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Beachbody Thread 6 (Insanity, T25, 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession etc)

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Theromanempire Wed 07-Mar-18 09:09:54

Thought I would start a new thread as we have literally run out of room on the last one grin

Purpleraindeer Wed 07-Mar-18 15:43:10

Thank you for the new thread roman. I don’t know how to do the link bit so am relieved the last post didn’t fall to me!

That’s great on the press ups and planks. Tony Horton says it doesn’t matter how deep they are so they definitely count! Great on the planks too - plank and press up both need really good ab strength so that’s prob why you had a breakthrough on both. Autumn work outs are very effective. I am now really tempted to give the one you said was awful a go now, but doubtless would regret it after about 5mins. Will also try flat abs fix at some point.

I am ashamed to report that I did not do my workout on Monday, or last night either. Work has been terrible and I’ve been knackered so just gave myself a break. I never normally feel like that so I must have been tired! Back on it today with triometrics. Felt good to be back. smile

Theromanempire Wed 07-Mar-18 18:07:05

purple well if Tony says it doesn't matter how deep you go, then I'll take it 😂 (that sounds quite rude doesn't it? 🙈)

I would love you to try the workout but I would be embarrassed if you came on here saying it wasn't that hard so if you do, be gentle on me!

Purpleraindeer Wed 07-Mar-18 18:18:32

It does sound rude! blush

Don’t worry about me finding the workout easy. I still remember the last one you told me was easy (cardio one from the Alo taster week) and I found it knackering

Theromanempire Wed 07-Mar-18 20:08:12

Oh I hadn't realised you had done the cardio ALO workout - must have missed that. Did you enjoy it?

YuleABUnREASTIEable Thu 08-Mar-18 14:38:07

Found you!

Thermo singing the praises of 80day thing I gave it a go this morning! I was looking for a core workout as yesterday I did BA and yoga class and my physio says today has to be a rest day after the day of double classes but I wanted to sneak in a little something. Tried I think day 40 (core cardio month 2). I thought it would be mainly ab work but there was more cardio than I expected, which was good o make it more of a workout but bad because I didn’t want cardio so much as abs. I modified a lot as there was a lot of those plate things and plank stuff that I can’t do but it would be a good workout if I could’ve done it all! Autumn was a little less annoying in it and I liked the bits of banter between the people in the class. Noticed autumns high knees weren’t very high at all at points though!

Rest day tomorrow for me.

Theromanempire Thu 08-Mar-18 19:32:59

Yep Cardio Core is my fave of all the 80DO workouts but it is 80% cardio and 20% core. There are no pure core workouts in 80DO! Glad you enjoyed it - it is a good little HIIT workout 😊

YuleABUnREASTIEable Thu 08-Mar-18 21:03:05

Thermo what was going on with the chat about one lady having a stick or spider in her water or something? Did I miss something on another one of the workouts?!

Theromanempire Thu 08-Mar-18 21:10:33

I have no idea...I am only on workout 29 🤣 nothing like that has happened so far. I do quite like the chat between the cast and I feel like I know them all well now 😊

Purpleraindeer Fri 09-Mar-18 07:03:05

Hello! Roman are you on commission for autumn? You’re very effective at converting us. I saw to my horror that workout you said was awful was also 60mins! shock

Did max out cardio again last night. Am marginally better at it. Also seeing signs of 6 pack coming through, but lots of wobbly tum still hiding it. Have got shin splints which I think is my trainers getting worn out. Given that they’re at least 18mths old, perhaps even 2yrs and have been used 5x per week I suppose it’s not surprising. New trainers will arrive on mon. I’ll (literally) limp on until then.

teejayem Fri 09-Mar-18 07:51:29

Can I join? I've just started 21 day fix after getting bored with the SWORKIT app and getting some confidence in exercising again. I did the first session last night .... ooof! But in a good way, my thighs in particularly are not thanking me at the moment. I usually work out when I get home from work but I think with this I'm going to need to do in the AM before showering because I was a mess after finishing last night smile but felt weirdly energised after?!

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Mar-18 00:24:27

Thanks for new thread Roman - wow thread 6 - well done everyone {hifives all round}

Welcome TeeJayem! Sounds like it was a good workout - it's brilliant when you finish a workout with more energy than you started. Overall I prefer working out in the morning (mainly because I don't want to shower twice blush ) but at weekends I usually do early evening workouts and usually enjoy the actual workout more than if I workout before breakfast.

Purple enjoy your new trainers! I have to start wearing my newer trainers but I love my current old ones and can't bear to chuck them out. They look fine but I feel like they are not supporting my feet anymore.

Well done on all your workouts everyone. I did bodystep 100 today - I am so uncoordinated - how do all the presenters and participants not make mistakes and go the wrong way the whole time like I do they just all workout in perfect coordination and tempo - it's weird!

Reastie I think a lack of banter is the main thing missing from les mills compared to BB workouts.

Theromanempire Sat 10-Mar-18 08:24:31

Welcome teejay I love 21df workouts so I hope you enjoy them. Have never heard of that app - is it effective?

purple sorry if I'm going on about 80DO too much blush I guess the clue is in the title and it does become an obsession! The one downside is the length of workouts as me and DH often end up not eating till 8.30 which is not great!

yum bodystep is difficult so don't be discouraged. I think it is the combination of the moves on a step but having to be coordinated with the music. Was there a SpeedStep track in that workout? That is double time and almost impossible grin

Purpleraindeer Sat 10-Mar-18 17:21:30

Welcome tee jay. If 21df is as effective as 21dfx then you’re in for a treat.
Sorry roman - I didn’t mean to imply you were talking too much about 80do blush - you are just so enthusiastic and persuasive. It makes me want to try them!
I’m a bit out of love with p90x3. Did eccentric lower yesterday and started mth 3 with decelerator today. I had forgotten decelerator - is a combo of moves which are much too easy (god squats) and those which are basically impossible (crane cracker push ups). I’ll give it one more go I think but might substitute it for something else.

yumyumpoppycat Sat 10-Mar-18 23:13:11

Thanks Roman grin I am not sure if there was a speedstep but that sounds scary. I quite like the step stuff even though I am rubbish and tbh am just relieved there is no one there for me to crash into like in a class.

That's a shame Purple, it sucks when a lot of the moves are too hard, just feels like a waste of time and demoralising. Too easy isn't much better either. Fingers crossed for a better sunday workout.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

teejayem Mon 12-Mar-18 08:15:13

Thank you for the welcome! Roman I'm curious about 80DO as I think if I can do 21df then I might give that a shot next.
I got up at 5.30 to do Cardiofix this morning, which is an hour earlier than I normally would. I don't think I've ever gotten up that early to exercise before, but I really wanted to. shock
I don't have the little pots to do the diet piece as it's too much faff doing separate dinners for me the toddler and DP, but I am keeping track of my intake with the Loseit app and recording everything I put in my mouth which has been eye opening over the last few days!! I've been keeping it sub 1300 calories which I think works okay for me.
Do any of you use protein shakes to recover with? When I was more of a gym bunny I used to use USN but I'm not wild on the taste confused any recommendations?

YuleABUnREASTIEable Mon 12-Mar-18 13:50:13

Hi teejsmile

Purple have the new trainers arrived? I love getting new trainers and that weird bouncy walking feeling they give compared to old past it ones.

Yumy you’re right, there’s never any banter in LM is there? They seem kind of professional and focused and suave (totally the wrong words but I cant think of the right word I mean). I’d like to know how old Lisa osbourne is (who does BA) as she looks incredible but when they cut to her face she looks like she could be late 50s or maybe older <disclaimer I am rubbish with ages> and she is so incredible fit. I googled but cooing find an answer. I tried for Jackie mills too. I’m not some weird age obsessed person I swear, it’s just nice to see older (not old, older than say autumn and most other fitness people) people on fitness dvds and how amazingly fit and stretchy they are.

I really like bodystep but I’m always scared of falling off the step in the speed step track! This morning I tried more of a routine based step workout. I found ‘stomp fx’ workouts on you tube. I used to do a stomp class a few years ago and loved it. I mixed up a few tracks to make a workout. It’s I think in a way easier than bodystep but the hiit tracks (I stuck in 3 of them) were tough. Should anyone be interested in trying this is what I did in this order but for some reason I’ve lost a 15 minute routiney one that I did in the middle. Oh well, there are loads on you tube if you fancy having a look. It’s the kind of workout that gets harder after you’ve done it a couple of times as you know the routine better so can go for it more. It’s not nearly as routiney as my step class I went to though so yumy you might be fine with it.

YuleABUnREASTIEable Mon 12-Mar-18 13:50:58

Teej I don’t have protein shakes so can’t offer help, sorry.

Theromanempire Mon 12-Mar-18 15:54:18

Teej I don't have protein shakes either. I probably should but I have a mental barrier that they are just additional calories that I don't need blush As I said below, the 80DO workouts are generally 45-60 minutes so not ideal as early morning workouts as you would need to get up really early to fit them in grin There is a whole week of 30-minute taster workouts that Autumn released just before Christmas which are ok though.

Reastie I have no idea how old Lisa is but I do know that she has a baby a few years ago - although I know she could possibly be in her early 50's even so. At a guess I would say late 40's but I think her face is older than her body (if that makes sense). I do think she is a bit bulky for me so she doesn't have a body that I aspire to.

Did 80DO Legs and AAA this weekend - the Legs workout was a killer! For the first time, I was doing far worse than DH and actually wanted to hit pause to catch my breath (and it wasn't even a cardio workout) but I do feel a bit under the weather and my stomach is feeling very weird at the moment so I am blaming that blush. I have now done all of the workouts for Phase 2 and I think AAA is going to be my favourite. Tonight's delight is Total Body Core which pretty much wiped us out last week although it is 3 x 10 reps this time which I think should be easier than the 2 x 15 pattern last week...famous last words there hmm

Purpleraindeer Tue 13-Mar-18 08:06:34

Roman - I never hit pause.... I just stop for a little breather/wait until the horrible move has finished <lazy> sounds like you had a good workout weekend though

I missed Sunday but then worked out last night instead. Max out sweat - my nemesis. Trainers didn’t come in time but are laced up ready to go for tonight. smile

I use bulk powders whey protein. I put it in my porridge rather than having it as a shake. I chose it as it has the highest percentage of whey and therefore less other stuff in it. Have a good day all

yumyumpoppycat Tue 13-Mar-18 17:55:06

Body attack yest and today. I looked up a bio for lisa and think she is 50 give or take a couple of years so looks good for her age really but like she was too busy enjoying life to worry about spf and botox! I do like how all the presenters are quite natural looking - actually the men are probably more into their appearance than the women.

Purple and roman I never pause either - if I am pooped I catch my breath and watch in despair.

Teej I don't usually have protein powders, I don't like the artificial tasting ones I have tried. I quite like nature valley choc peanut protein bars which have 10g protein and are often on offer and some times have livvit which is vegan protein supplement but I got this from Costco. I have been using the same bag for over a year which shows I am not great at having it!

YuleABUnREASTIEable Tue 13-Mar-18 19:38:18

She has better fitness than most 20 years olds at 50! Interesting bio, thanks for the link yumy.

Another non pauser here, I just get back in as quick as I can.

Rest day today but BA and yoga tomorrow. Want to try to squeeze in up to 30 mins of something on Thursday but not sure what yet.

yumyumpoppycat Tue 13-Mar-18 23:21:00

Reastie it's amazing how fit she is - and able to talk at the same time!

LMOD update - so just cancelled and an offer for 12 months for £95 came up, so a small saving, I but cant afford that at the mo! It was easy to cancel online. My account says I don't have an active subscription now but I tried playing a video and it worked so hopefully I will still be able to watch the videos until the month I had paid for runs out in a few days time.

YuleABUnREASTIEable Wed 14-Mar-18 15:44:42

It’s the talking at the same time that must be so hard, I can barely do it sometimes let alone speak without sounding like a crazy out of breath woman!

So, dh and I are unofficially ttc (I say unofficially as my last pg was so horrible and hard going I said I’d never do it again. It’s taken me 7 years to consider it and even now I’m very scared). I did BA class this morning and yoga this afternoon. This afternoon some of the yoga moves have really pulled something or given me pain kind of in my uterus type of area and now I’m panicking if I should be modifying exercise in any way and if I overdo it could it cause a mc before I knew I was pg iykwim. I googled exercise in first trimester and it said do yoga but no twists with abs (we did those) and I’m sure a full on BA class isn’t exactly recommended although I know one of you became the go to class expert on Ba in pg (who was that?). Last time I was pg I never exercised so it’s wasnt something I ever oooked into. Do any of you know if I should be taking it a bit easy this early on (ie I may not even be pg yet but if I am I don’t want to cause a mc to something that would otherwise not have happened if I hadn’t). Gah, I’m probably overthinking this it’s just the weird groin ish pain is not feeling good.

yumyumpoppycat Wed 14-Mar-18 16:43:30

Reastie flowers as far as I know unless you are at risk for miscarriage in some way it is fine to exercise at the same level as before, just don't push yourself to do more. Especially as you are trying at the moment and it could take a while. It is probably good to be exercising, apparently sitting on the sofa is why there is much higher rates of back to back labours nowadays (I had this for all 3!).

I was very anxious when pregnant with my second as the first birth and recovery were very difficult - the actual pregnancy was fine though so not exactly the same situation as you, but I would feel dread just going past the hospital on the bus. it actually turned out to be a really positive experience so hopefully things will be different for you second time round. I used to get overly worried about things like exposure to chemicals and eating the wrong foods - the stress was probably more harmful than any of these things would have been! I had a workfriend who didn't know she was pregnant for the first 5 months and did lots of stuff you are not supposed to and her baby was totally fine! She was cycling in London traffic eating blue cheese, drinking etc etc

Body balance done today.

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