm not very good at it and very slow. blush

FATEdestiny Sun 23-Sep-18 08:57:54

Well done Daisydoesnt! Going over 5km on a run was a big psychological barrier for me.


My right shoulder is killing me this morning. Can't lift my right arm without using my left to support it.

Yesterday I did my first ever half matathon. I expected I might ache but was expecting lower body aches. Shoulder pain was not something I was expecting!

So I guess it means there's something wrong with my running form. Any suggestions?

IrvinaYalom Sun 23-Sep-18 09:18:12

Hi sorry all, marking place and also re-posting my post from the last thread. Thanks for answering already FATE, I'm envious of your Fitbit, I have a cheapo tracker but it definitely isn't capable of a km by km break down.

Also- hey Happytot smile I'm new too. I don't know much but I do know there's nought wrong with being slow. Loving it is what counts and what will keep you going.

Post from last thread:

Ooh hey Rocket, it's good to find someone at basically the same stage as I am. It sounds like you've done amazingly and also like you may be a tad bit better informed than I am so I might ask you lots of questions and take advantage of your newbie distance runner wisdom if that's ok?

How are you timing yourself to know each km so accurately?

Are you following a specific training programme and if so which one and how did you choose? If not, is there an accepted time period before a half and the last practice "long run" you do?

Are you aiming for a specific time or just keeping track out of interest?

What do you do in terms of nutrition (when training/ before and during the actual race)?

What different things have you experimented with (food/drink wise and technique/style etc) that you would recommend others to try?

Sorry for the barrage- no pressure to answer them all (or any for that matter).

Anyone else feel free to answer too btw- I will be very appreciative!

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 09:45:25

I love my Fitbit (I know they’re not the best out there, but for £75 it is good enough for now) - I love the app too, the graphs etc. Irvana you can download the Fitbit app even if you Don’t have a Fitbit and use the ‘track exercise’ function- just carry your phone with you and you’ll get those km by km breakdowns (and if you use music it will give you an update and time check every mile/km

Fate I get a shoulder pain like a type of stitch, it sometimes radiates from there rather than the traditional side stitch. It’s worse when my period is due and I use a soluble isotonic thing about an hour before I run at those times to prevent it. Could it be that? Did it stop when you stopped running? I also find if I run through a stitch I am very tense for ages after, as if I’ve been running all hunched up?

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 09:47:25

Also re: nutrition - I’m currently reading a book by Anita Bean about sports nutrition for women, and also Joe Wicks’ book is quite a good read with nice recipes in, if those are any interest to anyone- can’t remember who asked!

AuntieStella Sun 23-Sep-18 09:51:25


Rejoining .... I was on one or two of these threads yonks ago, and I was waiting for the new thread (because long threads tend to make my tech sick). And I realised I was posting just about everywhere else about running, and missing the chat!

Shoulder pain is quite common. When you run, you naturally twist your spine a bit rom the normal movement of arms and pelvis. If you are tight or unlevel anywhere (including in your feet/legs) this can mean n refers to any part related to the spine, which can definitely include shoulders. A good sports massage might sort it out, otherwise a session with a physio or osteopath.

The last Sept total I could see is 292.2, so I'll add my month so far to that:


thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 09:58:54

Fate I have just realised that no, it did not stop when you stopped running!

I have a weird beanbag thing that’s about 3ft long and full of barley grains (mother made it!) that goes in the microwave or freezer and then kind of drapes over any aching bits- the heavy, warmth/cold is brilliant for soothing aches and because it’s so long it doesn’t fall off. Also if it’s muscular than you can’t beat a bit of lavender oil rubbed on, it really is a miracle for muscles. Hope you’re recovered soon flowers

emummy Sun 23-Sep-18 11:02:23

Well done Daisy, great run.
Welcome happytot. This is an egalitarian thread, all speeds, distances, types of runs welcome. Speed is just detail!
Hello again AuntieStella, nice to see you!
FATE, I used to get a sore shoulder running too. I think it was that I was keeping my shoulders too tense and now always make the effort to check and relax them down when running for longer distances. It's easy when we are tired to hunch up or sort of fold forward a bit. I have got into the habit of checking myself during long runs, to lift my head, bring my shoulders back and down and straighten up, I think it really helps.
Irvina I have a basic TomTom runner watch which does all the recording and measuring splits, and can be set to do interval runs and laps etc. Garmin are also good. I don't use a Fitbit because I don't monitor my steps.
For training programs there are loads! Runners world and Women's running have them, or MyAsics do one which evolves with you I think. I am currently using some from Paula Radcliffe's book how to run, I just adjust them to suit me. You don't have to stick to them exactly, you can tweak them to fit your life.
My nutrition is not what it should be! I try to eat good carbs, like sweet potatoes, and within 2 hours of a run I have some protein, sooner if it has been a high intensity work out. During runs I don't take any drinks or fuel under 10 mile runs, but when I was starting out I needed something for anything over 3 miles, I think your body's needs change as you run more. I use clif shot bloks as I don't like gels, and water or electrolyte drinks, especially if hot or a long distance. All these things are trial and error, eveyone's different. A lot of people swear by jelly beans or jelly babies for instance.
Books wise I like fast fuel by Renee McGregor and ROAR by Stacy Sims, which is focused on women and exercise, and has a lot about the effects of hormones etc

Lovely run this morning in the forest and up some hills in the sunshine, but it was cold - 1.5 degrees! Have now had a very long hot shower and feeling more human.


BusterTheBulldog Sun 23-Sep-18 15:59:51

Hi everyone, thanks for new thread!

16 miles since last post. Hills session on Thursday and 10 miles this morning-no mojo today but got through it.

Just a note on the myasics plan, I used one recently for hm training, and there was a little note saying they won’t be available past this sept. (I’m doubting that now but sure that is what it said!)


RocketPockets Sun 23-Sep-18 19:58:37

I replied on the last thread Irvina but will copy it here...

I'll try to answer your questions Irvina but I'm not sure I have all that much wisdom 🙈

I use my Fitbit versa to track my pace, it tells me if I look at my watch what my current pace, distance & time is and every km what my pace for that km was.

I'm not really following a specific training programme, I work shifts so struggle to do the same runs on same days each week so while one week I might run 4 days if I'm on nights or my husband is I may only fit in one or two runs. I try to do at least one long run each week which I built up from 5-10km and then from 10-16km.

Generally they say 2 weeks between last long run and race day I think. I've been looking at runners world website which I'm also subscribed to their magazine and also the website of the half marathon I am running which has a little training section with a few different training plans and other tips.

I'm aiming for less than 2 hours 30 minutes which I'm currently on course to do but it's my first one so I'm not going to push myself too hard to get it and risk an injury!

Normally I run at 6am so I don't eat before but make sure I've had a decent meal the night before. If I'm running more than 1 hour I take an isotonic drink with me and I always run with water no matter what. If I'm doing my 10 Miles I take jelly beans for roughly the 10km mark. I cannot tolerate the gels so jelly beans seemed to work well for me, I've been using the jelly belly sports ones. I've no idea if they're better than the regular jelly beans or not though!

In the past couple of weeks I've really been concentrating on my technique because I read an article about how a lot of ex gymnasts (which I am) run very very upright (which I do) if I lean forwards slightly as I do when running into the wind I find my calf's ache less and I think it's what helped me knock a minute off my 10 Miles! I may just be talking crap though! With regards to food I haven't really tried many different things, I definitely need to eat before a longer run and I definitely need to run with water and/or some kind of isotonic drink.

I have found Runner's world and woman's running to be really helpful websites & magazines. Lots of really good articles and training schedules to try and lots of good advice. I also had a gait analysis at my local running shop and feel this was invaluable. To begin with my feet really didn't like the trainers I'd bought, after 5km the balls of my feet really tingled but I realised after reading an article that I'd been doing them up too tight! I also feel my running belt is my best tool as it allows me to carry the water I need without having to hold it in my hand. It also means I can have my phone and a little microfibre towel which in the summer was lovely to help cool down!

I hope some of that has helped, sorry it's such a long reply!! 

RocketPockets Sun 23-Sep-18 20:00:02

A question of my own...

How do I increase from running 3-4 times a week (generally 2-3 5-8km and one longer run around 10 Miles) to running every week day? Do I just increase by a day a month or a week? Not sure how to do it safely without causing an injury or increasing my weekly mileage too much!

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 20:20:53

Rocket would you not be better to keep a rest day and increase your overall distance by running slightly further on the days you do run? If you are already running 6x a week that’s a lot! All training plans that I’ve seen for all distances and levels include at least 1 rest day

I have read that not more than 10% increase in distance each week is about right, or alternatively to increase distance by one km per day of running each week every 4 weeks- so I run 5 days a week so aim to increase by 5km every 4 weeks.^^ I don’t do this!

I was doing 5-6 on weekdays and 10km at weekends but now I’ve gradually increased my weekend distance to 16 km I have moved my rest day to the day before my longer run, and then do a short run the day after. Then anything between 5-8 on the remaining 4 days.

EthelThePiratesDaughter Sun 23-Sep-18 20:22:15

Hi, can I join? Do you count in miles or km?

RocketPockets Sun 23-Sep-18 20:23:53

I currently only run 3-4 days a week (I say only I still can't quite believe I do this!) and is like to increase to 5-6 days. I was going to start doing 1 extra day but just 2km for a month and then add a second day and then after that increase the km on those extra days until I'm at 5km and then increase my longer run again.
But I'm unsure if this is the right way to go about it or if there is in fact a right way to do it.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 20:43:28

Rocket I’m only relatively new at this, so not sure if what I’ve done is correct, but I’ve tended to increase distance on each run first, by adding a km or 2. It’s difficult because if you’re anything like me, sometimes I just simply can’t do more than 40 minutes (so for me that caps my run at 6.5/7 km, because there’s a limit to how fast I can go!)because of family life and it’s limitations! So I have reached an equilibrium where I can only run 5 times a week and on four of those I can only do 40 minutes. Now, unless I get mega fast like usain bolt I’m going to be very limited how I can increase my weekly overall distance. I tend now to do training runs like hills, intervals, or really try to get my speed up on those morning 40 minutes, which I think ultimately is improving my long run both in stamina and pace. I did 17km the other day in 1hr 44 (so at a pace of just under 10km an hour) - I will do that again this week, and then will attempt to add another km to it, or to reduce the time the following week.

I feel like my training program is patchy to say the least- I always do the running, but it’s a touch ‘ad hoc’ and sometimes I just have to do quick 5’s because that’s all I can fit in. I seem to do a lot fewer of the ‘mid range’ runs that I used to, it’s either 5 or 15! My HM isn’t until April so I am going to be more focussed in January, both on my nutrition and also on my training. My ds will go to nursery 15 hours in January so that should coincide well and I should manage 3-4 longer runs each week rather than all these short ones!

IrvinaYalom Sun 23-Sep-18 20:54:04

Thank you so much to everyone for answering my questions- and especially for that incredibly detailed and useful post Rocket! I'm very new to all this but have plunged myself right in at the deep end so seeing what other people do and what options there are is really useful.

When I started running ever so casually back in May I distinctly recall assuring my friends and family that I wasn't about to become a running bore. I was doing very well at sticking to that but then I go and discover that I have a bit of a natural aptitude for distances, decide I actually want to get good and BAM I've transformed into the ultimate running bore within the space of a few short weeks. All I want to do is talk running but I must remember- those who don't run, don't care. Thank god for this thread (where I can bore you all as much as I like, mwahahaha) grin

I'm adding my miles for the whole week if that's ok? Not sure how this works and never added any before but I want to join in.


EthelThePiratesDaughter Sun 23-Sep-18 20:55:45

I did 10km tonight so if we're counting in miles...


thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 23-Sep-18 20:59:40

I’m not going to add my distances if that’s ok, because I already add them on the ‘run 1000 miles in 2018’ thread and I don’t want to get confused!

Shenanagins Sun 23-Sep-18 21:12:49

Great thread! My question is that since taking up half marathon training I’ve put on weight round my stomach which is just unfair. I have always exercised a lot previously, mainly hiit type workouts so was surprised by this. Have I fallen into the trap of just eating too much or can this happen?

Fate read an article which suggested holding your index finger and thumb together as that stops you tensing up the back.

IrvinaYalom Sun 23-Sep-18 21:21:59

Whoops- forgot to add today.


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