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Fitness Tracker for swimming

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Sweetnlow Thu 15-Feb-18 20:22:36

Can anyone recommend a fitness tracker for swimming? I want something that will log lengths. Most reviews online seem to be more aimed at runners rather than swimmers.

Clevs Sat 17-Feb-18 18:13:32

I’ve got a Swimovate Poolmate watch. It logs lengths, calories, time, efficiency etc. I did quite a bit of research into different watches when I bought it and felt that one suited my needs. I’ve had it about two or three years so not sure if there are any new ones on the market now. It is swimming specific but Garmin (and maybe others?) do one that can be used for other sports as well. I only wanted it for swimming so didn’t think the extra was worth paying for a multi-sport one.

There are about four different models of
the Poolmate depending on what you want from it. You can compare the different models on their website to find the one suitable for you. Their customer service is really good too. With the watch I have you have to send it back for a battery change and each time it has taken no more than two or three days for me to receive it back.

Data from the watch can be downloaded onto your computer and/or on their online system so you can see if you’re improving or not.

AlbusPercival Sat 17-Feb-18 18:14:53

I've had moon and misfit. Both good

Giraffesarequitetall Sat 17-Feb-18 18:16:46

The Apple Watch 2 logs lengths as well as other swimming data.

CarcerDun Sat 17-Feb-18 18:18:40

My Fitbit counts swimming, it's one of the cheaper models (can't remember which one though).

ReallyLowDay Sat 17-Feb-18 18:23:55

I’ve got a misfit 2 shine swimming edition. It counts lengths but hasn’t got a display so you have to check the app afterwards.

Onynx Sat 17-Feb-18 18:27:26

My friend has a Tomtom, she swears by it for swimming but also uses it for swimming, calories etc.

bruffin Sat 17-Feb-18 18:30:41

I have the misit ray for a year and it counts lap fine. However this weekend there was a firmware update and it count laps but apparently only nurnt 3 calories and 1 point for 66 laps. They are looking into it.
Im looking at getting the flex 2 which does swimming laps etc and only £50

lljkk Sat 17-Feb-18 22:13:40

Smimmovate was a fail for me. Couldn't count correctly.

Swimtag (comes with my swim membership) is better, but still makes mistakes. I know because I only swim in even numbers of lengths, but sometimes the devices say odd numbers.

The channel swimmers at my pool (gang of 7) had many different devices that never agreed at end of their sessions, even though they all swam the same number of lengths. So now I don't trust anything, tbh!!

ohfortuna Sun 18-Feb-18 10:02:29

I found the Garmin swim watch to be pretty accurate

Strongbeatsskinny Sun 18-Feb-18 10:22:08

Apple Watch does lengths

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