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Never done a triathlon - but tempted

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Growingboys Sat 21-Apr-18 22:28:48

I was just deep down an Instagram hole and found myself looking at Blenheim Tri on June 2.

I'm a runner - currently off with Achilles tendonitis- and I cycle to work every day but rarely swim.

Blenheim seems to offer either a Sprint or Super Sprint option - both seem quite short distances and the SS weirdly seems shorter than the Sprint.

Would I be mad to have a go? Do you need to be a proper (ie regular) swimmer to do a tri?

And how would I get my bike there - would I take it on the train? Or buy a bike rack from Halfords for the car?

And would I need a proper tri suit?

Would love any info from people who know about tris - I've done a pretty good half marathon time and am looking for my next challenge.

Thank you!

DailyWailEatsSnails Sun 22-Apr-18 01:33:08

I did an SS event about 10 hrs ago... smile
Most people will have suits (can get them for like £10-£15 on Ebay)
SS is shorter distance than Sprint
Most people will have quite good bikes (£600+ value; I have 'magic wheels' that take 10% of my time, the wheels cost £800 new)
Open water swim you probably need a wetsuit
It's a very expensive hobby... £40 each event
There are LOTS of rules to learn & follow

Do you want to just 'get round' or really go for your best time?

swearbyit Wed 25-Apr-18 16:41:31

Absolutely give it a go! You don't need an amazing bike, I'm doing an Ironman later in the year on a £300 10 year old bike. A tri suit is an option, but if you don't mind a longer transition time, then shorts and t-shirt is also fine, the only thing you will need is a wetsuit, but loads of people have them these days so should be easy to find someone to borrow from? I wouldn't invest much money in it until you get 'the bug', just enjoy the experience and the excitement!

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